Note to our readers…

Blogging may be a bit slow this week. I had an accident over the weekend and took a bad fall. I’ll be okay, but severely bruised on my left leg and arm. A little inconvenience like pain and swelling won’t stop me though. However, it may slow me down just a tad. 😉 Thanks for your patience and understanding and thank you for hanging in there with me.

By the way, it is some of the most epic bruising you have ever seen. Award worthy, I might add.


3 thoughts on “Note to our readers…

  1. Get Well. Love your blog. I’m gonna pray for a speedy recovery for ya. Now, you take care.

  2. Thank you Karl! Thank you poptoy1949! You and poptoy1949 make me feel a whole lot better just saying that. 😉

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