One thought on “Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

  1. Bill,
    I thought this was well said, to bad this report cannot go Main Stream. Could you do something on a topic from what American people comment on? You close with saying to VOTE and that we will lose for sure if we do not vote, what of those who believe (and know) this president is bad and must go but WILL NOT VOTE because they believe the system is so flawed that it does not matter! HOW can we get to the TRUTH about voting? I WILL vote but I too believe the system is rigged.
    Would you please do a special on the modern day (I.E the faulty system) vote process.
    My brother the liberal thinks it’s funny when you mention how flawed this mans birth certificate is, or should we say how blatent the falsification is. Of course liberals won’t watch you program or anything like it, so what do we do?

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