NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 11/04/18

Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

CNN Interviews ‘Random’ Gillum Rally Person: His Mother

INSANE LIB who harassed college Republicans is ARRESTED – and she WORKS for GILLUM!!

Suspect who vandalized synagogue with ‘DIE JEW RATS’ turns out to be liberal, Dems hardest hit

Dem strategist says ALL Republicans have ‘LITERAL BLOOD on their HANDS’

Ted Cruz CHALLENGES O’Rourke on caravan – and Beto FAILS it bigtime!!

WTF? Democrats get Twitter to BAN 10,000 accounts ahead of the election!!

A Leftist Hatefest in Pittsburgh

Antifa plan to hijack legally-permitted, peaceful, Conservative ‘Turn California Red’ rally on Sunday


Texas early voting turnout exceeds total number of votes cast in state’s 2014 midterm election

Obama Volunteer Arrested For Vandalizing NYC Synagogue With Anti-Semitic Statements, Police Say

Facebook Apologizes After Banning Pro-Life Group’s Ads for the 6th Time, Claims It’s a “Mistake”

Facebook Threatens To Ban Most Popular Pro-Trump Page Just 3 Days Before Midterms

Democrats Care About Illegal Aliens, Not You


Democrats Care About Illegal Aliens, Not You

By: Lloyd Marcus

A buddy shared a heart-wrenching story with me during dinner.  His mom was killed Christmas Eve by a drunk-driving illegal alien.  The illegal had been caught four times driving drunk by police, never deported.  My buddy is number nine of his amazing mom’s thirteen kids.  She was old-school Italian, waking up 3 A.M. five days a week to bake fresh bread and prepare meals for their family.  Dad cooked on weekends.

Christmas Eve 2002, she decided to make a quick run to the store for a few ingredients she needed to bake pies.  You can imagine the devastating horror their family felt upon being notified by police that their mother had been killed.

The illegal alien drunk driver received seven years and served only three and a half.  Two of my buddy’s brothers attended the illegal alien’s parole hearing to keep him behind bars, to no avail.  The multiple-offender illegal alien drunk driver was set free to roam the streets of America, not deported.

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