Obama leaves cities on hook for expensive fundraiser security costs

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

President Barack Obama, his uber wealthy ‘Limousine Liberal’ celebrity friends, and the Democrat National Committee (DNC), are all thumbing their noses at struggling municipalities coast-to-coast–by refusing to pay for the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to provide the extraordinary security when Obama’s entourage attends $35,800 per plate fundraising dinners.

Gordon Joseloff, the first selectman of Westport, Connecticut, said the DNC and Obama for America have refused to cover the $14,812 it cost the city for additional police and fire department overtime, when President Obama attended an August 6th, $35,800 per person fundraiser at the home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein, according to a FOXNews article today.

Local officials shut down two popular public beaches to accommodate the president, along with the 238-acre Sherwood Island State Park so the president’s helicopter could land, along with the roughly two-acre Burying Hill Beach–adjacent to Weinstein’s mansion–during a heat wave.

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. weighed in on the issue…

It is shameful that President Obama believes the taxpayers of Westport should pay for $14,812 of expenses incurred for his political campaign fundraising events. The Obama campaign should immediately reimburse the town for those costs. It’s bad enough to close down a public beach and a state park in the middle of a heat wave, in order to park the helicopter for a campaign event, but to expect the town taxpayers to also foot the bill — for events which raised millions of dollars for partisan events that relate solely to Obama’s re-election — is over the top.

The city of Newport Beach, California, has been chasing the Obama campaign for months, in an effort to get them to pay the $35,000 in added security costs of a fundraiser held there earlier this year.

In stark contrast, Team Romney reimbursed the city for security costs at a Republican fundraiser–without delay–according to the Los Angeles Times.

It seems as though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) also has a dim view of Obama’s fiscal character and integrity, as they are now projecting a $1.1 trillion federal deficit for 2012–the fourth straight $1 trillion+ annual government shortfall, according to an Associated Press article today.

Their report also concludes that the economy will continue sputtering along at just 2.25 percent for the rest of this year, then repeated their earlier warning that the long-term fiscal outlook is uncertain–because no one knows how President Obama and Congress will resolve their standoff over expiring tax cuts and sweeping federal spending cuts beginning in January.

Actually the problem and solution are crystal clear…

When Democrats ‘owned’ the federal government from head-to-toe, during the first two years of the new Obama administration–they failed to right the ship of state and, in fact, made it worse.

Then, after the 2010 mid-term, Tea Party-driven, ‘shellacking’ of 85 Democrat congressman ushered in a divided government, President Barack Obama’s community-organizing skills have failed to get the country back on track to prosperity–while Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has used his power to ‘shelve’ over 30 measures that passed the Republican-led House that would do the job.

So, by the simple process of elimination, the only path to prosperity for America is a new Romney administration–working in partnership with both a Republican-dominated House and Senate.


Taxation Is An Unlimited Government Power

By: Toddy Littman

The recent ruling in the healthcare law, that government has this taxing authority by the Constitution – which is not an unbridled taxing power except during war, and, where Article I, Section 7 requires a specific “origination,” which is not a starting point of the legislative record but that the idea, the mere notion of taxation, the taking of the private property of citizens for government to perform a constitutional duty, started in the House at the behest of the People – is a perversion of the Constitutional power of taxation, a perversion done by the U.S. Supreme Court. This most perfectly demonstrates that our entire government is dysfunctional when compared to its intention and purpose pursuant to the Federalist Papers of assuring a limited government that also naturally assures the freedom of the people. The very Constitution and its limits is the express statement of the meaning of Liberty, that We The People function without government restraining us for its own purposes, as though above us and with rights beyond the very People whose ratification brought the National Government into existence.

No, today (and likely for the last 50 to 100 years), every branch, including the Supreme Court, is working for the goal of expanding government power through claims of jurisdiction not supported by Our Written Constitution, so long as the paperwork and the use of words as a means of bending the activities to appear in adherence to the Constitution is met, the Constitution today a mere tool of government to stave off liability through a contrived legal fiction of “government immunity” and nothing more.

Explain to me why every single limit that was placed on government by Our Written Constitution for the United States has been finagled, has been taken to court by our illustrious BAR association (a union, see http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.129) with the general intention of setting a case precedent and tone that involves the National Government, and thereby creates an opportunity for the National Government to assume authority and jurisdiction, irrespective of the Constitution, which is to say irrespective of the loss of Individual Liberty, of constitutional legitimacy; the Constitution which is every American’s written assurance that their freedom is not trespassed upon, manipulated for the purposes of a few to gain a greater manipulation of the many.

The undermining of the Constitution generally began with civil rights cases for money, where an agency of government is found in error, the case doesn’t take the government to task to follow the Constitution but instead takes some agency to task to rewrite their rules along with paying money in settlement. Yes they force the agency to use wordsmithery to alter the most miniscule terms that the lawyers used to win the lawsuit, to be brought within the meaning of some antecedent court case, or create a new non-existent legal thing, a legal fiction, that has no direct express citation in the Constitution – essentially forcing the agency to use words that cause a “permissible evasion” of the Fundamental Law and Duty of Government without any concern for the loss of Individual Liberty in such a settlement.

A perfect example is “Person of Interest” as it is not someone who is subject to any constitutionally imposed limit of the government in pursuing criminal cases under the Bill of Rights, that list of government’s rights particularizing the limits of government, that often includes examples of what would be construed as the National Government exceeding its authority. The reason Person of Interest is used is that it is not a “person held to answer,” an accused, invoking the necessity of “probable cause” to pursue an investigation, as stated in the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution, and therefore this entire legal method is a scheme, merely a strategy, for government to approach you with a terminology that denies you the ability to claim you’re being persecuted, oppressed, and your life intruded upon unconstitutionally as an accused, and to which you will assume (by officer encouragement) that you can be entirely cooperative with law enforcement, unaware the officers are going over every word you say, every inflection, every tone, every body movement, looking for anything they can use to justify their hunch (which is not allowed to be used to pursue an accused) and use your statements, your testimony against yourself as a “person of interest,” to make you an accused. The investigating agency then makes certain to release to the press when you stopped cooperating after having announced you were a Person of Interest, the public obloquy being done for the sake of a conviction, a notation of merit in a group of government employees’ records, that is used by the agency as a justification for budget increases.

What I am saying is that it seems government is more than happy to always recognize the original maximum taxing power that exists under war, pursuant to the Constitution, as the constant of taxation (likely due to a lack of activity by lawyers in this area, as they often get disbarred shortly thereafter) and yet government is persistent in seeing a finagled meaning to the limits of government; 1) consistently moving away from Article I, Section 8’s “enumerated powers” provisions (not “general powers,” and thus “limited powers”), to their contrived for political purposes meaning of the “General Welfare Clause” (President Jefferson best defines the limitation of this at paragraph 5 here, http://www.bartleby.com/124/pres17.html) purposefully claimed in mistake to imply Our Founders intended to establish Communist social welfare programs; 2) finagled meaning of the First Amendment as well as the Second; 3) and assuming Jan Brewer is acting inconsistently with the Tenth Amendment with her recent executive order to deny State of Arizona services to the illegals that were given amnesty by President Obama’s executive power fiat – meaning without the legislature, and as an act of dictatorial rule.

Please note that the above list is not even a scintilla of the historically researchable record of the National Government’s acts to expand itself, irrespective of the Constitution which is the written expression of the Will of the People and their States, in forming the Government, which explains the imposed limits on the National Government and how Our Written Constitution is intended to guarantee Liberty for all. Arizona, as any other State, joined on an equal footing with the 13 colonies, and therefore so too does its population continue on the same equal footing with Our Founders, with all exception according to The Will of Obama — government’s historical expansion so intrusive on the People that, when someone who assumes an office for its power, and see us all as mere subjects to their views, they make it pretty clear that we no longer rule our own country, “the problem with the opposition [Romney-Ryan] is that their philosophy is something I fundamentally disagree with.” Thus, in the president’s view, his will, Obama’s Will is to be imposed upon the America People and that is all that’s important, not the Will of the People and their imposed limits on Government by Our Written Constitution. Illegal and unconstitutional expansion of government, combined with a person in the office of the President who sees their power and rule as the meaning of governing, is what Monarchs, the original noble title for a Dictator, are made of.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. This is why the most important part of the 2012 election is the taking of the Senate from Harry Reid, a man who used his immunity for anything he says on the Senate Floor to persecute an American Citizen running for President who is a member of the opposing political party by making claims of facts by information that is the private knowledge of that American Citizen and the IRS alone, unless the IRS (an executive branch agency under the President) leaked this information to Harry Reid there is no factual basis for his claims at all. This man, the Majority Leader of the Senate, who has filibustered the entire House of Representatives in failing his constitutional duty to have a vote on what the People’s representatives have ratified and passed on to the Senate, will not be removed by his own party – the partisanship more important than effectuating the Will of The People. Thus it is imperative we take the control over what comes before the Senate away from Harry Reid by taking 20 Senate seats in November (a buffer of seats to make up for the Progressive block of the Republican Party) if we wish to save this nation from the dictatorial power of the Executive Branch, and return this government to fulfill its purpose of carrying out the Will of The People in self-government alone (Our Written Constitution), no matter who is elected President.