Call to Action: A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

By: Jim O’Neill
Gulag Bound

“We demand an end to government corruption, an end to despotic leadership in D.C., an end to the current assault on all decent and honest American taxpayers, businesses, and honorable public servants of the people. We demand the peaceful return of the people’s government, and we will remain resolute in the defense of the Constitution and the United States of America until the people can once again feel secure in their nation and government.”
– From “A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic”  Link 

“In the end more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security.  When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society, but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free.”
– Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Third President of the United States  Link 

Janet Napolitano

We find ourselves immersed in an Alice Through the Looking-Glass world where terrorists are called “freedom fighters,” and law abiding patriots are called terrorists; where the US Congress passes laws while saying “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it;” where the federal government sues a state for trying to protect America’s border from invaders; where our representatives don’t represent us; where incompetent crooks are given billions of dollars in handouts, while honest citizens are left to die on the vine.  Curiouser and curiouser.

The “long train of abuses and usurpations” runs on ad nauseum, and gives cause for any sane patriotic American to rise up in anger and alarm — “It shall not stand, nor shall it come to pass!”  Link

As a sign of just how off-track and un-American America’s government has become,  those who should hold an honored place in society — her military veterans — have instead been targeted as potential terrorists (while identifying who the real terrorists are is forbidden).  Link  Link

Flyer for 11-11-11 gathering

“We the people” now live under the jack-boot of tyranny, call it what you will.  The “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic” was drawn up under the auspices of the Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders, in order to restore America to being the free republic it was designed to be, meant to be, has to be.  Link  Link

Although the Declaration is primarily aimed at veterans, the message is applicable to all patriotic Americans (especially those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution), and all freedom-loving Americans are encouraged to get involved, whether they are a veteran or not. Clueless useful idiots are currently protesting Wall Street at the urging of Far Left radicals, and funded by the likes of George Soros.  Close but no cigar, dweebs — capitalism is not at fault, but the greedy scum who perverted it into a parody of capitalism — crony capitalism.  The freedomphobes demonstrating against Wall Street are for the most part clueless putzes, being cynically manipulated by their puppet-masters.  Link Link

As the Declaration states, there will be a patriot’s rally, a protest if you will, next month, and clueless putzes need not apply.  The rally, scheduled for Veteran’s Day, unlike the radical left’s Wall Street protests, will be a bona fide grass-roots movement — a visible sign of a very real revolution taking place across America today. Expect the Old Media to do their best to ignore it if possible, and to downplay and demean it, if they feel they must mention it — they are, after all, in the pocket of the banksters and big corporations, who are in turn in bed with our corrupt government.  Stayed tuned to New Media. This a time for caution, to be sure, but it is also a time for daring, and bold action.  Thoughtfulness and prudence should, of course, be encouraged, but too much caution and hesitation have caused many “enterprises of great pith and moment” to never leave the starting gate.  The time to act is now, while we still have a chance — however slim — of a peaceful revolution to restore freedom and liberty to America.  Link

Individuals who wish to be local or national leaders in this movement should join either the Patriots Union or Veteran Defenders.  All patriots, however, are welcomed onboard, whether members or not.  Again, please note that this is a peaceful movement; not a call for armed insurrection.  Time is of the essence for, as previously mentioned, a rally is to be held in Washington DC on November 11 — Veteran’s Day.

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Duty calls you to come to America’s defense during this time of extreme peril — unless you enjoy standing idly by while she dies “the death by a thousand cuts,” or you are one of those doing the cutting. Laus Deo.   P.S.  Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick (US Navy retired) needs your help.  Please phone, email, or otherwise give him your support.  “Cmdr. Fitz” stood tall for America and freedom when most others would not.  He has more than earned whatever aid and assistance we can lend him.  Link

Born in June of 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jim O’Neill proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two. A member of MENSA, he worked as a commercial diver in the waters off Scotland, India, and the United States. In 1998 while attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student, O’Neill won “First Place” in the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award.” The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with the money she won from successfully suing the National Enquirer for libel. Over the last few years, Jim has regularly written for Canada Free Press and now has a personal blog, ConstitutionalWrites.com.

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Will the Obama Syndicate Ever be Held Responsible for its Crimes?

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

With the exception of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), no one from the GOP side of the aisle seems to really care about the crimes that have been and continue to be committed by Obama and his syndicate.  Instead, Congress–itself–has established its own unconstitutional “Super Congress” of twelve which essentially does away with representation of We-the-People.  Does anyone still remember “taxation without representation” that sparked the first “Tea Party?”  In this way, Congress is either joining the Obama dictatorship or has formed its own totalitarian challenge to it.  Either way, both Obama and the US Congress have now established their own versions of anti-Republic government.  Like all petulant and/or undisciplined children, they will continue unless we–the adults–stop them.  The Obama syndicate crimes, however, are escalating at a frightening pace.

The Most Criminal Regime in US History

The Obama-led administration (aka the Obama syndicate) appears to be–by far–the most rogue and lawless (by design and original intent of the perpetrators) ever attributed to “leaders” of the United States Government.  This regime refuses to follow–let alone uphold–any US law (including Constitutional law) that it doesn’t like; specifically those that would stop its purpose of completely overthrowing and destroying the US Republic.  Note:  It is being affected–with vigor by our oppressors–as I write this.

Holder & Obama

Two huge scandals with likely provable criminal intent and application by Obama and his syndicate have been exposed.  Bear in mind there are dozens of others, which I have covered in previous columns.  Most recently, however, Holder and Obama were caught with their proverbial pants down regarding the Obama-ordered “Operation Gunwalker:  Fast and Furious” program.  The program was set up and implemented with the sole intention of blaming US citizens for gun traffic to the Mexican drug cartels and, then, placing restrictions of the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.

An unarmed population is a submissive population.  In reality and fact, however, the Obama government actually forced US gun shops to sell weapons to drug cartel members and this same ObamaGov actually and clandestinely partnered with the Sinaloa drug cartel!  In an 8 October article, Los Angeles Times reporter Richard A. Serrano wrote:  “These Fast and Furious guns were going to Sinaloans, and they are killing everyone down there,” said one knowledgeable U.S. government source, who asked for anonymity because of the ongoing investigations. “But that’s only how many we know came through Texas. Hundreds more had to get through.”

“Torres Marrufo, also known as “the Jaguar,” has been identified by U.S. authorities as the enforcer for Sinaloa cartel chieftain Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman. The Fast and Furious weapons were found at one of Torres Marrufo’s homes April 30 when Mexican police inspected the property. It was unoccupied but “showed signs of recent activity,” they said.”

Question:  Were there also kickbacks to Obama & Co by the drug cartels?  Considering what has occurred, the question is a highly legitimate one and should be asked by members of the “mainstream“ media.

One of the central problems with Fast and Furious is that it was established by Obama in 2009 and the media refused to report on that fact then–and still refuses to do so now.  For months, I have been reporting on a 24 March 2009 C-SPAN2 video made of Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, in which he identifies Obama and Holder as the driving forces behind the “Gunwalker“ (then called “gunrunner“) program and calls it “a new and aggressive plan.”  The video, until recently when it was finally mentioned on another conservative site, was ignored and still appears to be ignored by most of the US Congress.  This Obama-Holder program caused the death of, most notably, USBP Agent Brian Terry and countless Mexican citizens.  Recently subpoenas were prepared to be sent to US Attorney General Eric Holder for him to again testify before the House Judiciary Committee.  However, in a move that sounds suspiciously like the movie “Wag the Dog,” Holder chose Tuesday 11 October to announce the thwarting of an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador (arrests were made in September) within the confines of the USA.  An attempt to divert or at least cool down the negative attention surrounding Holder’s patently criminal activities?  You decide.

Then, of course, there are the money laundering and “redistribution-of-stolen-taxpayer-money-to-the-Marxist-Democrats-and-their-friends” slush fund ventures.  Note:  Recently, even Rush Limbaugh noted this money laundering.  The way you ask?  Why…Green Energy projects!  Bogus “environmentalism” and “green projects” are merely Marxist inventions (environmentalism is mentioned as a conquest-of-the-people tool in both the Communist Manifesto and Communist Goals [for America] 1963) to steal from the middle and lower classes and “redistribute” to the ruling classes.  And, Obama is doing it.  Solyndra is a prime example of this and there are more of these fake companies on the way as Obama continues to ignore his uncovered crimes and to fund (with taxpayer money) even more ludicrous “green energy” shell companies in order to fatten his and his friends wallets and purses.

Suffice it to say, all of the Solyndra executives have claimed the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify (or at least answer any posed questions) before Congress.  The company received over half a billion dollars in ObamaGov loans and–guess what–the California Democrat Party is listed as one of its creditors (not the US taxpayer from which the money was appropriated) and will be paid if there is any money to be found!  Note:  I suspect it has been well-hidden.  Obama’s hands are all over this one, too.

To say that the Obama syndicate is the most corrupt and criminal in US history is to minimize what it is actually doing.  Obama and his band of Marxist-Leninist marauders are doing no less than overthrowing the country–and they have been affecting it since they usurped power.  As I have been writing for years now, the Obama regime is completely lawless.   Yet, Congress has done little to nothing to stop him.  Instead, its members strongly seem to have joined him in his efforts.  Unless we rid ourselves of all of the traitors–on both sides of the aisle–and place strict Constitutionalists in office the USA will not be revived.  And until we remember and again openly recognize who placed us here, We-the-People will continue to be even more forcibly  enslaved.  It is what it is.

Isaiah 3:5  “And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.”

Jeremiah 33:3  “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Fast and Furious weapons were found in Mexico [Sinaloa] cartel enforcer’s home:
at latimes.com

David Ogden Announces Gunrunner on March 24 2009:
at youtube.com

The Iranian Terror Threat:
at http://www.humanevents.com

Communist Goals 1963:
at http://www.uhuh.com

Solyndra Lists California Democratic Party as Creditor:
at http://www.nationalreview.com

Solyndra Latest: Obama Silent As More Sordid Details Emerge:
at http://townhall.com

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Sher can be reached at [email protected]

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The Road to Rio is America’s Road to Ruin

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

This article is cross-posted from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website.

The globalists at the United Nations are busy preparing their agenda for the Rio + 20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which will be held on June 4 – 6, 2012.  They have prepared a draft entitled “Enabling a Flourishing Earth: Challenges for the Green Economy, Opportunities for Global Governance.”  It is truly amazing that this is not being devised in Dr. Evil’s hidden lair in the depths of some inactive volcano or on a deserted island.  This has been made available for everyone to read.  It reveals the true intent; the hopes, dreams and aspirations for this new world order that they have been working on for twenty plus years.  The entire document can be viewed here.

In the document, they make reference to the Earth Charter, which is purported to be “an ethical framework for a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.”

They understand that their “green” initiative has not progressed as quickly as they had hoped it would. Cap and trade schemes that involve redistribution of wealth from developed countries to developing countries based on a market price on carbon dioxide emissions have not generated sufficient revenue.  A new or additional economic or market solution should be implemented, because humankind has transgressed against nature.  Humans have been treating nature as a commodity.  The “loss of biodiversity, desertification, climate change and the disruption of a number of natural cycles are among the costs of our disregard for nature and the integrity of its ecosystems and life-supporting processes.  As recent scientific work suggests, a number of planetary boundaries are being transgressed and others risk being so in a business-as-usual world,” according to the U.N. Secretary General’s report to the U.N. on Harmony with Nature.

Their proposal is to create a new world organization, naming it the World Environmental Organisation (WEO) which will have a global legitimacy and mandate to have jurisdiction over what are considered the “common goods,” defined as “fresh water, healthy soil and clean air, but also the oceans, the atmosphere and diversity of life,” since it would be difficult to implement or trade on these “common goods” that are not privately owned or traded on markets.

This document states “Our proposed WEO should be mandated with a trusteeship function over global public goals and common goods.”  Much like a legal guardian is appointed in the case of a person who is unable to represent him/herself, such as an infant, insane or senile person, they are proposing such a legal guardian to represent and give “legal voice for the otherwise voiceless environment”.

For the WEO to have global legitimacy it will have to be widely democratic, representative and participatory by all members of the United Nations.

They intend to focus on the participation of the estimated 1.9 billion youths of the world, and their access to various forms of media, to implement these goals for the management and equitable distribution of these “common goods.”  The education of our children is being advanced by the International Baccalaureate Programmes, with the stated goal of creating good global citizens, as explained in a previous article Is the International Baccalaureate Programme Co-opting Your Child?

To fund this fair and equitable distribution of wealth they are proposing a “Global Commons Trust Fund” that would impose a tax or levy on any person or entity that uses a “global common”. Finally, to raise additional revenue, they also propose a global tax on financial transactions.  Below is a video of Richard Trumka speaking to the European Socialist Party last year about his support of a “Robin Hood” tax.

The United Nations is intent on utilizing social, environmental and economic justice to exact taxes or levies on the water we drink, the air that we breathe and the rivers, lakes, streams, seas and oceans in which we fish or upon which we navigate.  In the context of this current draft from the United Nations, it might be interesting to re-read a previous article on Executive Order 13547.  This is all fitting together quite too neatly.

We must impress upon our representatives, elected or appointed, to withdraw from the United Nations immediately.  Americans must wake up to this imminent threat to our freedom and security, in fact to our very existence.  If we go down, the world will soon follow.  I fear this is the true intent of the Rio + 20 Conference.

The road to Rio is America’s road to ruin!


Olive Garden to Change Name to Garden of Gethsemane – all menu prices to be quoted in pieces of silver…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

You know, the other olive garden… I hear in certain locales they are contemplating live entertainment with top billing going to the Dixie Chicks. 😉 Careful you don’t bring in an American flag, you are likely to get kissed on the cheek.

From The Radio Patriot:

UPDATE! You should go to Olive Garden or any of the Darden restaurants WITH YOUR FLAGS. Little ones, big ones, bring ‘em. Be sure to have your videocams with you.

And if someone at the restaurant tells you you cannot bring the flag into the restaurant, tell them to call the police and have you removed. Videotape everything.

Then call the local media and plant yourself there with your flag. Defy them, politely.

What are the corporate brains thinking of? What will they do on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day? Memorial Day? Independence Day?

If they had half a brain, they’d be handing you a flag as you walked in the door. Or offering you a 20% discount off your meal if YOU ARE carrying a flag.

I enjoy dining at Olive Garden — their soup and salad are my favorite, and their Italian dishes are always enjoyable. But…

I’m not so sure the food wouldn’t stick in my throat after reading this.

Woman upset over no-flag policy at restaurant

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) -A restaurant chain’s policy has an Anniston woman upset. A little more than a month ago Marti Warren went to the Olive Garden in Oxford to see about holding a Kiwanis Club banquet there. The restaurant agreed, but it wasn’t until the night of the banquet Warren learned that she would not be allowed to bring the American flag inside the building.

Warren said, “This is not my country. This is not my country I grew up with.”

And at 80-years-old Warren knows a few things about this country. She lived through World War II, was on the front lines pushing for desegregation in Anniston, and was an educator for decades so when she was told she couldn’t display her American flag at a Kiwanis club meeting Warren was outraged. “I was so angry. I felt like I had been slapped in the face.”

That slap came from the Oxford Olive Garden. One hour before the Golden K Kiwanis club’s awards banquet the restaurant manager told Warren she couldn’t bring in their banner or even an American flag. “I said having known this earlier you can bet we never would have eaten here. And I said if we had time we would have gone to McDonald’s because we know they are American all the way through,” said Warren.

We contacted the Olive Garden’s parent company Darden restaurants. They gave us this statement: Read the rest.


The parent company of Olive Garden is Darden, located in Orlando, Florida. Darden also owns Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52. The company’s Chairman and CEO is Clarence Otis, Jr..

I called the company this morning to say I am so disgusted by their shameful decision that I will not patronize any of their restaurants unless and until they reverse and publicly apologize for their action.

I urge you to do the same!

Call Darden at (407) 245-4000, ask for Guest Relations and leave a strong message for Clarence Otis, Jr.!

Please forward this to everyone on your contact list.

Sharon L. Cook, PH.D.