Kristallnacht Comes To Brooklyn

By: Fern Sidman

The interior of the Fasanenstrasse Synagogue in Berlin after Kristallnacht

Since Friday morning, November 11th, Jews around the world and especially in the Orthodox enclaves of New York have been recoiling in horror over the overtly anti-Semitic vandalisms that took place in the early morning hours near Ocean Parkway and Avenue I in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. Three vehicles were torched and a gruesome array of hideous epithets, as well as the perfunctory swastikas and KKK emblem, were indiscriminately scrawled on cars and benches. As community outrage reached a fever pitch, it was duly noted that this attack was clearly planned to coincide with the 73rd anniversary of Kristallnacht, (the night of broken glass), when on November 9-10 1938, as a pogrom of mammoth proportions erupted in Hitler’s Europe, almost 200 synagogues were destroyed, over 8,000 Jewish shops were sacked and looted, and tens of thousands of Jews were deported to concentration camps.

There is no doubt that we are living in turbulent times. One need only turn on the TV, computer or read any newspaper to find that we are witnessing an alarming escalation of blatant Jew hatred. What is most frightening is the fact that while the putrid stench of such hatred wafts through the air, a tacit approval of sorts looms large in respectable circles who refuse to condemn it. One gets the eerily visceral feeling that this may indeed be a replication of Europe in 1938. On the local scene, anti-Semitism has invaded the discussion of corporate avarice and malfeasance that is being promulgated by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Sound familiar? Their mantra goes something like this: It is the Jew who controls the banks, the international monetary fund; it is the Jew who is at the vanguard of the insidious cabal to steal the wealth of the world, while the unemployment rates spike and the poor grow poorer. It is time to resurrect the perennial scapegoat and it is always the Jew.

Let us make no mistake about it. While the haters charge that they are merely anti-Zionist, we know that it is a clever subterfuge for classical anti-Semitism. Case in point: most recently in Boston, the Occupy movement staged a takeover of the Israeli consulate, where demonstrators spewed forth the hackneyed and utterly baseless claims that the Israelis have assumed the role of Nazis in their purported “oppression” of the Palestinians.

Anyone who has eyes to see and ears that not only hear but also listen, will know that these are not sporadic happenings. They show that Jew hatred is a permanent part of and endemic to our society; a recurrent cancer that at times goes into remission, but inevitably reappears in ever more toxic manifestations. Fatal attacks on Jews and their communities throughout Europe and South America have been taking place for decades while the abject silence of the world is beyond deafening.

Each day we are inundated with bloody images of the rise of radical Islam, not only in the Middle East, not only in the maelstrom of the Arab spring, but in the heartland of Western civilization. It is an ideology that is driven not by a prototypical miscreant like Adolf Hitler, but by a political credo that is couched in religious doctrine. It is a burgeoning and pernicious movement that calls for the eradication of Israel and of course, the death of the Jew, the primary infidel of all infidels.

It is a culture of death where one nary witnesses the respect for the sanctity of life and yet the world remains taciturn at best and indifferent at worst. An Orwellian flavor has emerged amongst civilized intellectuals in the Western academy who wouldn’t dare express revulsion over egregious acts of terror for fear of being labeled “politically incorrect,” in the fear of appearing pro-Colonialist or pro-Imperialist. By dint of sheer repetition of their propaganda, the Islamists and the cadre of Jew haters who support them have convinced us that the aggressor is the victim, that good is bad and right is wrong.

It is also no coincidence that this week we also commemorate the 21st anniversary of the assasination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who, in his relatively short lifetime embodied the lone voice in the wilderness when he spoke so eloquently and presciently about the rise in anti-Semitism and the nebulous future of the Jew in exile. He was a man who called for Jews to re-connect with their G-d, their heritage and to cloak themselves in Jewish pride; to fear no man but only to fear G-d; to rise up from the ash barrels of Auschwitz and to re-create the Jew of yesteryear; the Jew of the bible who knew who their implacable foes were and who never hastened to challenge them.

During this most trying week, we would do well to take heed of Rabbi Kahane’s last words on the evening of November 5, 1990 when he summed things up by saying, “It’s not an accident that so few German Jews survived the camps. The Polish Jew did better. Why? Because the Polish Jew wasn’t surprised. It didn’t shock him that gentiles could behave like this. It didn’t surprise him, so he wasn’t shattered inside, he wasn’t broken. But the German Jew was psychologically shattered. How could this be? I’m a German. I’m a German. How could it be? How can you do this to me? The Pole knew he was a Jew. The German was broken because his whole illusion was shattered. And that’s how the American Jew lives. “I’m an American.” It’s the gentile who will teach you so quickly that you’re a Jew. It’s not just in the bars, in the working class bars the anti-Semitism that you see. When you see the news media and their attitude towards Israel; it’s not anti-Israel – it is anti-Semitism.”


It’s Raining Marxists in California

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

In a revival of the 60’s hippie movement, young Marxists in California are taking to the streets. Especially, the privileged offspring in Berkeley. Berkeley gets my vote for one the looniest, most radical places in the US.

And their numbers seem to be growing in direct proportion to the violence they bring with their cause. As Americans are out of work longer and longer, as they begin to know hunger and as they find themselves with nothing more to lose, many more will mistakenly join a suicidal 60’s time machine, replete with blood and death, minus the bitchin’ music.

Now comes the hate, the racism, the radical violent group think spurred on by Marxists/Communists who will use the chaos to foment revolt and civil war. The Cloward and Piven ‘shove’ that will rock the US and bring her to her knees. All with the help of our elites and the government of course.

Zombie has a photo essay up depicting the mood and agenda over at Occupy Berkeley. This could easily turn a dark corner and become much worse. And soon… If not now, definitely next Spring and Summer, there will be a hot time in the old Republic as the ultimate confrontation between freedom and Marxism squares off. Will you be ready? What side will you stand on? Better make sure of who you are and where you stand – time is short. View and read all of Zombie’s post – it is riveting.

Lest you doubt what they really think of us, behold their anthem. The fighting will soon be at hand.

The Blaze:

Our canvas is freedom
Your blood is our paint […]
Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast […]
And what you won’t share
Will be ripped from your hands
Your body destroyed
The way fire lands
Burning your homes
The privilege you snake
The payback beyond
Anything you could take
Naked you’ll be
And full of regret
And the way they were treated
You’ll long to forget


MF Global Steals from NIA’s Friend Gerald Celente

National Inflation Association

NIA’s most popular guest who has been featured in many of NIA’s previous documentaries is Gerald Celente, President of the Trends Research Institutute and editor of the Trends Journal, which you can subscribe to by going to http://www.trendsresearch.com. Celente has been bullish on gold for a long time and has been trading gold since 1978. His strategy is to accumulate gold futures until he owns enough to take delivery of the physical gold. He then holds on to the physical gold for the long-term in order to preserve the purchasing power of his savings.

Celente has a futures account with Lind-Waldock, a division of MF Global Inc. Celente had been accumulating December gold futures and was planning to take delivery of the physical gold next month. Last Monday, Celente received a call from his broker informing him that he had a margin call on his gold futures. Celente thought this was impossible because he knew that he had plenty of funds in his account to meet the margin maintenance requirements. His broker then told him that his money was with the Trustee now and unless he immediately sent over a large amount of cash, his positions would be liquidated.

The Trustee, in coordination with the CFTC, SIPC, and the CME, transferred over 17,000 customer accounts from MF Global to R.J. O’Brien. However, the Trustee only transferred about $1.55 billion or approximately 62% of the $2.5 billion in collateral that MF Global clients had. According to R.J. O’Brien, the accounts they received had only 75% of the margin maintenance requirements related to their accounts. This meant that every single MF Global client was now faced with a margin call and had to deposit additional funds to bring their accounts above R.J. O’Brien’s initial margin requirement.

Many gold investors are buying gold to protect themselves from hyperinflation, which could hit the U.S. as soon as next year. Most of these people only keep enough of their wealth in U.S. dollars to pay their short-term bills and aren’t in a position to wire over a huge amount of cash the next day. Therefore, most former MF Global clients have seen other people enter into their own personal accounts and sell their assets in recent days.
MF Global’s CEO for the past two years was Jon Corzine, who made his fortune as CEO of Goldman Sachs and went on to become governor of New Jersey. Corzine should know a thing or two about taking major risks. After all, Corzine was one of the Wall Street CEOs that helped orchestrate the bailout of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) in 1998 after LTCM borrowed 97% of the money that they invested heavily into Russian sovereign debt that Russia defaulted on.

MF Global, with Corzine at the helm, invested $6.3 billion into the bonds of Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal. These bonds were set to mature next year and Corzine thought that as long as none of these countries defaulted on their debt, MF Global would make a large profit. Corzine apparently agreed with NIA’s viewpoint that the ECB is likely to bailout any large eurozone countries and rescue them from default.

Unfortunately, Corzine made the same mistake LTCM did and used leverage of over 40 to 1. MF Global had over $40 billion in assets, but had less than $1 billion in equity. Last month after it was disclosed that FINRA forced MF Global to increase their net capital backing its European sovereign debt position, ratings agencies downgraded MF Global’s debt, clients pulled funds from their accounts, and shareholders sold their positions, forcing the company to file for bankruptcy.

There is now $600 million missing from the accounts of MF Global clients. Any brokerage firm is legally required to segregate their funds from the personal funds of clients so that if the firm goes under, their clients’ money is safe. It is amazing how absolutely nobody in the mainstream media is accusing Corzine of doing anything wrong, when $600 million in funds is still missing weeks after MF Global filed for bankruptcy. It is impossible for this to have been an honest accounting mistake. These funds are not just going to turn up anytime soon.

Obviously, there must have been some kind of criminal wrongdoing by Corzine. Most likely, this money was used by Corzine to back their European sovereign debt positions as money was flowing out of the firm in its final hours and more funds were needed to be put up to prevent forced liquidations. It is insane how after every news story about MF Global in the mainstream media, they almost always say, “Corzine hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing.” You can bet if somebody like Ron Paul was CEO of MF Global, who is against the unconstitutional actions of the Federal Reserve, he would’ve already been arrested for using the funds of clients. However, if somebody like Ron Paul was CEO of MF Global, not only would he not have used clients’ funds for corporate purposes, but his first step after taking over as CEO of MF Global would have been to reduce their leverage and get the firm out of debt.

Corzine is without a doubt directly responsible for the $600 million in missing funds, but because he regularly has $35,800 per plate fundraisers for Obama, he remains free while Celente and other MF Global clients are left wondering if they will ever see their money again. Interestingly, when MF Global had their latest bond offering, it said right in the prospectus that if Corzine was appointed by Obama to become Treasury Secretary and confirmed by Congress, those MF Global investors would receive 1% in extra interest on their bonds. The only good thing that will come out of MF Global’s bankruptcy is that Corzine now has no chance of becoming Treasury Secretary and bankrupting our country in less than two years like he did to MF Global and almost did to the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the U.S. will likely experience hyperinflation in less than two years no matter who is Treasury Secretary, because we are at a point where our debt can only be paid back through monetization by the Federal Reserve.

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