ICE Overreaching to Welcome not Prevent Illegal Immigration?

By: Susan Knowles
Gulag Bound

Stand for Truth

ICE-AGENTSI attended the Murrieta, Calif. City Hall meeting on July 3, 2014, in which various government officials were present to address issues regarding the influx of illegal immigrants to its small town of approximately 106,000.

Prior to the city hall meeting, residents of Murrieta, had forced buses bringing illegal immigrants from Texas, to turnaround and head south to the border city of San Ysidro, Calif. To date, there have been no definitive answers as to why the Border Patrol decided to bring the illegal immigrants to Murrieta in the first place.

Beyond the logistics question of where the illegal immigrants will be processed, several interesting statements were made at the meeting that may have escaped some attendees but raised concerns nonetheless. Specifically, statements made by Field Director David Jennings, from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Los Angeles, Calif. Field Office, should raise the eyebrows of every taxpayer in the U.S.

Jennings described ICE’s function as “Taking control when Border Patrol agents are done.” In other words, once the illegal immigrants are processed and released, ICE’s role begins. By its own definition, it is an arm of the federal government that enforces immigration laws and removes those illegally in the United States.

Jennings made it clear that ICE has no capacity to detain family units. What Jennings said next, amounts to an overreaching of ICE’s function when he discussed the need for ICE to obtain housing so that illegal immigrants from Central America could be placed in these units to await a hearing before a judge.

Jennings said, “ICE has only one facility in New Mexico but it’s full.” He was referring to a housing unit where illegals are currently being kept. Most in attendance were not even aware of the existence of New Mexico’s facility.

Additionally, Jennings said, “ICE is trying to get 10,000 units so families can be housed. We have to release families because there are no places for them to be housed.” He said, “ICE needs to find out where they are going and help them get there in the most humane way.” Again, another function that appears to be outside of the role of the “enforcing and removal” arm of ICE.

Jennings said, “We are really good at finding and removing them from the U.S. but not good at housing them so we are reaching out to the community.” Perhaps ICE is not good at housing illegal immigrants because this is not by definition what they do.

In addition to acting beyond the scope of ICE’s role, ICE will now be responsible for increasing the cost to taxpayers. Once 10,000 units are secured from private individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations, someone will ultimately have to pay the bill to cover the costs associated with operating these 10,000 units.

In addition, there will be a need to provide food, clothing, medical expenses, education, and other necessities that the illegal immigrants will require. The ultimate bill will be borne by the unsuspecting American who most likely isn’t even aware of what ICE is contemplating.

Also, there is no guarantee that ICE won’t ask for more units once their 10,000 unit goal has been met thereby continuing to impact the taxpayer without their approval or knowledge.

The overall impact of ICE’s plan will ultimately be to provide low or no cost housing for illegal immigrants while those here legally will have to continue to wait in line for government housing to which they are entitled.

New Mexico is well aware of the impact that the existing ICE unit and the growing illegal immigration to its state, has on its taxpayers. The result is a growing fiscal burden on its citizens who are legally residing in New Mexico.

As of 2013, New Mexico reports more than $717 million in annual fiscal costs that have to be placed on the backs of their hardworking taxpayers. This is a cost of approximately $1,000 per New Mexico household headed by a U.S. citizen. How much more will the cost to U.S. citizens be when that figure is multiplied by the cost associated with 10,000 units and all of the people that are housed within each unit? That cost could be astronomical!

State policies in New Mexico continue to encourage illegal immigrants to come to their state by offering benefits, services, and even driver’s license. California is the other state that offers driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill, AB60, which allows them to apply for their license beginning January 1, 2015. There is no reason to believe that those illegal immigrants brought to New Mexico and California especially, won’t continue to reside in those states thereby increasing the fiscal burden to taxpayers.

Murietta meeting, photo: Susan Knowles

Murietta meeting, photo: Susan Knowles

Everyone in America should be outraged at the continuing overreach of the federal government in handling the current influx of illegal immigrants and the extensive fiscal costs that will be borne by the tax paying public. ICE may be only one example of a branch of the government that needs immediate oversight by citizens and Congress to stem the tide of overreaching to the detriment of the American public.


Knowles-Freedoms-FlightSusan Calloway Knowles, is a licensed California psychotherapist, former practicing California attorney, author, and political/cultural blogger.

Her website is SusanKnowles.com. Susan’s book, a political fiction, is entitled Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember and is available on Amazon.

Susan can be reached by email at [email protected].



© 2014, Susan Knowles


Very, Very Difficult

Arlene from Israel

I recognize that I must write, but it’s difficult to know what to say. For what I – and to a person those I deal with and relate to here – would have considered impossible has allegedly happened: Jewish boys have killed an Arab teenager in a horrendous fashion.

I know only what news reports are feeding us. In spite of my best efforts, I have accessed no inside information. Six boys have been arrested. At least one has allegedly confessed and implicated others. Reportedly there has been some description of the murder.



People are asking me how this could have happened, but I cannot answer. Indeed, I ask myself.

From where I sit, there are still too many unknowns and we’re still too early into the legal process. The boys – at least some of whom are minors of 16, and none of whom have been named – do have lawyers from an organization called Honenu. I am not certain that the lawyers have even seen them yet – yesterday one of the lawyers said they still had to look at the evidence. There have been no indictments yet. Which does not mean there won’t be.

But I and my associates continue to wait to hear more about the unraveling of this situation.

What has thrown us so – what had us breathless with astonishment – is that this feels so much a not-Jewish way to do things. And, at the same time, the method of murdering the boy, which involved burning him while he was still alive, falls within the norm of Islam. The very best information we have on the victim is that he was a homosexual. And within Islamic culture, this is the greatest of sins, meriting death. As I wrote recently, it’s written in Islamic law – that burning alive is an appropriate (indeed the preferred) means of executing homosexuals.

And all of a sudden we’re being told that six boys did this for “nationalistic” reasons.” Why this boy? Why this method of killing him? Purely out of a “nationalistic” revenge motivation? We don’t have answers now. I do not know if we ever will. There are those who will say that they picked this boy, and did it this way precisely so that Arabs would be suspect. I don’t know. But in the end we will have to accept and live with the realities, or, more accurately, as close to reality as we can get – however it grieves us.


The latest news on the boys is that they have been involved with “criminal activity” (of what sort is unclear) in the past, and are being sent for psychiatric examinations.


There are several significant issues of great concern that follow in the wake of this tragedy.

First are the accusations of “moral equivalency” that are being leveled at Israel now – sometimes with a self-righteous tone on the part of those making the charges: See. see what these Jews are capable of, exactly what the Arabs do.

But this is a libel, a false accusation of the greatest calumny. When the three Jewish boys were kidnapped, there were candies passed out in Arab communities. The mother of one of those presumed to be a kidnapper said, “If it turns out he did it, I will be very proud of him.”

Here there has been breast-beating, and stunned grieving that such a thing could have happened.


Netanyahu put it very well:

“I know that in our society, the society of Israel, there is no place for such murderers. And that’s the difference between us and our neighbors. They consider murderers to be heroes. They name public squares after them. We don’t. We condemn them and we put them on trial and we’ll put them in prison.” (Emphasis added)


Our prime minister, in fact, expressed condolences by phone to the parents of the murdered Arab boy. Can you imagine Abbas or any of his ilk doing the same in reverse? Other officials and the Jewish families mourning the loss of their sons did the same.


Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon declared himself “ashamed and shocked by the cruel murder of the teenager Muhammad Abu Khader…

“these despicable murderers do not represent the Jewish people and its values…”


Moral equivalency? Not on your life.


If you wish to help Israel, fight these charges of moral equivalency wherever and however you can.


Then we have the rioting mobs of Israeli Arabs inside of Israel. Ostensibly they have been rioting because of the murder of the boy, but I see it as an excuse for violence. Period. Without justification.

Credit: Flash90

They forced the closing of roads and pelted buses. They destroyed property and used firebombs.


Police arrested a good number of people and used mob control techniques, but there are very serious questions about how to deal with these rioting Arabs – and much criticism that they are being handled with insufficient firmness.

They cannot and must not be permitted to disrupt our society. The feeling, my friends, of being besieged from within by people who truly hate us is not a pleasant one, I assure you.

The significant point here is that we’re talking about people who are Israeli citizens. Said Netanyahu (emphasis added):

“There’s no place in the State of Israel for those who throw rocks at police; there’s no place for those who throw Molotov cocktails; there’s no place for those who block roads or damage property.

“You can’t enjoy social security payments and child subsidies on one hand and on the other hand violate the most basic laws of the State of Israel.”


There have been suggestions made about removing the citizenship of some and/or deporting them to Gaza. I mention it here but will return to this if and as appropriate. It is difficult not to feel bitter about being accused of being “apartheid,” when we have in our midst persons with full rights who wish us ill.


I must turn now to the final, very significant issue: That of the rockets from Gaza and the question of our going in for a serious military operation.

As I wrote last, the barrage of rockets has continued. Our Air Force started going into Gaza again, after remaining quiet for a period of time on Friday, in order to respond to rocket launchings – taking out a couple of Islamic Jihad terrorists in the process.

And yet, to the despair of many including yours truly, Netanyahu did not order a major action. What seems apparent from my perspective is that the barrage continued because Israel is seen as weak. While Netanyahu, for his part, is behaving with regrettable reluctance because of the murder by Jews of the Arab youth.

Yet the fact of this murder should in no way impinge upon our right to defend ourselves. Nor can we worry about the world thinks of us. Both Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman criticized Netanyahu’s weakness in acting, as did others.

Today Lieberman took a major step: He separated his party, Yisrael Beitenu, from the Likud. (Likud and Yisrael Beitenu ran together in the last election.) The issue of Netanyahu’s response to Hamas in Gaza was a primary motivating force. I see it as a good move. Yisrael Beitenu is remaining in the Coalition, and so the government is not threatened. It is Likud that is weakened.


Now tonight, in a short interval of time, a far greater barrage of rockets and mortars – somewhere between 40 and 70 depending on the source – was unleashed upon Israel. Sirens went off in multiple locations and rockets headed towards Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Hamas claimed credit for this rocket barrage. Israel has called up 1,500 reservists and increased action inside of Gaza by air. An invasion of Gaza seems imminent, although it has not yet been set into action. I am reading that the Security Cabinet is calling for “phased escalation,” although it’s not entirely clear what this entails.

In light of what Hamas is now demanding, I do not see how anything other than full war can follow although Israel is taking her time getting there (emphasis follows):

“A senior Hamas official told The Times of Israel that the group does not accept the idea that ‘quiet will be answered with quiet’ in the Gaza Strip, saying that if Israel wants peace in the South it must release all the prisoners freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit who were recently re-arrested following the abduction of the three Israeli teens…

“Omri Ceren of the advocacy group The Israel Project said, ‘Now they’re refusing to stop the rocket barrages until Israel lifts all restrictions on bringing materials into Gaza. The odds of that happening are exactly zero percent. This was a condition meant to give them a pretext for continued rocket attacks.’

“Ceren said, ‘It’s becoming fairly clear that Hamas thinks it’s their interest to escalate. Militarily those moves risks a full-blown war with the Israelis.



To write more is pointless, as the situation is in flux.


Video: NH Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Called Tea Party Members “Teabaggers”

By: Annabelle Bamforth
Ben Swann

Video has surfaced of Walter Havenstein, the GOP establishment’s pick to challenge Maggie Hassan (D-NH) in the upcoming New Hampshire gubernatorial race, dismissing Tea Party conservatives as “teabaggers” while speaking to a group of business students at the University of New Hampshire. The video is from 2010, during the height of the Tea Party’s popularity.

We got a lot of problems in this country,” said Havenstein. “The teabaggers, or whatever they are, they’ve been telling us that all summer long. Alright?

Isn’t that who they are? I’m a little out of touch,” Havenstein continued, smiling.

The usage of a sexual slur is Havenstein’s latest folly. As previously reported, Havenstein is the former CEO of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a tech company that was awarded billions in federal contracts and implicated in a spyware hack on security software that happened to involve the NSA. He was still CEO of SAIC at the time of this video.

Havestein insisted in a press release that he was using the word in a positive manner. According to the Union Leader:

“As anyone who watches the full video can clearly see, I was talking about the positive impact that the Republican victory in the 2010 elections had on shaking up the status quo. So it was obviously a poor choice of words. The great thing about our democracy is that we get to shake things up every two years, which is what I want to do this November.”

This past weekend, at the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers straw poll and picnic in Hillsborough, Havenstein was approached by attendee Dennis Hamel. Hamel explained to Havenstein that the word “teabagger” is a “trigger word” used by opponents of Republicans to specifically incite anger, and had asked Havenstein to apologize. “How should I react when you referred to me, my wife, most of the people in this room, and millions of patriotic Americans with a homosexual slur?” Hamel asked Havenstein. Havenstein responded that Hamel should watch the full video of his speech, and Hamel replied that “a very sincere and public apology is in order.” Havenstein did not reply.

Republican candidate for governor Andrew Hemingway responded to Havenstein’s video slur in a statement:

“Whether one likes the ‘Tea Party’ or doesn’t like the ‘Tea Party,’ everyone should be offended by this. People have referred to me as a Tea Partier and I always say this: If you mean an average citizen worried about the future of our country as it relates to over-taxation, over-regulation and limited liberty who is willing to stand up and work? Then fine. That’s who these people are.”

Hemingway was also in attendance at the CNHT straw poll, and gave a speech following Havenstein’s that began pointedly describing the beginning of the Tea Party organization in New Hampshire. “I’m curious, how many of you were at the very first Tea Party that was started in New Hampshire? How many of you were there for that?” Hemingway asked the crowd.

Hemingway went on to discuss the work done over the last four years by Tea Party and liberty-minded Republicans fighting for lower taxes and reduced spending, while Havenstein “was living in Maryland, speaking at groups passing derogatory comments about the Tea Party.”

This is unacceptable. This is unacceptable from the likes of Rachel Maddow, and this is unacceptable from the likes of a Republican candidate running, asking for your vote. I am offended, we should all be offended that this type of behavior exists,” Hemingway said. “We must have an apology for this type of action.” Hemingway bested Havenstein the straw poll 111-43.

The video of Hemingway’s speech is available below.


Unleashed Upon America: Obama Unchained!

By: Lloyd Marcus

My fellow Americans, we are all bit players in the making of a metaphoric slasher movie, “Obama Unchained” starring Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is a summary of the movie. It is a heartwarming tale about how the mainstream media and Democratic Party suckered America into electing their extreme far-left dream president; a Trojan Horse in the form of a black man. http://bit.ly/1vBcYRR

Once in the Oval Office, Obama began incrementally implementing his socialist/progressive agenda and iron-fist pressure on Americans to conform. Everyone, including a 175 year old order of elderly Catholic nuns were forced to comply to Obama’s decreed anti-biblical new moral standards or face termination. http://bit.ly/VhFM6N Only donors, labor unions and favored friends of his royal Obamaness totaling over 2000 are unlawfully granted exemptions from his tyrannical overreaches hidden in Obamacare. http://bit.ly/VHNl7v

Unchained from pretending to be a moderate to get reelected, Obama is releasing his judgment and rage upon America; wielding his executive pen sword, causing a bloody massacre of our economy, national security, world standing, freedoms, liberty and culture.

Now totally unrestrained, with lawless abandonment, Obama dishes out what he believes is well-deserved revenge on America for her crimes against the rest of the world. Obama is delivering the retribution spoken of by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who said, “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” http://bit.ly/VhUWcg

Pundits say Obama is merely incompetent. They site highly unfavorable approval polling to conclude that Obama’s presidency is in deep trouble. http://bit.ly/1jJ7oY5 Political analysts believe dismal poll numbers will force Obama to back away from his intensely focused savage attack on America as founded; his vowed fundamental transformation of America. These sycophant, apologist or naive talking heads are missing the point. Obama does not give a rat’s you know what about polling. Nor does he fear lawsuits, Congress, impeachment or anything else.

Remember Michael Jackson’s famous line, “I’m not like other guys”? Obama believes he is not like other presidents. I am Barack Obama, the first black president. I can do whatever I please and no one is going to stop me. Period!

“Obama Unchained”, the movie, is directed by Unknown Socialists/Progressives.

Obama’s supporting cast includes Eric (cited in criminal and civil contempt of Congress) Holder as the corrupt partisan head of the DOJ. http://bit.ly/1mWJmxG Lois (Wicked Witch of America) Lerner as the corrupt, vindictive and evil IRS enforcer. http://bit.ly/Vit7jY Kathleen (Yes, you will fund abortions against your faith) Sebelius as the totally incompetent head of the botched Obamacare roll-out. http://bit.ly/1pZuo9a Jay (please don’t make me go out there and lie again with a straight face) Carney as Obama’s Press Secretary. This just in, Carney has been replaced by understudy liar, Josh Ernest.

If the metaphoric Socialists/Progressive’s movie were to snag a Best Song nomination, their song would be titled, “I Believe I Can Lie” performed by Barack Obama. A real trailblazer, Obama is the first U.S. President awarded, “Liar of the Year”. http://bit.ly/1bIzuBy

In my metaphoric scenario, the buzz in DC would declare “Obama Unchained” a shoe in for Best Picture. However, the sentimental payback favorite for Best Picture would be “Sixty-Six Years A Liberal” starring Hilary (don’t asked me about Benghazi) Clinton.

Folks, while I have taken a humorous approach to describing Obama’s Revenge War on America, the situation is extremely serious. The solution is quite simple. It is push back, push back, push back politically. While the Tea Party remains fully engaged, what strong courageous conservative will emerge to lead the charge?

We who love America are metaphorically in the process of producing our own movie titled, “November 4, 2014: Independence Day”.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


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