No Place to Hide After the 2012 Election

By: AJ

This video series presents where we were just five short years ago.

No Place To Hide part 1

No Place To Hide part 2

No Place To Hide part 3

No Place To Hide part 4

The Obama regime and DHS have come a long way since then…

“We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State” – Big Brother Goes Live September 2013

“George Orwell was right. He was just 30 years early.

In its April cover story, Wired has an exclusive report on the NSA’s Utah Data Center, which is a must read for anyone who believes any privacy is still a possibility in the United States: “A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks…. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.”… The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013.” In other words, in just over 1 year, virtually anything one communicates through any traceable medium, or any record of one’s existence in the electronic medium, which these days is everything, will unofficially be property of the US government to deal with as it sees fit.

The codename of the project: Stellar Wind“…

An interesting look at Derek Smith; he was the CEO of Choicepoint (as shown in the video). Guess what this globalist is up to these days… global pre-science…

Derek V. Smith

Chairman and CEO, Institute of Global Prescience

“Derek Smith is Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Global Prescience, an interdisciplinary non-profit research, education and service organization dedicated to the pursuit of prescience – foreknowledge that anticipates global events and trends that are yet unseen. The Institute seeks to harness the passion of individuals to anticipate issues through clue detection engines that identify inflection points in technological, financial and social systems”…

Smith goes from CEO to futurist

“At the institute, students are using computer models to study such topics as whether bandwidth will be able to keep up with the growth of data flow and when the United States might elect its first atheist president.

Other topics include the future of cell phones, obesity, how attitudes will affect climate change and when the world will run out of oil”…

Take a look at the Institute of Global Prescience Board of Directors HERE. Notice the Federal and state government connections:

  • Amy Zimpfer, Regional Deputy Director, EPA
  • Anthony Eggert, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Chair California Air Resources Board
  • Jeffrey Byron, Commissioner, CEC
  • Paul Douglas, Supervisor, Renewable Procurement and Resource Planning, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
  • Trina Martynowicz, Clean Air Emerging Technologies and West Coast Collaborative, Clean Energy and Climate Change Office, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Google and PG&E (think ‘SMART Meters’) are also represented.

The Institute of Global Prescience is but one of many, many non-profits, NGO’s and individuals seeking to destroy our country from within.

Is it the intention of American tax-payers to have their hard earned dollars spent on the development of a turnkey Totalitarian State? Do we support massive government spending on programs that are in direct violation of our right to privacy under the 4th Amendment? Do Americans understand that current elected officials are facilitating and funding these endeavors with our tax dollars? Will enough Americans wake up, organize and vote the career politicians out of office in November?

The real revolution must take place at the ballot box. Until enough of us can vote against the career politicians who are aiding and abetting the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, we will have no place to hide once they turn that key. What you do for the 2012 election will determine our fate and that of future generations.

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