NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 12/08/18

Ocasio-Cortez Violates House Ethics Rules, Threatens Trump Jr. For Trolling Her On Twitter

Feds OK’d sale of top-secret satellite tech to China

‘Great Violence’ in Paris Anticipated as Police Staff Join Macron Protests

Mueller filing: Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration officials

Hillary Paid for Steele Dossier, We’re Paying for Mueller Dossier

Viral Video Of French Students Lined Up Execution-Style Sparks Outrage; Protesters Want Macron’s “Scalp”

Martin Armstrong: The 2020 Presidential Election Will Be The Most Violent In American History

FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

Clinton Foundation whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence, Meadows says

Federal court blasts DoJ, State Dept.; orders discovery plan to see if Hillary sought to HIDE her emails to evade law

Jerry Nadler Vows to Shut Down House Probe into DOJ-Democrat Collusion

The Real Beto O’Rourke

77 years ago, a date that still lives in infamy

Trump to name Gen. Mark Milley to succeed Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford

Federal prosecutors recommend ‘substantial term of imprisonment’ for Michael Cohen

James Fields guilty of first-degree murder in Charlottesville car attack at white nationalist rally

McCabe, Rosenstein opened secret obstruction probe into Trump after he told Comey to drop Flynn investigation: Report

Clinton Foundation on the Hot Seat for Potential Misappropriation of Funds

Time For Some Good News

Trump says John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year

Rep. Matt Gaetz Blasts Comey’s ‘Selective Amnesia’: ‘Pretty Inconceivable to Me’

WHOPPER! Top Democrat Jerrold Nadler Says He Will End GOP-Led Probe Into FBI, DOJ: ‘No Evidence Whatsoever of Bias at the FBI’

Survivors: Communist Cuba Has Detained Half a Million Dissidents


Time for Some Good News

By: Lloyd Marcus

My wife Mary sent me links to the following three articles. “Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters.” The article talks about how Hollywood is making everything about homosexuality, selling the lie that everyone is a closet homosexual. According to Gallop, homosexuals comprise 3.4% of the population. Leftists have scammed Americans into believing homosexuals are 23% and more. Some in Hollywood are campaigning to transform traditional heterosexual characters like Captain America and James Bond into homosexuals. Don’t laugh. It could happen, folks.

“Forcing Churches to Hire Homosexuals, Transgender Ministers Will Go National” Austin, Texas city council introduced an ordinance forcing churches to hire homosexual and transgender ministers on the grounds that not to do so is discrimination. Other cities are pushing the same ordinance. A few years ago, Houston’s city council attempted the same ordinance. It was defeated. Praise God.

Texas Pastor Council President Dave Welch said, “In the past, we have too often waited and watched from the sidelines, silent. We decided that that is not possible anymore, that’s not acceptable.”

This statement from Pastor Welch is particularly strong, “Forcing churches to violate core convictions is not acceptable. Once the government does so, all of our Constitutional protections are essentially gone — all gone, for all of us, across all America.”

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