Austerity and How to Avoid it in America

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Bankster-controlled nations are liberally flooded with spending and debt, all in the name of egalitarian fairness for the disadvantaged (see Cloward-Piven). Then, the economy and government financing collapse, together.

Then, austerity measures are pressed upon this very “proletariat,” subsidized into the ghettos of perpetual disadvantage. Both ways, they lose. Both ways, everyone but the 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% and their apparatchiks lose.

Neither way is the way of lifting poor people out of poverty, nor allowing those working hard to make ends meet, the buoyancy of unobstructed self-sufficiency.

Imagine that.

Video, “Austerity and How to Avoid it
Sven Larson of Wyoming Liberty Group spells out what happens.


You mean that megawealthy, megapowerful globalist central banksters and their Marxofascist cronies, the “liberal” and “moderate” and even some of the (phony) “conservative” authoritarian pols they feed in and farm out (and many of their transnational corporate zombiebots) — wait, deep breath — you mean they do exactly what keeps us from being self-sufficient?

They don’t want us to be “sustainable?”



Please be sure to see today’s article by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Dancing on the Global Fiscal Cliff,” for more on this impending doom for America.

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