The Art of the Steal: How the Green Graft Works

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

The Chicago-based Exelon Corp. was planning a merger with Maryland’s Constellation Energy. To obtain approval for the merger, Exelon agreed to pay the state $1 billion. Credit: Taylor McKnight. License: Shutterstock.

The Greatest Heist in World History

How the Green Graft Works: One Example

The state of Maryland had a unique opportunity to fix Chesapeake Bay pollution in 2011—supposedly the big concern among Maryland’s elite—but instead, it squandered the chance by focusing on pet ideological projects and/or wasteful boondoggles for then-Governor Martin O’Malley’s political pals. The Chicago-based Exelon Corp. was planning a merger with Maryland’s Constellation Energy. Exelon owns the 100-year-old Conowingo Dam, which needs dredging. Every time a big storm comes along, the Dam spills massive amounts of sediment and nutrients into the bay, smothering the oyster beds, now almost nonexistent in the upper bay. The Conowingo is the greatest single source of Bay pollution, dwarfing all others.

To obtain approval for the merger, Exelon agreed to pay the state $1 billion. No analysis of merger benefits or costs, just a big payoff. If O’Malley were truly interested in the environment, he would have demanded Exelon spent some of the $1 billion cleaning up the Conowingo. But none, zero, was requested to address the sedimentation problem. Instead, O’Malley showered that $1 billion on green projects that, just like Obama’s program, guaranteed lots of green for the governor’s friends, but saddled Marylanders with expensive, unsustainable, green energy.

My favorite was $89–$157 million for a new powerplant fueled by chicken excrement. The idea was a favorite of O’Malley buddy and Attorney General Doug Gansler. As of 2021, when Gansler geared up for a second run for governor, he was still talking about it, but that’s all it was: talk. What happened to the money?

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

With the division that Obama bestowed on the country during his tenure (and beyond) in his effort to divide, impair, and destroy America, we have learned one thing: the difference between good and pure evil.


You Need to Know this about BRICS

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

BRICS is a collection of countries that launched in 2010 to dominate the global economy. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Just recently, a BRICS summit was held in Johannesburg to discuss the next mission and that is oil and the expansion of alternative currencies.

(Video Credit: FRANCE 24 English)

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended by video link since he is facing arrest by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. That has not stopped the emerging threat BRICS is about to impose on the global stage… control of at least 30% of the world’s oil industry.

Putin in his remarks states that Western powers with their “neo-liberalism” pose a threat to traditional values in developing countries.

Several additional countries were extended an invitation to join BRICS. They include Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. If these countries accept the invitation to join, collectively 30% of the world’s GDP would be under BRICS. China pushed the hardest for the expansion of the bloc as a way to counter Western dominance.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan attempted to play down the bloc’s expansion plans.

He said that due to BRICS countries’ divergence of views on critical issues, he did not see it as “evolving into some kind of geopolitical rival to the United States or anyone else.”

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The Art of the Steal: Obama’s Trial Run

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

The end-of-the-world prediction by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is now the basis for public policy, and the Biden administration has taken it to heart. Credit: Senate Democrats. License: https://bit.ly/44dkSZ1.

The Greatest Heist in World History

Obama’s Trial Run: The $80 Billion Boondoggle

The Obama administration’s $80 billion green energy program was a small-scale trial run compared to the monies already enacted under the Biden administration, but it provided a window into the true motive. In his book, Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, Patrick Moore writes:

You have heard the news on climate change that says human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide are going to make the world too hot for life. So now as you drive down the highway in your SUV, you are afraid that you are killing your grandchildren by doing so. As this makes you feel guilty and accountable, you vow to send a hefty donation to Greenpeace, or any of the other hundreds of “charities,” selling you this narrative. It is a very effective strategy on their part, as stirring a combination of fear and guilt is the most powerful motivator to get people to open their wallets in an effort to help avoid this alleged disaster. And all this inevitable doom due to an invisible gas that is essential for life and even now is only 0.0415 percent of the atmosphere. (p. 26)

In his best-selling book Throw Them All Out, author Peter Schweizer compiled a partial list of Democrat financial supporters who donated a total of $457,834 to either Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign or to the Democratic Party. Companies run or invested in by these insiders subsequently received U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grants and loans for $11.3 billion—a payoff rate of 25,000 to 1 (pp. 87–88).

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The Next Phase of Obama’s “Permanent Revolution”

By: Cliff Kincaid

Back in 2008, Trevor Loudon and I exposed the Marxist roots of Barack Hussein Obama, including his relationship with Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. We released this information before he was elected to his first term. My group America’s Survival then published three books on Obama. Fifteen years later, it is starting to dawn on some people that Obama was indeed a Marxist. Consider Jamie Glazov’s new book, Barack Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America.

But the transformation continues. Our book on Obama’s Permanent Revolution explains where all of this is heading. We can see it in the drugs flooding into our communities, some of it exported by China and the Mexican cartels, and some of it homegrown, in the form of “cannabis” sales designed to generate tax dollars and votes. But something “new” is coming down the pike, though I predicted it.

Ten years ago I wrote, “Progressives Now Want ‘Psychedelic Medicine,” and events are proceeding at a rapid pace. It won’t be long before you can take LSD and other psychedelic drugs, perhaps under the watchful and approving eye of the government.

As I noted in the 2013 article on LSD as “medicine,” a key Obama supporter by the name of Ashawna Hailey was a pioneer in the field of psychedelics, as well as transgenderism. Ashawna Hailey was once a “he.” Shawn Hailey was born a man but changed his gender to female and his name to Ashawna.

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The Art of the Steal: Green Graft

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

(Photo of the climate strike and march in Pittsburgh on September 24, 2021.) Some radical environmental groups have been supported by hostile foreign governments. Credit: Mark Dixon. License: https://bit.ly/3r4ETmc.

The Greatest Heist in World History

Green Graft

Some environmental groups have also expressed concern that offshore wind farms and construction of windfarms are disrupting marine life and may be responsible for the unusual number of whales dying recently. Amid this growing concern, the Save Right Whales Coalition has produced a report detailing conflicts of interest in that offshore wind companies have made extensive payments to many environmental organizations. These include:

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Meet Robert L. Peters or Robin Ware or JRB Ware or Actually Joe Biden

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It is obvious that foreign policy decisions on Ukraine and financial support were and still are due to quid pro quo. (Now what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?)

Begin here with a big hat tip to Congressman Comer:

Image Image

The crazy part of all this is the National Archives has known this and never reported it to the Oversight Committee, to the Department of Justice, or to the FBI.



In a dramatic shift in the Biden family corruption probe, House investigators on Thursday demanded full access at the National Archives to Joe Biden’s communications as vice president with his son Hunter and his business partners.

The demand came after the House Oversight Committee unearthed an email showing a White House staffer communicated plans for a phone call with Ukraine’s president to Joe Biden on a private email account in 2016 and copied Hunter Biden, an unusual backdoor for a sensitive conversation with a foreign leader.

“The Committee’s need for these Vice-Presidential records is specific and well- documented,” Chairman James Comer wrote Colleen Shogam the head of the the National Archives and Record Administration. “The Committee seeks to craft legislative solutions aimed at deficiencies it has identified in the current legal framework regarding ethics laws and disclosure of financial interests related to the immediate family members of Vice Presidents and Presidents— deficiencies that may place American national security and interests at risk.”

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The Art of the Steal: Executive Order 13990

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro recently remarked that “I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office.” Credit: U.S. Navy. Public domain.

The Greatest Heist in World History

Summary: President Joe Biden has enlisted all federal agencies in pushing his climate agenda as a top priority. As a result, the United States will slowly abandon its vast conventional energy infrastructure. Energy costs will skyrocket, crippling the economy, and when government subsidies run out, the entire green energy infrastructure will collapse, just as it did under President Obama’s Green Energy program. But this time there will be nothing to fall back upon because we will have left our carbon-based energy infrastructure fallow. Without reliable energy, our nation will be crippled.

While imposing this new, expensive, inefficient energy regime, the Left is opening the spigots of government spending once again to finance an unsustainable activity. To compete, companies are being forced to invest in the political market rather than their own markets and products. In essence, the Left is incentivizing corruption, luring private companies away from free market capitalism to crony socialism, and literally threatening the continued viability of our market economy, our standard of living, and perhaps even our survival.

Executive Order 13990

In one of his first acts as president, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 13990, which ordered all agencies to review any relevant regulation promulgated under President Donald Trump and rescinded those actions that enabled our nation to become energy independent for the first time since the 1970s. Following a lawsuit by many Republican-led states, a federal judge recently blocked implementation of Executive Order 13990.

But they have not relented. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro recently remarked that “I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office.”

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Biden On the Beach, Trump in the Dock

By: Cliff Kincaid

I just attended a meeting of my local conservative club in Frederick, Maryland, and quickly realized why Joe Biden can be found in a lounge chair on the beach. Conservatives are demoralized and confused. They are out of touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans. They don’t understand the big picture.

My question to the assembled candidates, running for local congressional and Senate seats, concerned why they were not talking about the illegal drugs flooding our communities. (Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level). In Maryland, Governor Wes Moore is presiding over the legalization of marijuana, as if the problem in the cities is that we need more and better pot. He made half his fortune as a board member of a marijuana company. But no candidate mentioned him.

In effect, the state government is a drug pusher. It’s happening in dozens of states.

So-called “adult” sales of the drug to those 21 years and older were endorsed by the local Chamber of Commerce. Politicians are happy because they are taxing sales of the drug and getting money for their social programs, including for mental health problems caused by the drugs they endorse.

At the end of the forum, a leader of the club grabbed the podium to rant about aid to Ukraine, calling it an anti-Semitic country. He was unaware the president of Ukraine is Jewish.  He said China was the bigger threat and that Taiwan was in danger of falling to the communists. He seemed to believe American soldiers ought to fight and die against China. In Ukraine, the people are fighting for themselves. They are asking for weapons to defend themselves.

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