Freedom of the Press 2013 – Presentation Made By David J Kramer In Copenhagen On 6 May 2013

By: Aeneas Lavinium

In this presentation on May 6th, Copenhagen, David J. Kramer of Freedom House gives an overview of the recently published report “Freedom of the Press 2013″.

David Kramer points out that freedom is in decline overall, and that all status changes have been to the negative, for the first time in the history of this report.

There are positive changes, for instance in Burma, but the negatives weigh in heavier. In Russia, the Putin regime has increased control of the press and of NGOs. In Turkey, more journalists are jailed than in any other country, including China. In Mali, the enforcement of Sharia law in the Islamist-controlled areas has been a disaster for freedom. And Egypt, now under Muslim Brotherhood rule, is backsliding severely after the initial excitement over the “Arab Spring”.

This video has original slides and graphs from Freedom House superimposed for clarity.

The full report can be downloaded at Freedom House:

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