Barack Obama trapped by gravitational pull of Solyndra Solar

By: Jeffrey Klein

The national conservative news has begun a much needed blitzkrieg aimed at destroying the mainstream media defensive curtain surrounding President Barack Obama and his administration, intensifying it during his latest official/campaign/fund-raising our of must win swing states.

Due to the fact that Barack Obama cannot run on his dismal [factual] record as president during this election cycle, much like someone suffering from dual personality disorder, he is giving speeches that are completely full of malarkey and mutilated facts, and spoken mostly in the third person–as though he had nothing to do with anything that has happened since his inauguration.

As the mainstream media acts more like they are producing campaign commercials for President Obama, careful not to destroy the man or the myth, the conservative media is responding with a full court press to smash the Obama fiction with cold, hard facts–and there is a train load of them to choose from.

On this latest trip, beginning in the must win state of Nevada, President Obama is shamelessly trying another escape route from his first, highly touted, green energy venture, Solyndra Solar, which disintegrated in August 2011, just 15 months after he touted it as the example of the future of America.

The sinking of Solyndra Solar took down 528 million taxpayer dollars, and 1,100 brand new, short time, green jobs with it.

While making his push for solar at Copper Mountain, the largest solar farm in the U.S., Obama addressed a reporter from National Public Radio, stating that the blame for Solyndra Solar’s failure was bipartisan–not the fault of the Obama Democrats “per se,” according to Chris Stirewalt’s FOXNews article yesterday.

“Congress, Democrats and Republicans, put together a loan guarantee program, because they understood historically that when you get new industries, it’s easy to get money for new startups,” Obama said. “But if you want to take them to scale, often there is a lot of risk involved and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help start-up companies get to scale.”

He was referring to the Federal Financing Bank, established back in 1973, in the midst of the Arab Oil Embargo–40 years ago it did have bipartisan support. However, since then, Republicans are not keen on crony capitalism or having the federal government in the position to “bet on” winners and losers.

That is where the “facts”, supporting his statement, end.

Unfortunately for President Obama, the Bush administration Department of Energy rejected the Solyndra Solar for this loan program, at the end of its term in 2008, asserting that it was too risky.

Shortly after Steven Chu, Obama’s newly appointed, Nobel Prize winning, energy secretary (who doesn’t even own a car), took his seat at DOE, the Solyndra Solar file was immediately “re-activated,” more than likely at the insistence of Solyndra venture capital investor George Kaiser–a wealthy Obama campaign cash bundler–just before the company reached the end of its “cash runway.”

Amazingly, the “due diligence” findings of team Chu were exactly the opposite of team Bush–they thought it was a great idea–approved it, and set the loan for closing in September 2009, presenting President Obama with an historic photo op/media (YouTube link) event to usher in his vision for “winning the future.”

Now, we completely unravel his tale of fiction.

First, there was absolutely no bipartisan input in the DOE energy loan program criteria or the list of candidate companies, including Solyndra Solar.

Second, this loan was funded from the $787 billion 2009 Obama Stimulus bill.

As has been widely reported, the bill did not receive a single Republican vote in the House, and garnered just three dubious Republican votes in the Senate, Sen. Olympia Snowe (RINO-ME), who is retiring and Sen. Susan Collins (RINO-ME).

The third vote came from Sen. Arlen Specter (RINO-PA), who switched parties once polls showed that he could not win reelection as a Republican. However, Specter ultimately lost the Democrat primary race to Joe Sestak–who was defeated by Republican Pat Toomey.

It appears as though Barack Obama is trapped by the gravitational pull of Solyndra Solar.

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