A Littanous Littman Rant: Sovereignty Lost

By: Toddy Littman

The reality is this: Romney, as the nominee, guarantees 4 more years of Progressive government, irrespective of who wins in November.

Lazy bum Americans who think beating one man will save their country, only justify and admit that NEA education of dependency has succeeded in undermining the rugged individualism that is trademark American. “Self-Government” requires an engaged population, in the 150+ years (since 1857) that the NEA has been teaching us how our servant government is actually our Master Government, has finally destroyed this quality of the American, at least a standard of measure in the whole value and meaning of politics.

Our Founders wrote for futures, James Madison well explaining how the Convention, through the Constitution, sought to do what the Articles of Confederation didn’t: End slavery by 1808, in 20 years time, http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_42.html

“Slavery” had an institutional meaning, to be sure, but the meaning that is missed is the one relating to “Property in Rights,” (see http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.96) to which Our Founders wanted the entirety of unalienable Rights to be a well recognized Sovereignty that attaches to all who were here by ratification of Our Written Constitution, and used this instrument of the Union as best they could to end slavery, for they knew the utter hypocrisy of this institution being continued by a people who were slaves by serfdom to the Crowns of Europe.

But as we return to the present day, we are always trying to elect someone “to change things for us,” like children, we treat the government as our Parent. The difference this time is that in all the reigns of crowns since the time of the Hammurabi Code, the people were submissive for a reason: Their Faith, whether a real or imagine religious purpose, their conviction out of fear of retribution, was true.

Our current “we must defeat Obama” sacrifice of all principle, ignoring the facts of the “front runner” being a Progressive in all the same ways as Obama (see http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.208), is the undoing of the Freedom and Individual Liberty that Our Founders fought for, for which most of the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence died. Voting for Romney only proves this fact, that the Principles of America have given way to the media claimed issue of import. We no longer compare Freedom, of mind and of Right as the backdrop of contrast as to who is the best candidate, allowing our educated relation of money-to-Freedom, and the narrowing of concern thereby, the “rational” thought, to dictate our choices.

We no longer lead our government but have agreed to be led by government, agreeing to be the “Gold” from “led” for the Politburo/Noble Class of Progressive Government out of DC.

Please, vote for Romney to beat Obama, and ignore the Progressive machine and its promotion of Collectivism, and having a Collectivist State, as a desired political value of a nation founded on the principle of Individual Liberty; ignore the impact this has had on our education; ignore the impact this is having on who you are voting for; and ignore the fact this has brought us to believe in government, well evidenced by believing that if we beat one man we’ll save our nation, a rather onerous admission that we’re already a tyranny, and accepting Dictatorship as a legitimate form of government.

Freedom and Individual Liberty, what America was founded upon, is, by our hearts and minds in voting as we are today, extinct. May we realize that we have the God Given unalienable Right to resurrection of this Principle, of the fire of Liberty that animated Our Founders and the Tea Party before it is too late.

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