Virulent Jew Hatred At Soccer Match In Rome

By: Fern Sidman

Following the recent war between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Italian soccer fans unfurled a banner reading “Free Palestine” at a match last Thursday in Rome when the Italian team “Lazio” played their British rivals the Tottenham Hotspur. Local media initially blamed Thursday’s attack on hard-core fans or ‘ultras’ supporting Lazio, who Tottenham had traveled to the capital to play in the Europa League.

The Tottenham club has a large contingent of Jewish fans and in addition to taunting the British fans with the provocative banner, witnesses told Italian media that masked men armed with knives and baseball bats shouted “Jews, Jews” as they laid siege to a pub where the Tottenham supporters were drinking in a district popular with tourists in an old quarter of Rome.

Ten people were injured in the attack, which left Ashley Mills, a 25-year-old English fan in serious condition. According to the Rome hospital where he is being treated, Mills underwent surgery for a severed artery in his leg on Friday and was being monitored by doctors.

Israeli flags are a common sight among Tottenham supporters at matches, and fans refer to themselves in chants as the ‘yid army.’ Lazio have long had fans with extreme right-wing sympathies, notorious for making Nazi salutes, unfurling anti-Semitic banners and chanting racist insults against black players.

Lazio issued a statement on Thursday saying any suggestion that the assailants were Lazio supporters was “totally groundless.” Israeli ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon told reporters the attack on the Tottenham supporters, stemmed from “a new trend of anti-Semitism in Europe.” On Friday, the World Jewish Congress called for Lazio’s suspension from European soccer if they failed to take action against hard core anti-Semitic supporters. Media reports said Lazio fans chanted “Juden Tottenham, Juden Tottenham” at the match on Thursday.

Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress said, “It seems that all those expensive campaigns against racism that were run in recent years by UEFA, FIFA and others have not made a lasting impression, at least not on serial offenders such as certain supporters of Lazio.” He added that, “The only way to overcome this ugly phenomenon is to threaten tough consequences for clubs who don’t take their obligation seriously to keep hatemongers and racist thugs out of stadiums. This problem of racist Lazio supporters is not new, and it ought to be taken more seriously by all people concerned. Imposing fines on the clubs whose fans misbehave in such a way is obviously completely ineffective.”

The AFP news service reported that Italian football federation chief Giancarlo Abete wrote a letter saying: “Once again, unfortunately, football has been used as a vehicle by mindless thugs to express their racist and anti-Semitic views.” The letter also stated that, “This was unquestionably the motive behind this attack, which has damaged the image of our football and does not reflect the real tradition of warmth and hospitality of the city of Rome.”

Among the 15 people detained by authorities for alleged involvement in the mass attack on the downtown bar were two supporters of AS Roma, Lazio’s bitter city rivals, suggesting a possibly different motivation.

Fears have been stoked fears throughout Italy in light of rising right-wing and anti-Semitic violence and Rome has been rattled by increasing militancy by the extreme right since October, with weekly demonstrations by the neo-fascist youth group Blocco Studentesco, often ending in clashes with police.

The head of the city’s Jewish community, Ricardo Pacifici, said the attack showed Jews were not sufficiently protected. Police commissioner Giuseppe Pecoraro rejected the accusation, which he called a provocation. “The police do more for the Jewish community in Rome than anywhere else in the world,” he said. Gianni Alemanno, the mayor of Rome announced 21 million euros ($27 million) in funding for a Holocaust Museum “to give an immediate response to the many signs of anti-Semitism that have occurred recently in our city.”

Alemanno is himself a former neo-fascist youth leader who was greeted with fascist salutes and cries of “Duce! Duce!” – the term adopted by Italy’s dictator Benito Mussolini when he was elected mayor in 2008.

The European far right has gained increased support as the continent’s economic crisis has deepened, especially in the debt-laden south. Its most startling rise has been in the worst hit country, Greece, where the anti-immigrant Golden Dawn group has flourished. Just last week, Italian police arrested four people for allegedly inciting racial hatred through the website of the white supremacist movement Stormfront, confiscating a variety of weapons and neo-Nazi propaganda, after the group published a list of prominent Jewish citizens.

Teenagers carrying neo-fascist flags stormed a high school last month, tossing smoke bombs into classrooms as lessons were being taught, in a raid interpreted in Italy as an attempt by Blocco Studentesco to assert control over its turf. Shortly afterwards a school due to host a meeting with local authorities about the “neo-fascist resurgence in schools” was daubed with swastikas, Celtic crosses and the word ‘Hitler.’


A Man For All Seasons



Any voracious reader can attest to the fact that the literary world is brimming with riveting memoirs; some poignant, some tragic, some humorous, some inspirational and some intellectually stimulating. Little did I know when I began reading Joseph Aboudi’s, “From Syria to Palestine: My Fight For A Jewish State,” that this compelling narrative would be a palpable combination of all of the above.

For those not in the know, Mr. Aboudi is a doyen of Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community; a distinguished gentleman who is renowned for his business acumen; his dedication to abundant charitable pursuits and his love of family, friends and above all his Syrian heritage. In this stellar effort to put pen to paper in order to convey his most fascinating and trenchant ride through life, Mr. Aboudi manages to assume the role of veteran raconteur, as he leaves his readers thirsting for more in this veritable page turner.

Cogently written in laconic verses, Mr. Aboudi begins his stroll down memory lane by creating a vibrant scenario of Jewish life in his birthplace of Aleppo, Syria. Born there in 1928, the author proffers nuanced examples of the unique culture, cuisine, religious devotion and family life that defined Jewish life in Syria. The reader is at once transported back in time, as we imbibe the aromatic flavors and the aesthetic feel of this heralded city that possessed deep historical and religious roots.

Mr. Aboudi’s father Hillel and mother Sophie played a formidable role in his life as did his siblings and extended family. Because Syria was under the aegis of the government of France in the aftermath of the Ottoman Empire, young Joe attended a French-Jewish school, and was an active member of the Jewish boy scouts and the Maccabi sports team. It was there that the seeds were planted for his life’s trajectory as a dedicated Zionist and fighter for Jewish statehood.

Under the tutelage of his devoutly religious father, young Joe gained a life-long appreciation for the Torah life that was an endemic part of being a Jew in Aleppo. Growing up in a fairly affluent family, Joe describes life as being quite pleasant for Jews in Syria. His father had created ties with prominent local Syrian officials including the chief of police and even held sway over judicial decisions. Some of Joe’s uncles and aunts migrated to France, and he recalls with great love that no matter where his extended family was, there were ever present parcels of food, clothing and letters sent to them.

At the tender age of 14, in the early 1940s, young Joe decided it was time to realize this dream of going to the land of Israel and playing a part in its formation, despite the inherent dangers that were to follow. Preferring that Joe stay in Syria and complete his formal education, his father stood in staunch opposition to Joe’s plans. It didn’t take too long for his father to conclude, however, that nothing would serve as a deterrent for his son, so he capitulated and even helped Joe leave Syria with a group going across the border to Lebanon. From there they were led by a guide over the mountains and into northern Israel.

After making his way to Netanya to stay with sister Fortune and brother-in-law Shlomo, it wasn’t long before Joe joined the Palyam, the naval branch of the Palmach, which was the striking arm of the Haganah. Joe had developed a love of the sea and his adroitness in maritime operations made him a prime candidate for the arduous work that lay ahead. It was during World War II, and Haganah ships were transporting Europe’s Jews, many of whom were Holocaust survivors to Palestine. Because of the egregious strictures of the British White Paper, legal immigration of Jews was at a virtual standstill. Joe and his comrades, risking life and limb, defied the British authorities and helped smuggle in these Jews during the dark of night and under unusually harsh conditions.

Subsequent to the formal declaration of Jewish statehood in 1948, the nascent country of Israel was under siege by seven Arab armies. Never one to succumb to fear or behave in a timorous manner, Joe’s natural heroism once again trumped the perilous consequences he was to confront. As an expert sharpshooter, Joe defended various kibbutzim in the Negev desert during the War of Independence. Recalling a relentless Egyptian assault on Moshav Bet Eshel, Joe tells his readers that he discovered through an Arab sheikh, who was a spy, that the shots fired by him and his compatriots from their simple rifles managed to quiet the massive cannons of the Egyptian army, thus preventing an impending attack on Jerusalem and Hebron. “Even as a leftist Palmachnik and socialist kibbutznik, I recognized that G-d was on our side. Baruch Hashem!”, he says.

Joe’s visceral love for Israel literally leaps off each page of this memoir and into the hearts of the reader. One can actually feel Joe’s heart pounding as he describes the battles that ensued during the 1948-49 war; wishing that he was in no place else other than where he was. Perhaps it was his youth, or perhaps it was his fervent love for his people and his land, or perhaps it was a mixture of both, but the reader cannot help but be exceptionally impressed with Joe’s inexhaustable tenacity and never-say-die attitude. It is apt to describe the author as one person who never, ever, even for a single solitary moment had a lazy bone in his body.

Immensely adding to the tenor of this unique memoir are the black and white photos of Joe, his family in Syria, his youth in the boy scouts, his colleagues in the Palmach and those he shared experiences with at the kibbutzim, among others. There is also a photo of a young Yitzchak Rabin, as none of us have ever seen him before.

The adventurous author was also driven by an insatiable wanderlust, and after the war, Joe hankered to see the world and eventually joined the Israeli merchant marine where he sailed to Italy and France. From there, he landed a job on a cargo vessel sailing to the United States. What was to follow could only be described as a mercurial sojourn for Joe, as he experienced his own share of life’s vicissitudes, but with pure luck and divine assistance he managed to build a life for himself in the United States. Keen on returning to Israel, where he dreamed of spending the rest of his life, Joe was persuaded by his father, who was now in Israel, to try it out in the States for a while to see how it goes.

Meeting the “love of his life,” also known as his wife Lilly, at the Syrian Jewish Center in Brooklyn, Joe’s rendition of life for Syrian Jews in Brooklyn in the 1950s also brings the reader to yet another time and place; a simpler and infinitely happier era, where immigrants from the “homeland” were welcomed with graciousness, honor and immense dignity.

At this juncture in Joe’s story, one would have thought that the multi-talented author might have just taken on a mundane, routine job and spent some time relaxing with family, but that plan of action would not be true to Joe’s nature. Honing his business skills, Joe moved to New Haven, Connecticut where he opened a retail shop with several Syrian Jewish partners and labored assiduously to ensure its success.

He and his wife celebrated the birth of their first daughter there, attended a Conservative synagogue, and held tight to Syrian Jewish tradition, heritage and rich culture. Despite being physically distant from his parents and siblings in Israel, the author retained his fealty to his upbringing in Syria and the timeless and eternal teachings of his antecedents. The author speaks in a voice that resonates with passion, and the reader knows that deep in his heart, in his soul and in his dreams was Joe’s unwavering love for his country, Israel, and its name was ever present on his tongue.

As did many others of his Syrian genre, Joe moved to Deal, New Jersey and then to the Ocean Parkway and Avenue S section of Brooklyn so that his daughters could fraternize with other Syrian youngsters and enjoy the camaraderie that Joe so greatly enjoyed with his peers as a boy in Aleppo. Another successful entrepreneurship awaited Joe in the clothing business in New York; but by this time Joe was a known quantity and a respected one amongst his contemporaries.

Joe’s own words in the epilogue of the book pretty much sum up the intense emotional connections he felt towards Israel: “My destiny was to finally settle in the USA, raise a nice family and live a religious life in a vibrant community. I love my family, my community and my life in America very much. However, as the poet Judah Halevi once wrote, “My heart is in the East, but I am, alas, at the end of the West.”


Basic prepping 101 in these crumbling times

By: Gerald Loeffers

Lets talk about ways to prep fast now that the election is over, for those of us that know our history and what this president is all about. If you’re not prepared now, it’s time for you to get prepared. I will give you some basic, cheap for the most part and easy to do prepping for you and your family. I will cover the four basic prep groups: food, first-aid, firearms and water.


This is the most basic need, but it is not often talked about. Dictators in the past controlled the food to the point that starvation and cannibalism occurred. I say, let’s avoid that, shall we.


This is a sure bet if you have space and a canned food outlet store in your town. You’re good to go with prices between 69¢ to 99¢. I myself purchased 50 cans of food for under $50! I will be doing this once a month until my pantry is full.


If you have the space and the know how, this is a good and cheap way to get and then can your food for survival and barter. Seeds are cheap and learning to garden is easy. Please check your seeds to see if they are GMO or not.


I know this is crazy, but animals like goats, chickens and rabbits are a great way to get meat, eggs and milk. They don’t need a lot of space and you can use rabbits and eggs for barter.


Companies like FOOD FOR HEALTH, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, FOOD INSURANCE and many others offer great long term food storage products. These are pricy and bulky to store, since most are packaged in 5 to 10 gal. sealed buckets and they claim a 25 year shelf life. But I say if you can afford it, buy it. Also each one cooks differently, so read the preparation labels.


Do you know basic first aid? If you don’t, you should. Buy more then a basic cuts and scrapes first aid kit as well. You will need to learn trauma treatment if you can and buy a trauma first aid kit. You’ll also need a crude camp kit with things like aspirin, Aleve, Benadryl, antacids, cough drops, etc. Also get some super glue, yeah that’s right, super glue. It’s a great wound closer and ace bandages are good all around items as well.


How else are you going to defend yourself and your family and gather meat for to eat? That’s right… guns. If you are a new guy to prepping, I suggest you get over the fear mongering of the media of guns and buy a few to learn to shoot with. Practice gun safety and hunting skills. You’re going to need them. Here is a basic gun list that a first timer can use.








Well, who’s thirsty? Without water, you’re dead in under 72 hours! Where you live, is there a creek or a river? Do you run on a city well system or do you live near a lake? These are things to think about and the possibility of not being able to drink or use this water. What do you do?


There are so many products that offer this. Some are great, some are hokey… but find the system that will work for your needs. I have in my bug out bag, two filtered water bottles, an osmosis water filter, a bladder system, a water filter straw and water purification tablets. This gives me redundancy. One of the systems I like for home use is a simple system of two buckets on top of each other and a ceramic filter as the water drains from the top bucket. Also, for fast water back up, it wouldn’t hurt to buy and store water in 1 gal. jugs from your local store. I have done this. It’s surprisingly cheap. You should have at least 90 days of ready to drink back up water on hand.

There you go. This is a good start for you and you’ll be on your way to survive what’s coming. If it doesn’t happen, well you will be able to help others if the need arises. But please, don’t be a hunker down prepper and hide from the rest of the world. It’s going to take everyone to help each other to get through the tough times ahead folks.


Consultants Advise: Bring Sporks to New Gunfight with The Left

By: Lloyd Marcus

Word on the political street from GOP consultants and the Left is that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party cost Romney the election. We Conservatives are advised to “moderate our tone” and back away from our “extremist ideas.”

So, let me make sure I understand. Obama and company were allowed to go for the jugular, using false narratives (lies), to win votes. They said Romney hates dogs, blacks, women and the poor. Heck, they even threw in the absurd accusation that Romney was responsible for the death of a working man’s wife. Check and mate. Game over. Obama won. Did anyone suggest Team Obama “moderate their tone?”

But, when Rush Limbaugh exposed and the Tea Party rejected Obama’s socialistic agenda, Team Obama, which includes the mainstream media, called us “racists.” When we express our Biblical belief that marriage should remain defined as between one man and one woman, we were called “extremist.” And when did it become extreme to believe it immoral to deny medical assistance to babies that survive abortions?

And for the record, once and for all, Conservatives do not care what consenting adults do in their bedrooms. All we ask is that we not be forced to fund it or be mandated to say that it is, “OK and normal.”

Unfortunately, since Romney lost, GOP consultants have joined the chorus of folks on the Left calling for Conservatives to back away from our core beliefs and go-along to get-along with Obama. They claim that this is what younger non-whites and women voters want.

I say, “Hogwash!” Younger, non-white and women voters are clueless about Obama’s destruction of America, the virtues of Conservatism and why Liberalism sucks!

We did not lose because America has become a nation of idiots expecting a free Obama-phone. We lost because Republicans did a horrible job getting the truth to the masses. Soylent Green is people! Conservatism is best for everyone – period!!!

Folks, the bottom line is that the Tea Party chose to oppose Obama’s socialistic transformation of America from a character driven place of decency, truth, respect for the law, and patriotism. Behaving as the Chicago thug politician that he is, Obama came to D.C. committed to implementing his agenda by any characterless despicable means necessary. In essence, Obama came to the gunfight armed-to-the-teeth with guns. The Tea Party brought political knives.

In partnership with their bullies in the MSM, Team Obama successfully spread one lie after another.

Here’s a prime example: A white caller on a national radio program said his black friend was petrified to attend a Tea Party rally. Team Obama had him convinced that the Tea Party is the modern version of the KKK. Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus said the Tea Party wants blacks hung from trees? A shameful outrageous hate-inspiring lie – but no rebuke from the MSM suggesting that the Dems “moderate their tone.”

Apparently, to the MSM, I am an invisible black man. Since Obama took office, I have been a high profile figure at several hundred Tea Party rallies and events. For crying out loud, I even wrote the “American Tea Party Anthem.” Still, for the most part, the MSM have done everything in their power to keep minorities in the movement non-existent.

That scared black guy did eventually attend a Tea Party with his white friend. He was surprised to be treated with respect as an equal rather than a victim in need of assistance, which was the “tone” of the Democrat rallies he attended.

And another thing: since the election, everyone is saying that more Americans than ever love Obama and agree with his agenda. Well then, how do you explain 9 million folks who voted for him in 2008 staying home this time? http://spectator.org/archives/2012/11/09/mccain-beats-romney One could conclude that the bloom is somewhat off the rare black rose.

Did you know that 3 million Republicans who voted for McCain decided to pass on this election? Could it be because Romney was not conservative enough?

Still, all the big-brain consultants say the Tea Party was too aggressive and that Limbaugh needs to shut up if we are to win over youths, non-whites and women.

Well, I am just crazy enough to believe that common sense will cause a majority, regardless of race or gender, to embrace Conservatism… when they’re given the truth.

Still, Conservatives are called the aggressors. We are not. The left, Obama and company, are the true aggressors forcing their culture, agenda and lifestyles down our throats.

Despite our consultants advising conservatives adopt a new liberal Democrat-lite mind-set, I believe it is time to educate America to the virtues of true Conservatism.

In the simplest terms, Liberalism, offered by Obama equals government dependency, mediocrity, bitterness and low self esteem. Conservatism equals true compassion, striving for excellence, dignity and pride which is the true “American Way!”

For the past four years, we Conservatives brought political knives to the gunfight with Obama. While we know Team Obama will upgrade to machine guns, our consultants further advise that we drop our political knives and brings sporks.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Line In The Sand Edition

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Egypt Descends Further Into Tyranny

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Surprize, surprize! The “Arab Spring” in Egypt, has resulted in more tyranny, not less.

From Russia Today

Police in Cairo used teargas against protesters after clashes erupted on Tahrir Square, leaving one dead. The violence came before a 100,000-strong rally demanding the country’s Islamist president withdraw decrees vastly expanding his power.

Police fired tear gas after hundreds of demonstrators began pelting them with rocks on a street between the US Embassy and the historic square which served as the epicenter of the uprising that toppled authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak nearly two years ago.

Meanwhile, protesters stormed the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country’s second largest city of Alexandria. The crowd broke in to the building hurling papers and furniture from a balcony.

Activists reported that a protester in his 20s died in Cairo as a result of being exposed to too much tear gas, making him the fourth person to lose his life in clashes across Egypt over the last five days.


Obama voters already feeling ‘Buyer’s Remorse’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

It has taken less than three weeks for a significant portion of the voters who supported President Barack Obama to emerge from their ‘Kool-Aid’ hangover, with the resulting sober view of the future being more bleak than it was before Election Day, according to a November 24, 2012 FOXNews article.

A brand new poll from Rasmussen Reports indicates that fully 50 percent of independent voters expect the economy to be weaker over the next year. Before President Obama won his second term, just 19 percent felt the same way.

As expected, the Republican crystal ball reveals a far more pessimistic outlook, with 74 percent fearing tougher economic times ahead, versus just 50 percent in October.

In contrast, the exclusive main stream media diet of Democrats has sustained their before and after vision of another Obama term, with greater than 60 percent of them expecting the economy to improve through 2013.

Once again, Democrats are in a class by themselves.

As further evidence of that, another Rasmussen survey released November 20, 2012, shows that 50 percent of the 2,000 adults surveyed also think the economy will be worse by the end of 2013–a 27 percent jump from October.

Only 34 percent feel that it will get better in 2013–which correlates perfectly with the Democrat and other half of the Independent voters above.

While 9 percent believe it will remain the same–effectively an additional one-year economic ‘prison sentence’ for America.

On a confirming note, it seems that the reelection of Barack Obama has taken a serious toll on ‘Consumer Confidence’ too. It had reached 98.0 on Election Day, its’ highest point since the president took office, then plunged 13.4 points to just 84.8 by November 18th, and only recovering five points over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to yet another recent Rasmussen poll released today.

American voters are closely divided as to whether the nation’s best days are behind us or still to come. Forty-five percent (45%) of Likely U.S. Voters feel that America’s best days are in the past, but nearly as many (43%) think they are in the future, according to a new Rasmussen national telephone survey released November 11, 2012.

Finally, and most disturbing, is the fact that American’s view of their children’s future is at an all time low, according to a November 24th, 2012 Rasmussen national telephone survey, which found that a stunning 65 percent of people don’t think their children’s lives will be better than their own, while another 19 percent are not sure.

Clearly, a stable super-majority of Americans consider the reelection of Barack Obama to be a gigantic negative for the future of our country.

As such, these polling results beg a very sobering question–how come a third of these people, who must have actually voted for President Obama on November 6th, are now just waking up to the fact that he is the most corrupt and clueless charlatan of a president in United States history?