Beck Is an Anti-Semite: Blaze Exclusive Interview with ‘Restoring Courage’ Protesters

By: NakedEmperorNews

What a bunch of hateful idiots. Beck is truly a good man and a man of G-d. Shame on those in Israel coming out against a man who is risking it all to stand for Israel. Their hateful name calling and labels are ridiculous. These protesters are either very uninformed or just plain evil or both. Time to get right with G-d before Israel is attacked.

2 thoughts on “Beck Is an Anti-Semite: Blaze Exclusive Interview with ‘Restoring Courage’ Protesters

  1. You have your answer ….. these protester evil.

    I’m a Torah reading Glock carrying terrorist hobbit, aka Tea Party Jewish American. The claims of racism and antisemitism within the Tea Party are lies spread to discredit the message and the messengers.

    The fact the Glenn Beck will stand with Israel and the Jews says alot about his personal integrity and strength. Its hard being a Jew. Sometimes we feel very alone against the hate from the Arabs, UN, Liberal elites, Obama, etc.. Seeing him and Sarah Palin wearing the Star of David, reminds me that there good people… GREAT people still left.

    Glenn and Sarah are part of the Tribe of Israel and I would be proud to stand with them.

    Mike Silver ….. the Jewish Right Wing Extremist That Hillary Warned You About ™

  2. Hi Mike – and I’ll be right there with you. I’m a fellow Tea Party Hobbit and a Christian and would gladly give my life protecting Israel and her people. Nice to meet you.

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