When Hamas plays with Israeli fire, Palestinian people get burned

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

When it comes to ‘hubris,’ Hamas–the well known and U.S. State Department certified ‘Islamic terrorist organization,’ which is also the democratically elected majority in the Palestinian government of Gaza–is simply breath-taking.

After launching an unprovoked rocket attack against Israel two weeks ago, five days of targeted, yet brutal, retaliatory Israeli Defense Force (IDF) strikes began to systematically eradicate the militant marauders and their facilities–wherever they were to be found.

Unfortunately and unavoidably, as Hamas cowardly hides amongst the civilian population, targeted strikes into densely populated areas also ‘explodes’ the death toll of their ‘human shields’–a fact which they care nothing about.

Then, regardless of the truth in the matter–an Arab trademark–Hamas then uses the corrupt media to shamelessly ‘petition’ the rest of the world, particularly the United Nations, to ‘convict’ the Jewish state of the Palestinian civilian deaths in the ‘Court of Public Opinion.’

At the very same time, the ‘indignant’ Hamas ‘rulers’ of Gaza create even more drama for world consumption, by petitioning President Mohammed Morsi, the newly elected, fellow Muslim Brotherhood member, of Egypt to broker [yet another] cease-fire with Israel–and pressure the obligatory Obama White House for a reported $147 million in foreign aid.

This regularly occurring dance is taken directly from the playbook of nuclear-armed North Korea, who famously conducts intercontinental ballistic missile tests every three for four years, in order to attract the attention of South Korea, Japan, Russia and China–along with the United States, to bargain for truckloads of ‘humanitarian aid’ for its’ [still] starving people…in return for an empty promise to disarm itself.

The end-game of the Hamas-controlled Gaza gambit is the ‘cease-fire’ talk process, through which it will pressure Israel to release their ‘stranglehold’ on Gaza border checkpoints, plus its’ naval blockade; all on the pretense of allowing free access for badly needed commercial trade.

Although partially true, everyone knows it is simply a ‘fig leaf’ to camouflage the ‘smuggling’ of weapons into Gaza from Iran and now Libya–which would pose a much greater threat to the security of Israel–and will not ever be allowed.

The table was set as ‘cease-fire’ talks began yesterday, when an Israeli envoy was whisked from the tarmac at Cairo’s international airport to attend talks with senior Egyptian security officials, as reported in an Associated Press article yesterday.

And, as expected, when exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, spoke in person with President Mohammed Morsi–who also spoke with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, by phone in Gaza–Hamas’ demands, as presented by Mashaal, included open borders for Gaza and international guarantees that Israel will halt all attacks on Gaza, including targeted killings of the movement’s leaders–a poignant codicil considering an Israeli rocket brought an abrupt end to Hamas top military commander, in their opening move last Thursday.

However, those notions seem to be doomed from the beginning, as Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., was asked, while appearing on Fox and Friends this morning, what Israel was prepared to ‘give up’ in order to secure a cease-fire, which he answered directly by stating…’We don’t have to give anything up, because they didn’t start the fight.’

Undeniably obvious, and true.

And, amazingly, if not insanely, the same AP article reported, in the third paragraph:

For now, public opinion in Gaza appears to support continued rocket attacks on Israel.

If Hamas terrorists, supported by the Palestinian population, continue to play with Israeli fire, history will repeat itself and, as usual, the Palestinian people will get burned–severely.

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