Confronting PC: Some Will Financially and Politically Die

By: Lloyd Marcus

I caught a bit of an interview with conservative actor Kevin Sorbo promoting his movie, “God’s Not Dead” on the Sean Hannity radio show. Sorbo lamented that political correctness operatives continue to bully Americans with little push back. He cited a recent incident in which a little girl was kicked out of school for saying “God bless you” when a classmate sneezed, punished for religious talk in school.

My wife Mary told me about a U.S. soldier who was told by a school never to walk his child to school in uniform again. I am sure all of you could share horror stories of political correctness operatives overruling common sense and bullying people into submission.

Admittedly, I continuously rant about this topic. Folks, while I have evolved into somewhat of a sophisticated responsible adult, my roots are in the hood, the projects of east Baltimore. Living in that extremely tough environment, I knew if you did not deal with (confront) bullies, you would forever be their chump. As a 9 or 10 year old, I detested watching bullies push people around. I still detest seeing snooty intellectual liberal wimps with their big microphones and big stages get away with terrorizing people into submission.

When we were kids, though he was a little wild and crazy, my cousin Jimmy taught me the value of a strong military and how to deal with bullies. Two kids were taking my lunch money. Jimmy got in their grills and threatened to kick their butts. That was the end of that nonsense.

Six foot something high school varsity football star Broadus ordered me out of my seat beside pretty Barbara Jean on the school bus. Had he asked, I would have given him my seat. Even as a four foot something tall seventh grader, I instinctively knew I would lose something inside if I allowed Broadus to order me around. I told him no, I was not moving.

Once off the bus, Broadus began pounding my head into the gravel road. My mom saw the attack from a block away. She began running, but said it felt like she was running in place, unable to get to us fast enough. Incredibly, Broadus and I later became friends.

So yes, I have this “thing” about bullies.

Liberals, Democrats and the complicit MSM have hijacked the word “bully” to exclusively refer to anyone who dares to push back against their aggressive attempts to force their socialist/progressive agenda down our throats. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Leftists call us bullies when we reject allowing them to bully us. Very clever, insidious and evil.

I worked at a major ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore for 15 years. Thus, I have witnessed from the inside the MSM arrogant superior mindset which dominated the TV station and their intention to force their agenda on the public. The general consensus at the TV station was that the public was a bunch of yahoos and we were the sophisticated smart guys.

The TV station launched a campaign titled, “Family First”. On the cover of the brochure, I used a silhouette of a traditional family holding hands; father, mother, a girl and a boy. Public Relations axed my cover design claiming it was insensitive and offensive because families come in all configurations, two men, two women and so on. There was no agenda behind me selecting the image other than it worked for the theme of the campaign. I seriously doubted that the image of a traditional family on the cover of the station’s brochure would have sparked mass outrage from the public.

And yet, the PR representative acted as though I was attempting to push my Christian values on the public. She used her authority to bully me into changing the cover design. I later learned that she was a lesbian.

Folks, I realize that I sound like a broken record continuing to write about the Left bullying us into submission. It just sticks in my craw. Allowing them to get away with it is an anathema to my spirit; like allowing Broadus to order me out of my seat. We must push back. We must say no.

In the Clint Eastwood movie, “Pale Rider”, the locals were terrorized by bullies. They asked a mysterious stranger portrayed by Eastwood to lead them into battle against the bad guys. Eastwood consented, but also informed the locals that some of them were going to die tomorrow.

Make no mistake about it folks, confronting evil, pushing back against political correctness operatives is serious business. Our Nemesis are extremely vicious and relentless. They take no prisoners. Just as Eastwood warned the locals, I warn you. In the battle to take back our freedom, some will sacrifice themselves for freedom. They will financially and politically die.

Brave U.S. troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice have shown us that freedom “ain’t” free. Are the fruits of freedom, self-respect and dignity, worth it? Absolutely.

Political Correctness is a horrible destructive cancer eating away at the core of our American culture. The miracle cure is courage.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


A Severe Case of Bimbo-itis. Or -isis.

By: Julia Gorin
Republican Riot

I can certainly understand being a little girl with an idol. Mine was Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, and my sister’s was Isis. But her Isis looked like this:

Not like this:

I understand Isis being your idol, but this is ridiculous. Maybe the girls below were just confused? I mean, the goddess Isis was Egyptian, not Syrian:

Austrian teenage girl jihadist ‘killed in Syria’ (Telegraph, Sept. 15)

One of a pair of Austrian [ahem, Bosnian] teenage girls who left Vienna homes in April to join Syrian jihadists reportedly killed

Sabina Selimovic, 15, (left) and Samra Kesinovic, 16, travelled to Syria Photo: INTERPOL

One of two young Austrian women who travelled to Syria to fight with Islamic extremists has reportedly been killed just months after arriving in the country.


Sabina Selimovic, 15, and Samra Kesinovic, 16, both the daughters of immigrant families from Bosnia, left their homes in Vienna in April with the apparent intention of fighting for Syrian rebels.

They are thought to have travelled to Turkey and then to have crossed the border into Syria, having become radicalised after attending a local mosque in Vienna and reading about jihad on the internet.

[Vienna? You don’t say!]

They posted on social media photographs of themselves handling assault weapons and wearing black, full length burkas.

But Austrian authorities now think one of them – they have so far refused to divulge which one – may have been killed during fighting.

Refused to divulge which one. Does it really make a difference?

…Austrian authorities fear that the two teenagers’ example is inspiring other young, radicalised Muslim women to travel to Syria and volunteer to fight.

Now, ISIL et al have taken violence to such a level that even al Qaeda has distanced itself from it, and yet something about the former’s methods clearly appealed to these Bosnian (of all things!) girls. Where might they have acquired this taste for blood? Surely they would have been so traumatized by their parents’ tales of the Bosnian war and the supposed Serb killing machine that they’d have no stomach for violence. Unless the tales — like the war itself — had precisely the opposite effect.

In Germany, meanwhile, an alleged jihadist went on trial on Monday, accused of fighting in Syria for Isil.

In the first German criminal proceedings involving Isil, Kreshnik Berisha, a 20-year-old born near Frankfurt to a family from Kosovo, has been charged with membership of a foreign terrorist organisation.

Well, if this isn’t the article that just keeps on articulating. A German first, and a Kosovo Albanian is involved. Who could have seen that coming throughout the ’90s?! Frankfurt and Kosovo. What a couple.

…Berisha is believed to have become radicalised when he fell in with a group of Muslim fundamentalists while on a job training programme.

Federal prosecutors say Berisha travelled to Syria via Turkey in July 2013 with other Islamists planning to join the fight to create an Islamist “caliphate” straddling Syria and Iraq.

Soon after his arrival, Berisha allegedly underwent firearms training and was put to work as a medic and a guard.

In the six months he spent in Syria, he is believed to have fought in at least three battles on the side of the jihadists against President Bashar al-Assad’s troops.

He returned home for reasons that are unclear to German authorities in Dec 2013 and was arrested at Frankfurt airport…

Now, if 15 and 16 sound young for Bosnian Muslims to be all about The V (violence), check out these over-achievers. They’re barely out of their terrorist twos. I mean, terrible twos:

Al-Hayat Media Center, the media wing of ISIS, posted a video showing Bosnian children playing with guns and chanting ISIS slogans in Syria. The video was posted on the Internet on July 12, 2014.

Closing with some more Kosovo Albanians being arrested:

Kosovo ‘imams held’ in raids on Islamic State recruitment (BBC, Sept. 17)

Fifteen people have been detained in Kosovo in an operation aimed at tackling recruitment of fighters for Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

Among them are several imams, including the head of Pristina’s Grand Mosque, Shefqet Krasniqi, local reports say.

Some 200 Kosovo Albanians have gone to fight in Syria and several have died.

Kosovo police did not name those arrested, publishing only their initials, but said the operation had been carried out following threats and due to the importance of national security. [Which of course first would require a nation, but who’s keeping track. Oh yes, they are.]

Many of those held were from Pristina, Prizren or the flashpoint town of Mitrovica. [Wasn’t this ‘Serb’ sellout just talking about how lovely Prizren was?]

Islamist leader Fuad Raqimi was detained after a raid on his flat, reports said.

US envoy Tracey Jacobson, in a tweet, praised Kosovo’s “pro-active response against fighters and terrorism”.

[Again, Saudi Arabia arrests terrorists too.]

Last month, 40 people were arrested as police searched dozens of sites across Kosovo, including makeshift mosques thought to have been used as recruitment centres. […]


ICLA Continues its Campaign Against Dangers of Official Use of Poorly Defined Terms



Statement by the International Civil Liberties Alliance
OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Session 12: Tolerance and Non-Discrimination II

Warsaw, September 30, 2014

Mr moderator, ladies and gentlemen, thank you.

We in the International Civil Liberties Alliance agree that hatred can be dangerous and lead to serious crimes. As mentioned in the opening speech, today is the anniversary of the mass murder of many Jews at the Auschwitz death camp, undoubtedly a crime motivated by hatred propagated by Nazi Germany. However when terms such as hate crimes, and speech are poorly defined, there is a risk of malicious prosecutions and even cover-ups to shut down debate inconvenient for certain groups.

Lately, we have seen many examples of this — to cite just two, in Poland, the owner of a webpage, Damian Kowalski, was investigated by police over a supposed hate crime. His webpage, ndie.pl or “No to Islamisation of Europe” reported on cases of Islamic extremism in Western countries, often simply translating reports into Polish from mainstream Western media. The police justified their investigation, and confiscation of computer equipment, by saying the accused “incited to hatred of believers of Islam”, did not elaborate on where he had done this. Meanwhile in the UK city of Rotherham, a report found that 1400 underage girls were sexually abused and groomed for prostitution by gangs that were (more or less) unanimously acknowledged to be mainly Pakistani in origin. Such abuses were found to be covered up by police and child protect services, partly as the ethnic origin of gangs made this a sensitive issue. In other words — the need not to be even suspected of inciting hatred took precedence over physical protection of young vulnerable girls.

Such abuses can take place when terms such as hate speech are loosely defined — indeed, reasons such as fascism and hate speech have been used to crack down on inconvenient viewpoints, in this very part of Europe not so long ago.

ICLA recommends terms such as hate speech are clearly defined before being considered for implementation into domestic legal systems by participating states, and that the potential for related legislation to be abused to stifle democratic debate is recognised and taken into consideration.

Thank you.


Dangerous trends in hate crimes against Jews and Christians



Statement by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa
OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Working Session 12: Tolerance and Non-Discrimination II

Warsaw, September 30, 2014

Dangerous trends in hate crimes against Jews and Christians

BPE welcomes with great pleasure the recent demonstration in Berlin against anti-Semitism, which was graced by the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This event, which also expressed support for Israel’s right to defend herself against terrorist forces, marks a new high point in awareness of this rising problem. Similar manifestations in Denmark have received significant media attention, which is good.

While not nearly as bad as in many Middle Eastern countries, intolerance and harassment against Christians is a rising problem in several OSCE pS [participating States]. The rising awareness of anti-semitism is good news, but similar awareness of ‘Christianophobia’ is needed. Intolerance of Christians on religious grounds is on the rise, and this needs countering.

Danish media are reporting that in many cases Christians of immigrant background are being persecuted and even threatened with stoning, interestingly to great extent by immigrants of Muslim background. This happens also among asylum seekers, who should be escaping persecution, not propagating it. While the situation is nothing like the catastrophic levels we are witnessing in the Middle East, it would appear that the Middle Eastern conflict patterns are being replicated in European states. This must be addressed.

It is worth noting that Islamic groups (in particular Salafist) have taken upon themselves to denigrate Jews and Christians. This inter-religious tension and conflict deserves attention and action from our secular states and institutions. Identifying not only the victims of hate crimes but also their sources should be standard operating procedure.

BPE recommends:

  • That statistics be made not only about the victims of hate crimes, also about the perpetrators, in order to identify if any political or religious group appears to be causing particular problems in the field, and as a basis for further legal action if this is the case.
  • That OSCE pS undertake a vetting of Islamic organizations in the political sphere to ensure that they do not give rise to radical views on adherents of other religions, and in particular that their literature and other material be investigated for endorsement of such views.
  • That OSCE pS call upon Islamic organizations to issue official statements that harassment of and hate crimes against Jews, Christians or other non-Muslims is against the teachings of Islam, and that such intolerance of other religions cannot be tolerated.

BPE Speaks Out for Freedom of Expression at OSCE Human Dimension Meeting


Statement by Mission Europa
OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Session 12: Tolerance and Non-Discrimination II

Warsaw, September 30, 2014

From the OSCE published document “Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech,” from the Mission to Skopje in December 2013, the following statement is made[1]:

“Freedom of opinion is an absolute civil right, meaning no-one can jeopardize or limit human thinking, whereas freedom of expression is treated as a political right.”

What is thought if it cannot be expressed? When the right to free expression is made conditional, a mockery is made of the “absolute civil right” of freedom of opinion. An artificial distinction designed to suppress expression is created — and through it, so is thought. We cannot allow narratives the power to reduce rights to meaninglessness.

Just outside this room, we then find OSCE publications with Orwellian titles like:

  • Handbook on Monitoring Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, OSCE, ODIHR
  • Online Media Self-Regulation Guidebook – OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media
  • Guidelines on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, 2nd – OSCE

It is with great concern that these titles are associated with discussions on hate speech where “hate speech” lacks a coherent — reasonably concrete — definition.

When hate crimes lack definition, the state is given a powerful hand against its citizens (and dissent) to make arbitrary decisions as to what constitutes hate that will end up being what the state says it is. The powerful get to impose their will on weak.

Some of my European friends noted to me recently that Europe does not have a developed doctrine on the protection of free expression comparable to the American doctrine of “Prior Restraint” (or formal censorship before publication). From Black’s Law Dictionary:

“The legal doctrine of prior restraint (or formal censorship before publication) is probably the oldest form of press control. Certainly it is one of the most efficient, since one censor, working in the watershed, can create a drought of information and ideas long before they reach the fertile plane of people’s minds. In the United States, the doctrine of prior restraint has been firmly opposed by the First Amendment, and by the Supreme Court. But the philosophy behind that doctrine lives zestfully on, and shows no signs of infirmities of age.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th, Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief, West Publishing (Thomson Reuters), St. Paul, 1314; (citing David G. Clark & Earl R. Hutchinson, Mass Media and the Law 11, 1970)

This doctrine seems especially alive and well in this forum.


MISSION EUROPA recommends that heightened awareness to legal theories like “Prior Restraint” be developed and considered when assessing concepts that concern state action — including non-state actors acting under color of authority — when considering activities involving free expression.

It also recommends that distinctions between thought and expressions be considered suspect deserving strict scrutiny.


1. Elena Mihajlova, Ph.D., Jasna Bacovska, Ph.D., Tome Shekerdjiev, LLM, “Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech,” OSCE, Mission to Skopje, December 2013, 7.