By: Jay Loeffers

Hi everyone! Hope you have had a good week. I think I am about to ruin it for you. I am celebrating the 100th anniversary of the government-created manufactured crisis (joking). If you have seen REVENGE OF THE SITH, you know that Palpatine started a war and lied about the revolution of the Jedi in order to become a tyrant and destroy the Republic. Where did George Lucus get this story idea from? Well, besides being a filmmaker, he was a student of history, folklore and old myths of older cultures. Read the history of the Roman Empire before and after empire building, or the history of the 3rd Reich or maybe just maybe, read about America’s past 100 years and you will find the pattern. Oh, I am so sorry kid… you can’t remember what happened waaaay back, 11 years ago? Let’s review these fake and phony emergencies and see the results together.


Joseph Stalin was really threatened by the Ukraine back in the 1940s… so much that he created a famine and food shortages by taking over every farm he could get his hands on, repossessed all farm surpluses, punished any farmer who sold anything and exported all of their crops directly to the Soviet Army. The Ukrainians called this the HOLODOMER – meaning “killing by hunger,” also known as the TERROR FAMINE. Between 3 to 8 million Ukrainians died and many of them not only from hunger, but in some cases cannibalism by their own families. So, the next time someone spews out how awesome the Soviet Union treated its own people, just ask them to Google HOLODOMER and then get back to you on that.

Hitler was the master of the phony crisis. He pulled off multiple fake crises in his grab to invade, enslave Germany and of course, kill all of the non-Aryans. To rile up the German population against the Jews, Hitler circulated lies about the Jewish “Blood Debt” sacrifice or how the Jews are some kind of evil scheming businessmen. It has been my experience that the Jewish faith encourages honest and frugal business dealings, so this lie was more of a jealousy and envy problem that pretty much applies to all insecure Jew haters. With this crisis in place, the WEEK OF BROKEN GLASS was instigated with multiple murders, riots, rapes (in a strange twist of law, this was a punishable offense worthy of being kicked out of the Nazi Party, because a Nazi was not allowed sexual intercourse with Jews), pillaging of homes, businesses and churches.

Hitler, in order to get his invasion of Poland and Czechoslovakia positive public support and somewhat legal standing (PHANTOM MENACE reference “I will make it legal”), had prisoners dress up in opposing military uniforms and fake an attack on a Nazi outpost. Hitler would then say, “See those evil and dirty Poles and Czechs were trying to invade us! Let me hit them first.” Then there were all those so-called peace and alliance treaties that Hitler created to fake wanting peace in order to bide his time for a military invasion buildup and border positioning.

Chairman Mao created a second Terror Famine. In order to steal all the food he could for his army and the Chinese elites, he faked a population overcrowding problem to restrict food production for the people. The One Child Only Act enforced abortions. You would think with all the people Mao murdered on a daily basis, that the overpopulation excuse would not work after a while.


On July 30th, 1916, in Jersey City on a small island that had an ammo storage warehouse, agents of the Kaiser era of Germany, planted explosives there and on transport ships. The explosion was so massive, the shock wave broke windows as far away as Virgina and some of the large artillery shells pierced the Statue of Liberty and did major damage. This was the first major attack on an American city in that century. Woodrow Wilson, saw an opportunity to use the Black Tom attack as a manufactured crisis to pit class warfare between Americans and big business. He blamed the Black Tom bomb on those evil capitalist industrialists instead of telling the truth.

Franklin Roosevelt was the Democrat’s professional phony crisis president and during his time in office, he created and phonied up many made up problems that never were reality. From the so-called food shortages that forced ration stamps, soup lines and an unconstitutional government agency, Roosevelt wound up burning farmland, paying farmers not to grow crops, exporting surplus to Russia and killing livestock by the millions in order for strict price controls to take effect. The ration books were also a form of massive fraud and theft as well. Let me remind you of the phony crisis of the dangers from the Japanese-Americans and their own unlawful internment during World War II. Instead of the free market getting people to work, Roosevelt had phony “shovel ready” economic stimulus make-work “jobs” and programs (sound familiar). These also fell under the heading of massive fraud and worthlessness.

Obama wanted to gin up a fake crisis of health care in America and was trying to get his own version of universal health care passed (just like Teddy Roosevelt, Hitler and Hillary before him). This bill increases the size of the IRS and approves a bigger budget for their SWAT team – perfect for all those high risk doctors offices out there. Then there’s the single payer clause that flat out violates the constitution and is under court review as we speak. Never let a crisis real or fake go to waste. Fast and Furious and Mexican cartels: Holder this was your great plan of creating a gun violence problem by selling massive amounts of guns to the very scumbags that will kill and rape you on sight. Then you thought you could keep it under the radar and no one would notice the police and border agents killed by these same guns you sold to the scumbags. I have two words for you: BLOW BACK… all politicians always suffer from SRC when it comes to blow back.


Both the old and the New Black Panthers are birds of the same feather, but let’s just look at the so-called “NEW” party. These guys came into the news when they were filmed intimidating voters at voting sites and guys like this Nazi minded Shabazz are going around playing up the phony crisis of the white man’s extreme racism. We have to do violent things about it. Then when the Zimmerman/Martin shooting came into the spotlight and without any information or research, the ‘New” Panther Party put a bounty on Zimmerman. We know now that Zimmerman is a Hispanic guy who’s a registered Democrat who said “cold” and not “coon” on the 911 tape. Both the media and their race baiting pundits are all guilty of condemning him on TV and not through the courts of a faked crisis of racism.

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