Documentary Evidence! Obama’s Former “Car Czar” was a Socialist

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

US President Barack Obama has a more than thirty year pattern of association with the US’ largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America.

Ron Bloom

This association has been reflected in many of the President’s policies – and appointments.

Today we present documentary evidence, that Ron Bloom, Obama’s “Car Czar” from July 2009 through February 2011, was also in the D.S.A. orbit.

Bloom played an integral role in managing the process that led to the reorganization of General Motors and Chrysler as they teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. In total, the government spent about $80 billion to bail out the companies.

Throughout the bailout, Republicans regularly criticized Bloom for giving favorable treatment to the United Auto Workers union over investors, who lost billions in the car manufacturers’ bankruptcies.

Coincidentally, the U.A.W. is also dominated by Democratic Socialists of America affiliates, including union president Bob King, who was appointed in February 2011, by President Obama, to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

Ron Bloom penned an article for D.S.A.’s Democratic Left, Fall 2006 issue, on the steel industry, but until now there has been no documentary evidence that he was actually a member of the Marxist group.

In May 1979, Ron Bloom wrote an article for Democratic Left, “Fair Share Builds Where Liberals Rarely Tread,” which positively identified him as an activist with the Boston local of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee.

Democratic Left, May 1979, page 1

Democratic Left, May 1979, page 7

In 1982, D.S.O.C. merged with the New American Movement, which consisted largely of former Communist Party USA and Students for a Democratic Society members to form Democratic Socialists of America.

After leaving the Obama Administration, Bloom served for a time as Senior fellow at the leftist dominated/Obama Administration friendly Center for American Progress.

In February 2012, Bloom became a senior adviser to investment bank Lazard.

“Ron’s skills, experience and relationships will be a tremendous complement to our global franchise,” Kenneth M. Jacobs, Lazard’s chief executive, said in the statement. Jacobs is a member of the Board of Trustees at the leftist leaning Brookings Institution.

The Obama Administration is a toxic blend of socialism and crony capitalism.

It is little wonder Obama chose Ron Bloom, a man with his feet firmly in both camps to save Chrysler and GM for the unions and certain big business elements, at the expense of both shareholders and the American taxpayer.

Trevor Loudon blogs at TrevorLoudon.com, edits the KeyWiki website (an online encyclopedia of the US left) and is the author of a 700 page book on the US President’s communist and Marxist ties Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.