By: AJ

The problem with Socialist followers is they don’t think things through or, if they have thought it through, they surely aren’t telling others what the plan will actually look like when it’s implemented.

Let’s help the Socialists by doing the work for them.

The Socialist leaders clearly state, according to Democratic Left, Spring 2007, page 9:

“Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production.”

Young people and easily manipulated adults are being told that the workers will take control of existing businesses by ejecting the owners and the workers will run the businesses – as described by the young man in this video.

Think about that for a minute. Taking businesses that were started by someone else and putting the workers in charge of running them. Thus, the workers become the new owners.

When the workers become the new owners, what does that actually look like?

The workers will need to take the same kind of risks the previous owner took; they’ll need to perform the same tasks and possess the same skill-set as that of the previous owner in order to keep the business running. True, they can change company policy and give themselves big fat raises, but they have to ensure the business remains profitable enough to pay all the workers, pay the taxes, the worker’s benefits, company utilities, material costs, distribution of their products, etc.

Socialists don’t explain why they can’t create their own businesses and allow all workers joint ownership, nor do they define how they’ll resolve disputes among workers when their ideas differ. Perhaps they believe their “collective” minds have exactly the same thoughts and ideas. Won’t they be surprised when they learn that each individual is unique and, by nature, has independent thought? Leaders always rise to the top and it’ll be the leaders who run the businesses – and the workers will be managed by the leaders.

So how does this differ from Capitalism? It doesn’t. The Socialists will own the businesses that they stole and they’ll need to perform the same functions the previous owners performed in order to keep production flowing and ensure payroll, benefits and bills are paid and those with leadership skills will rise to the top.

The Socialists will become the Capitalists.

Discuss this with the Socialist-minded people you know so that they can understand. Once they see how this really plays out and what it really means, there’s hope they will re-think participating in the protests being called for by the rich elites – Union Leaders, Frances Fox Piven, Van Jones and other radical wealthy mouthpieces.

It’s no secret that the radical left has been going after our youth. They know that if they deliver a message of oppression and oppressors, young people won’t think it through because they don’t yet have the experience and knowledge to do so. This makes young people a captive and easily manipulated audience and, ultimately, a powerful tool for the wealthy and well-organized radical left as they continue their path of destruction in America.

What the leaders of the radical left fail to tell their followers is their intention to transform America into a Socialist state which will enable them to institute a single authoritarian party (the wealthy liberal elite) who can then control state-owned means of production via a totalitarian system of government whereby the workers are enslaved and freedom is extinguished.


  1. This is a very thought provoking article with great insight. I understand the desire and need to stop the greed and corruption in the current system but to give the reins over to someone who is less experience and made of the same “stuff” as the current leaders is a recipe for disaster. My husband is from Belarus and I have been to the former Soviet block and know from first hand that it does not work.


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