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This The Reason N Korea Cancelled The Meeting?

Need Your Help On The Feres Doctrine

North Korea Keeps Undeclared Missile Bases Up and Running: US Think Tank

Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car At Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Helping to Organize Volunteers for Florida Recount

Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions

When customers can skip the cashier line, what happens to the nation’s 3.6M cashiers?


Arizona Senate: Sinema wins, why did McSally underperform other statewide Republican nominees?

China’s Communist Party Expands Control Under Xi

Death toll in Northern California wildfire rises to 42, as Trump OKs disaster declaration for Golden State

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned

The mask is off: Democrats get right to work to impeach Trump

House Democrats reportedly preparing ‘subpoena cannon’ for Trump-related probes

450 Central American Migrants Apprehended at AZ Border in 48 Hours

Trump jabs Macron: You’d be speaking German if it wasn’t for US

Democrats’ Priority: Attack First Amendment and Second Amendment Rights

Meet the ‘badass nurse’ who drove his Toyota pickup truck BACK INTO PARADISE to rescue patients

CBS, NBC Ignore Hamas Terrorists Launching Hundreds of Missiles at Israeli Civilians

Will The Markets Retest Their Late October Lows?

Women’s March Stripped Of Human Rights Award For Its Blatant Antisemitism

400 Left The Caravan And Arrive In Tijuana


400 Left the Caravan and Arrive in Tijuana

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Defense Secretary Mattis will spend Wednesday visiting the border. Customs and Border Patrol said it will close lanes at the San Ysidron and Otay Mesa crossing to allow the Department of Defense to install barbed wire and position barricades and fencing in the Tijuana region of Baja, California.

The lead or first caravan is expected to arrive in an estimated two weeks with at least three other caravans making progress heading north in Mexico. More details here.

Meanwhile, Ami Horowitz who is an onsite investigative journalist is traveling with and reporting on the real facts of the caravan. Horowitz has a vast resume of these kinds of investigations on his resume that include corruption at the United Nations and he also traveled by boat with Syrian refugees arriving in Greece.

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Will The Markets Retest Their Late October Lows?

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Led by tech, equities declined. There are numerous uncertainties… the Fed, tariffs, earnings, inflation, political issues including impeachment and other threats, Brexit, etc.

Oil, however, initially rose as Saudi Arabia unilaterally reduced oil exports by 500,000/day in December, calling for other producers to do the same, cutting production 1 million barrels from October’s levels. Gains became losses following the President’s tweet stating: “Hopefully, Saudi Arabia and OPEC will not be cutting oil production.”

As widely discussed, five weeks ago oil was $75 barrel with many firms suggesting/forecasting $100 oil in quick order, partially the result of Iranian sanctions. Last week, crude was down over 20% from those levels because of increased production/shipments. Will prices now rebound by the same magnitude in quick order?

Increased volatility is typically associated with a market top or bottom, a volatility that is today amplified by the massive proliferation of technology-based trading.

Speaking of which, most major equity averages have now retraced over 50% of the post-election surge. Will the late October lows be tested? Will the retail investors who have supported FAANG now become sellers instead of buyers?

Historically, the markets are entering into a seasonal period of strength. The question at hand is what will be the catalyst for a sustained market advance? As noted above, coverage of the multitude of uncertainties is rising.

Consensus believes political gridlock is good for the averages as the odds of any significant legislation being passed are low. I recognize this view but will also write there are considerable issues that the government must tackle but there are always considerable issues to overcome.

Ultimately it is earnings and interest rates that dictate equity direction. Government’s role is to create policies that are conducive to economic and job creation.

Returning back to a previous question, will the averages retest their lows? Bank of America said ‘yes’ based upon several technical indicators. As all know, the markets have been hijacked by technology-based trading where speed and cost of execution are valued more than liquidity and capitalization. The vast majority of these strategies have failed, producing losses anywhere between 10% and 45%.

Are the markets on the edge of yet another iteration, an iteration back to fundamental analysis where geopolitical and macroeconomic considerations are again paramount? If 89% of dollar-denominated assets have produced a negative return as per Deutsche Bank based on current strategies, the answer is yes.

Last night the foreign markets were up. London was up 0.12%, Paris was up 0.38% and Frankfurt was up 0.78%. China was up 0.93%, Japan was down 2.06% and Hang Sang was up 0.62%.

The Dow should open moderately higher on trade hopes. Oil is down for a record twelfth consecutive day following Trump’s tweet criticizing Saudi Arabia’s plan to cut output. The 10-year is up 4/32 to yield 3.17%.


Need Your Help on the Feres Doctrine

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Prepare for a little work on your part, it is a fight we need to win.

Reckless medical care, malpractice or malfeasance in the civilian world includes lawsuits and the removal of medical licenses. In the military… any and all active or former military service members can take NO action due to the Feres Doctrine.


In 2002, the Senate Judiciary Committee had a hearing to amend the Feres Doctrine or to at least include waiver language. It went nowhere.

You can read about that hearing at this link and see who was on the committee at the time.

This has nothing to do with the VA, these are military hospitals wherever they are across the world. The military has sovereign immunity.

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This the Reason N Korea Cancelled the Meeting?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

A satellite image of a secret North Korean ballistic missile base. The North has offered to dismantle a different major missile launching site while continuing to make improvements at more than a dozen others..Credit CSIS/Beyond Parallel, via DigitalGlobe 2018.

The excuses both sides explain scheduling conflicts. C’mon, lil Kim is not exactly that busy to take a meeting with America, right? As North and South Korea have begun to dismantle 20 guard posts along the DMZ. South Korea has 60 such positions while North Korea has an estimated 160. Allegedly, all firearms have been already removed from the guard posts. Personnel is still there but it is said they are unarmed.

Back to that canceled meeting…

More detail is explained here.

What is the reason then? Missile sites… hummm.

North Korea are still operating undeclared missile bases and even improving some of their missile sites instead of shutting them down.

The latest report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington said it had identified 13 of an estimated 20 secret missile operating bases inside North Korea.

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