Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

This conflict is not hard to figure out. The US plays for the cheap buck, while the CCP plays for keeps. Guess who’s going to win? China, China, China, China.

One thought on “Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

  1. The American Elite does not believe that the US or Americans are anything special, and they do not care what happens to us. They are globalists and cosmopolitans first and last. The transfer of American industry to China benefited the Elites personally, and so it went ahead. The result is that for 50 years the wages and benefits of the American working class have fallen, and the those of the middle class have stagnated. The Elites have seized all the economic growth of the last 50 years, and they have even clawed income away from the workers.

    In contrast, the Elites and both Russia and China are patriots, who work for the benefit of their countries and the people they rule.

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