One thought on “Constitutional Crisis? – New Political Fallout From Latest Vow To Go Around Congress

  1. At this point it really all becomes a sideshow.
    While they squabble and distract – Obama has unleashed a bio attack on the American public with the planned and intentional invasion of children being disbursed into the heartland – thousands infected with such as Ebola, TB, Derenge Fever among other spreading diseases.
    Doctors and nurses who work there to treat these people being threaten if they warn the American population. These camps being spear headed by employees of the DHS with the involvement of pastors and ministers who are calling themselves ‘brown shirts’.
    Did you know that 26,000 pastors and ministers of American churches are training with FEMA to be the secret police, enforcers to lead their flock into these camps by intentionally mistranslating Romans chapter 13?

    Yes, Martial Law is what is coming this month; a false flag attack will happen to declare martial law. Blue helmets will be patrolling the streets together with the security police from the DHS among other Obama trained department and enforcement. Now you know why they needed the millions of rounds of hollow point.
    One other thing – Crytome – has let it be known that Snowden documents will be released to stop the planned false flag wars against the unsuspecting public. This should be made known this month.

    We should concentrate on what they are planning for us rather than this side show – they are mostly all in on it, trust me!

    Snowden has more than just NSA spying but held it back. There was a reason that Obama stepped back frantically from his ‘red line’ in Syria – Putin explained to him that he would expose him!

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