Common sense: prepping for the worst, but bringing out the best.

By: Jay Loeffers

Hi there, my NoisyRoom friends and family! Today I am talking about prepping, while bringing out the best in yourselves and others during extremely hard times.

Prepping, first of all, is all about location. Is it possible that the area you live in will suffer from a regional natural disaster? For example, does your city get earthquakes? You would need both a 72 hour kit and a bug out bag ready to go – this would be good for 2 weeks. How about being ready for a government manufactured crisis, like the burning of farmland, price control hikes, oil shortages, food rationing, a water rights takeover, etc? Do you have food, water, extra clothes and a first aid kit for each member of your family that will last between 90 days to a year? Can you defend and feed your family when the supplies run short? Do you own guns and at least 10,000 rounds of ammo? Do you have both a .22LR pistol and a rifle? They can both feed your family and defend them for a very low cost.

When an emergency does happen, do you have to get out or will you be stuck at home? Let’s say in an ice storm with no power. Do you really know your next door neighbor? Do you have a skill set that would greatly help out the neighborhood during this natural crisis? This problem happened in Spokane, Washington and the Northern Idaho. area in the early 90s, with two weeks of no power or heat in the worst ice storm in history.

Looking at history as I know it now and looking out at the world and America today, all of us need to be prepared now more then ever. We need to bring more people together on this. Tell them and teach them how to prepare, teach them a new skill set and let them know we will help each other out without the government.

The Mormons have long been teaching to prepare because they know government services won’t function well during a major crisis. This means no police, no firemen, no paramedics, no working hospitals and possibly no running clean water or power.

Just look at the recent history of Greece, London, France, Egypt, Syria, Iran, the Occupy Movement and the New Black Panther Party. Look at the government financial melt downs from the Roman Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Bush/Obama spending frenzy, bailout and printing cash policies.

So I ask you, what are you prepared to do? Put aside food and water? Learn first aid? Train you and others on firearm’s use? Bring your neighbors together and get a neighborhood crisis plan together? Or are you going to sit and wait cold, naked and starving for hope and change (hint: when it’s at this level, there is no change to have).

There are many great sources to learn about being prepared from. First off, ask your Mormon friend or co-worker; the LDS Church has many ways to set up food storage plans and you can visit their cannery buildings. Active and retired police and military are a great source of information as well. Go to YouTube, enter in a search for food storage and prepping… I recommend channels SOOTCH00 and NUTNFANCY. These guys are straight forward and they are no nonsense. This might lead you to other prepping based channels I don’t know about. Please email me if you find better channels at [email protected].