Extreme Normality

By: Garry Hamilton

According to Fox News today, Harry Reid claims the GOP has been taken over by extremists.

And I must heartily agree.

Because having a job where you make more than 98% of Americans, for the privilege of making rules that apply to everyone but yourself, is what “normal” is all about.

Because “normal” is a job where, once you lose your job or decide to retire, after as little as six years, you will never have to work another day in your life, and you will have influence into perpetuity.

Because “normal” is having health care that a) the rest of the country can’t even buy, and b) you don’t have to pay for.

Because “normal” is when you get to break your promises and not only don’t have to apologize, but claim the promises never happened.

Because “normal” is sitting at a desk clear across the country from where you “live,” and having no outside “job,” and yet becoming wealthy as sin — by accident — over the decades of your isolation from the day-to-day grind.

Because “normal” is overseeing the redaction of history (to remove all those unpleasant bits, you see) and ensuring that education produces citizens that don’t question your dictates, and who depend on you to manage their pathetic lives.

And, because “normal” is about imposing taxation on the proles and inventing new, creative ways of spending money you didn’t earn.

Yup. Perfectly normal.

Extremism, on the other hand, is all about working at a job (or two), supporting a family, paying the imposed taxes, and trying to figure out what the rules are today.

Because “extremism” is working like a dog to raise your kids and teach them right from wrong despite their schooling, pay your bills — and your taxes — and struggle with absentee “representation” by people who have no idea who you are.

Because “extremism” is finally raising your voice in protest at the incessant stream of indignities, from years of having your income confiscated by a delusional government, your property values crashed by their mistakes, and your retirement effectively eliminated by a collection of privileged fops.

Because “extremism” is about the overwhelming majority of your fellow countrymen objecting to the crushing burden of taxation, regulations and “unintended” legislative consequences that eliminate their jobs and assets.

Because “extremism” is anything that disagrees with the decrees of the “normal” people in Congress.

Yes, by all means. Wanting to treat the money you earned as your own — that’s pretty extreme stuff.

On the other hand, this may be the first time in his life that Reid has had his nose rubbed in his own ignorance of the will of normal people.

Normal people who exercised the “extreme” measures of showing up peacefully at the polls and making it clear — on a wavelength even Washington D.C. can understand — that after a while, you’ve stolen enough from us.

Reid probably has real difficulty appreciating that kind of “radical” normality.

Yeah, Harry, we’re a pretty extreme bunch.

We are the face of Extreme Normality.


Update: Patrick Henry Knew Something About Normalcy Bias!


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This could happen in America, too!: European nations begin seizing private pensions. Mark my words. I predict that the politicians and policy wonks will say: “Nationalizing the IRAs and 401(k)s is the only thing that will save Social Security.” Oh, but they’ll probably call he whole socialist scheme “privatizing”, to sugar coat it.

I noticed that silver took a dip on Tuesday morning. In a long term bull market, you should watch the tickers closely and buy on the dip days!

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By: AJ

The DeRosa family works very hard to make their restaurant and catering business a success as you can see in the video below.

Their talent and strong work ethic benefit all the people they employ, other companies they buy their products from, the State and Federal government to whom they pay taxes, the charities that receive their donations and customers who enjoy their delicious food.

As the DeRosa family expands their business, the number of people who benefit from their hard work expands.

See it here: Entrepreneur Success Story – Marissa, Maria, and Vincent Derosa (Picasso’s Cafe Bakery & Deli)

Notice in the video at 3:10 min. when Marissa talks about the declining work ethic among our youth these days. As union bosses and government (now practically one-in-the-same with Obama and Andy Stern in our White House) use their community agitators to push a redistributive agenda and fill our schools with propaganda that “everyone is entitled to a job – it’s a right,” it’s not surprising that our young people are afflicted with “unwarranted entitlement syndrome.” Buying into the false belief that you’re owed something for nothing will get you nowhere really fast; perhaps that’s why youth unemployment is now at 26.5%.

The DeRosa family gives us a stellar example of those who work hard for what they’ve earned and they should be applauded. Many Americans benefit directly from their sacrifice, strong work ethic, dedication and talent.

However, be assured that the more the government regulates and takes away from what the DeRosa’s earn, the less the DeRosa’s will have to help others benefit from the fruits of their labor, the risks they’ve taken and the hard work and talent they’ve put into their business.

The concept of redistributing wealth (aka “spread the wealth around” as Obama calls it) is a Marxist tenent. For example, taking the wealth created by the DeRosa’s – and millions of other Americans – in order to give it away to someone else has been done repeatedly throughout history in other countries. It has always – always – led to enslavement of the people, starvation and mass murder of innocents by the government elites who impose and control the redistribution. A look at Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and Che tell the tale, as well as what’s happening today in Venezuela and Brazil. America was never supposed to go in that regressive and oppressive direction.

Our U.S. Constitution makes our Republic the freest nation on the planet. The free market system that our Founding Fathers gave us (i.e. capitalism, as Marx called it) is what makes the opportunity for this American Dream possible for the DeRosa family and all those who benefit from what they have created.

Politicians seeking to “transform” America are striving to change our U.S. Constitution and thus extinguish opportunity to pursue The American Dream.

What a person earns comes from their labor. To take a person’s earnings (i.e. their labor) and give them nothing of fair value in return is a form of slavery. Reasonable taxes paid for police protection, firefighters, road maintenance, etc. is understandable, but anything above and beyond what’s reasonable is theft of ones labor. Obama and some in Congress actually believe that what you earn is owned by them – the Progressives in our government – and they are the ones who will tell you how much of your hard earned money you’re allowed to keep. This is what’s called tyranny and surely it’s a form of slavery.

We must restore America before our Republic, our freedom and our opportunity to pursue The American Dream is lost forever.




Pan European General Strike for 2011?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Joe Carolan is a former leader of the Irish Socialist Workers Party and now leads Socialist Aotearoa, a militant New Zealand Trotskyist group.

Joe Carolan is very tuned into the New Zealand and international far left, meaning that his forecasts can be taken seriously.

He has just issued a series of predictions on New Zealand and European politics for 2011. I think he is pretty accurate.

First New Zealand:

There will be an industrial campaign for a Living Wage led by Unite Union – Skycity workers had the Worlds First strike of 2011 on New Years Day.

Checked off.

In March, they will be joined by striking workers in McDonalds and Burger King.

In June, the eyes of the world will be on NZ in the uprun to the (rugby) World Cup. Hotel workers and Security workers will join the strike wave. There will be major marches against low pay and coordinated strike action.

Those in favor of a New Left Party who will be at the center of this campaign for low paid workers will meet over the next six months. The possibility of gaining three or four New Left MPs is a certainty if Hone joins the new party. It would be a far better political development than the resurgence of a racist NZ First.

Credible. There will almost certainly be damaging strikes during the Rugby World Cup. It is easy to imagine radical Maori Party MP Hone Harawira jumping to the planned Left Party.

Eire and the UK:

The global economic crisis will continue to deepen. The government parties in Ireland will be wiped out in a March election, with a massive swing to the Left – Labor, Sinn Fein and the United Left Alliance will all do very well.

Unions will join the student revolt in Britain in late January – watch out for the new leader of Unite UK joining with Mark Serwotka of the PCS.

Credible. Easy to see public sector union leader Mark Serwotka working with the UK Socialist Workers Party.


Across the rest of Europe, general strikes will continue to mobilize the workers of Greece, Spain, Portugal and France. The crisis will also spread into Italy, Eastern Europe and other weaker economies. The potential for the Left to organize a European wide General Strike will be the prize of 2011.

A Trotskyist/communist led general strike throughout Europe in 2011?

Europe will suffer major Trotskyist/communist/anarchist civil unrest this year. Will it be channeled into a major transnational strike? Not beyond the bounds of possibility.