Collectivism in America? Conspiracy of Left & Right? Listen to G. Edward Griffin

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

The world’s Marxists did not vanish in 1990 (nor America’s). Nor did fascists disappear in 1945 (including America’s). Likewise, power-hungry, authoritarian political and financial controllers, of and in America did not poof out of existence, in 1776.

A number of times we have referred to G. Edward Griffin’s critically important interview of one of the Twentieth Century’s greatest heroes, Norman Dodd. Do listen to that, if you have not.

Now I suggest you hear from Mr. Griffin himself, author of Federal Reserve exposé, The Creature from Jekyll Island, 1994. Here, he speaks of the nature and practice of authoritarianism, or as he states it, collectivism and the increasing success of globalist authoritarians to seize control of America. There are many kinds, not just Barack Obama’s kind. But, there is only one direction to go, from freedom and the shared sovereignty of all U.S. Citizens.

I think it will be very challenging from the start. Please pay attention to the concept of the controlled false-front of “the right-left paradigm.” It is a key element of Hegel’s dialectic materialism and as it is applied by Marx and those of his ilk to this day, whether they love or hate the word, “communism.” It is what is referred to by the Overton Window, at least when that is a big-picture window. It is the method of the Fabian socialists and the Frankfurt School. It is gradual revolution, which would return America to imperialist colonization and subjugation.

And this coincidence is no mere happenstance: pitting one side against another and profiting from it on both sides, in power as well as money, are hallmarks of the central bankers of modern history, especially the Rothschild complex.

This video is presented by Prison Planet TV, whose CEO is Alex Jones. Jones tends, in my humble opinion, to shoot from the hip, with his lip. There is some P.T. Barnum in him. Personally, I may agree with around 70+% of what Jones says over the course of a span of his programs. But I’d guess I agree with 90+% of what Griffin is saying here.

Points of difference include the following. I think he is a bit too jaded about many Republicans, especially when the word means all who vote Republican and call themselves by that label. Leaders such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich should be rewarded, not sniped at, from fellow patriots such as Griffin and many in the John Birch Society, when the former take pains to pull out of The Matrix and work for the principles of America’s national and popular sovereignty, and the defeat of the “crony capitalism” that Griffin here assails.

If open-eyed patriots are going to win the soft war waged against us, we will need to be kind to those we draw to us. However, we will need to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and let God deal with the consequences. When we fail to tell the truth about Republicans or Libertarians who knuckle under to the globalist complex, we become tools of their dialectic manipulation.

So, let us all take our right-and-left blinkers off and run the race set before us! The world needs us to win.

And what about the two-party system? Should we take measures to deconstruct it, perhaps to eliminate it entirely? We were warned about it by none other than George Washington. He knew about the proto-Marxist Jacobins, the Illuminati, and central banksters of his time.

Do you have observations or questions? Write them below, if you please.

contributor: @TallulahStarr


Reid’s daring Senate slander of Romney reveals key weakness in Team Obama

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

By now, everyone who cares has heard or read about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) transparent and cowardly slandering of Gov. Mitt Romney last week, while protected from being sued over the matter because he was speaking on the Senate floor.

Using the old…’someone, who shall remain anonymous, called me today’ routine, the diminutive Nevada Democrat said an investor in Romney’s former private equity firm, Bain Capital, told him Romney had not paid any income taxes over the past 10 years…

The word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.

Mitt Romney, rightfully and forcefully denied Reid’s accusation, and immediately called his bluff from the stump, and later on Sean Hannity’s FOXNews show, demanding that “Harry” … “put up, or shut up,” according to a FOXNews article today.

Harry’s going to have to describe who it is he spoke with, because, of course, that is totally and completely wrong. It’s untrue, dishonest and inaccurate. It’s wrong.

So, I’m looking forward to have Harry reveal his sources, and we will probably find out it’s the White House.

Any proverbial ‘fifth-grader’ would have immediately spotted Reid’s [juvenile] gambit as just another impotent tactic in the broader Democratic attack on Romney for declining to release more than the legally required two years of tax returns.

Not surprisingly, Obama campaign adviser, David Axelrod, told “Fox News Sunday” that he doesn’t know “who Harry was talking to,” according to a FOXNews article today.

Why would Team Obama heavy-weights like Harry Reid and David Axelrod cast themselves as ‘Dumb and Dumber’ on the national stage?

Simple…the very expensive, but light-weight Obama assaults against Romney have completely missed their target, regardless of what Democrat-over-sampled mainstream media polls ‘reveal,’ and they feel they may find a ‘silver bullet‘ in those additional tax returns, with which to beguile the electorate.

Unfortunately for them, Team Romney rightfully refuses to ship.

The truth is that time is running out and the walls are closing in quickly on Team Obama–especially in the fundraising department, as Mitt Romney and the RNC raised another $101 million in July, bringing their total bank balance to $186 million…not including the financially formidable GOP Super PACs.

Pitifully, Reid and Axelrod’s detestable behavior confirms this, and that Democrats truly believe Independent voters have no cognitive powers or integrity, and that misguided calculus is exactly what will deliver a dramatic Democrat demise 95 days from now.


The Most Important Press Conference Ever Held at Any Time in U.S. History: Part II

By: James Simpson
Right Side News

This is the sequel to the Part I exclusive published by Right Side News on Wednesday, August 1st.
In Part I, Trevor Loudon, who was among the first to expose Obama’s radicalism, exposes the relationship between President Obama and a high level, pro-Soviet operative, Alice Palmer, actively involved with known Soviet and communist front organizations at the height of the Cold War. She worked closely with the future U.S. president for several years, in the same socialist and communist networks that dominated the left side of Chicago politics…

Also in Part I of James Simpson’s report, speaker Konstantin Preobrazhensky, a KGB defector, explained in vivid detail how and why the Soviet Union became the real force behind Muslim terrorism, including al Qaeda. We continue with Part II by James Simpson.

The Most Important Press Conference Ever Held at Any Time in U.S. History: Part II

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival held the critical National Press Club event on July 19th: The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection. At this pivotal time, we face a national election that may well determine the fate of our great country. And as America goes, so goes the world.

Thus, it is not an exaggeration to describe this as the most important press conference in U.S. history, because it explicitly details, with new facts and more evidence than ever presented in one place at one time, from extensive, highly credible sources, the dangerously extremist nature of President Obama and the true goals of his virulently anti-American, radical leftist administration.

It further reveals how a huge network of U.S. and foreign communist and hard left organizations connected to this President has colluded with radical Islam for decades to oversee the destruction of their mutual enemy: America. Overshadowing all is the malevolent Soros network and the billions he and others like him are devoting to facilitate this goal.

This information simply must reach the electorate before November.

In kicking off this conference, Kincaid announced: “Our July 19 conference fulfills the late Andrew Breitbart’s promise to finally ‘vet’ the president. The diabolical dangers of Marxism and radical Islam must be exposed. It is time for the shocking truth about Obama and his agenda to emerge.”

Frank Marshall Davis’s Influence on Barack Obama

Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and Executive Director of Grove City’s Center for Vision and Values. He is also a prolific author. His presentation at the Kincaid conference focused on his latest book, The Communist, Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor. Other notable recent works include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

In The Communist, Kengor delves deep into Davis’s past to produce an extensively documented biography of the man who had perhaps the most influence on Barack Obama of anyone in his life. Davis was a highly influential member of the American Communist Party, CPUSA member #47544, according to the FBI. He spent a lifetime engaged in pro-Soviet, communist activities. He likely moved to Hawaii to engage in surveillance for the Soviets, who considered the islands – not yet a U.S. state – of key military significance. Kengor shows just how deep Davis’s communist ties were, and how important he was to Obama’s worldview. Some highlights follow:

  • Obama repeatedly describes Davis’ tremendous influence on him in his book “Dreams from My Father.”
  • Davis is mentioned 22 times in “Dreams,” at least once in every section of the book.
  • Despite his pivotal importance, Obama never once identifies Davis by his full name.
  • All references to “Frank” have been purged from “Dreams” audio excerpts.
  • From the 1920s, American communists attempted to recruit black Americans.
  • From the 1920s, the Soviet Union was sending money to American blacks.
  • The Soviet goal was to create a separate “Negro Republic” in the American south.
  • Later they would join revolution to help create “Soviet America”.
  • Davis joined the Communist Party in about 1943, after the Hitler/Stalin Pact was signed.
  • Davis founded and edited the CPUSA’s Chicago Star newspaper; regularly wrote virulently anti-American “Frank-ly Speaking” editorials.”
  • Davis had a “direct line to the Kremlin;” and obtained exclusive interviews for a Star reporter with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov.
  • Soviet agents I.F. Stone and Lee Pressman wrote for the Star.
  • Star editorial writer Howard Fast was a communist Hollywood screenwriter and winner of the Stalin Prize.
  • Two top Obama aides are connected to Davis cronies.
  • Vernon Jarrett (father-in-law of top Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett) and Robert R. Taylor (Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather) knew and worked with Davis in Chicago on a communist project, the “American Peace Mobilization.”
  • Communist and suspected Soviet agent David Canter worked with Davis in Chicago.
  • Canter later mentored Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod. Axelrod coined the “Hope and Change” slogan.
  • The Soviet Union had a strong strategic interest in Hawaii, not yet a state when Davis moved there.
  • The Canter family and others purchased the Chicago Star to facilitate Davis’ move and renamed it “The Progressive.”
  • The Communist Party founded the Honolulu Record in August 1948, just in time for Davis’ move.
  • Davis picked up at the Record where he left off, writing the same “Frank-ly Speaking” column until the paper’s demise in 1958.
  • FBI file shows that Davis was getting paid by International Longshoremen and Warehousemen’s Union, ILWU, run by CPUSA Central Committeeman Harry Bridges and was recognized as the union most penetrated by communists.
  • Davis used a camera with telescopic lens to photograph Hawaiian shoreline.
  • Davis’ editorials for both the Star and the Honolulu Record consistently followed the Soviet line.
  • For these and other Communist Party activities, FBI suspected Davis was working for the Soviets.
  • The FBI placed Davis on the Security Index. Upon outbreak of war with the USSR, Davis was subject to immediate arrest.
  • Davis was listed as a communist party member in a 1957 Senate Judiciary Committee report titled “Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States” which covered subversive activities in Hawaii.

Until 1989, the Soviet Union controlled, directed and bankrolled all activities of the American Communist Party. All CPUSA members were therefore de facto Soviet agents, knowingly or otherwise. From all appearances, CPUSA member #47544, Frank Marshall Davis, knew it. He was very likely assigned to Hawaii specifically for surveillance and subversive purposes. So Frank Marshall Davis, Soviet agent or communist dupe, was the person with the most profound influence on our sitting President. Is Barack Obama similarly disposed? It certainly appears that way. And the next speaker presented a case that furthers this thesis.

See Kengor’s entire speech, HERE. Order his book, HERE.

Dreams from My Real Father

Joel Gilbert is the president of Highway 61 Entertainment in Los Angeles. He is a contributing editor for the national security and foreign policy website FamilySecurityMatters.org and has appeared frequently as a foreign policy analyst on national radio shows. He is the writer and director of the notable films: Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War for Islamic Revival and Obama’s Politics of Defeat and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and the Revolt of Islam.

At the Kincaid conference, he spoke about his new, groundbreaking film, “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception.” At first blush, I, like Cliff and others, was skeptical. But Gilbert extensively researched his subjects for this film, and uncovered previously unknown information about Obama’s family that lends strong credibility to his argument. Gilbert’s film convincingly advances the thesis that CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis was not only Obama’s ideological father, but his biological father as well. It presents a “cohesive understanding of Obama’s deep-rooted life journey in socialism.” Evidence includes:

  • A series of nude photos of Obama’s mother, Anne Dunham, taken by Davis at his Hawaii home when Dunham was five weeks pregnant with Obama.
  • The photos were sold to be used in a men’s mail order nude photo album.
  • Davis wrote extensively of sexual encounters with “Anne” in his autobiographical novel, “Sex Rebel Black” and she was the subject of one of his erotic poems.
  • There are documents showing that Dunham attended college in Seattle, Washington immediately following Obama’s birth and was not in Hawaii with Obama Sr. as Obama claims.
  • Obama Sr. was already married to a woman in Kenya and had children of his own.
  • Marrying Anne would allow Obama to extend his stay.
  • Obama Sr. was brought to America through a CIA program and was welcomed to Hawaii by Anne Dunham’s father, Stanley.
  • Stanley Dunham had a strong personal incentive to hide his daughter’s relationship with Davis from authorities.
  • Obama’s physical features, including his height, build, facial features and freckles are very similar to Davis, but nothing like Obama Sr. The correct pronunciation of “Barack” is “BEER-ick,” a pronunciation Obama never uses.
  • Obama’s poem, “Pop” was written about Davis.

This and other information points to the conclusion that Davis was in fact Obama’s real father. Anne Dunham’s marriage to Obama was a sham to disguise her illegitimate pregnancy by Davis, a communist and probable Soviet agent.

Gilbert suggests that Obama’s birth certificate originally said “Father Unknown.” This thesis was also advanced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse when they demonstrated that Obama’s published birth certificate had been tampered with. Gilbert unveils additional discoveries:

  • Obama joined the communist May 19th organization according to a former member.
  • May 19th was a support group for the Weather Underground.
  • May 19th members went to Cuba to be trained in explosives by Cuban intelligence.
  • May 19th members were involved in the 1981 Brinks robbery, murdering two policemen and a Brinks’ employee.
  • Obama likely met Ayers while at Columbia.
  • Obama attended a Socialist Scholars Conference in the spring of 1983 with Bill Ayers.
  • Obama was a “red diaper baby” as was Obama strategist David Axelrod.

Gilbert further catalogs Obama’s lifetime among the radical left which he has covered with deception and lies. Obama has pushed a phony, contrived background to mask an agenda unacceptable to most Americans.

In closing, Gilbert related that he has received many emails from viewers of the DVD expressing their concerns about Obama. One notable message from a Vietnam veteran worried that America is about to lose its freedom and asked: “What did I fight for? Please can you get this information out to millions? It is our only hope…”

Gilbert then announced:

“Because of people like [the veteran] and because almost all levels of the media are suppressing the vital facts about Obama… I’m announcing that my distribution company is planning to send a free copy in the U.S. mail to millions of households… this process has already begun. …We are expanding across all of the United States until every American understands the deadly Marxist dreams Obama has for us, from his real father, Frank Marshall Davis.”

See Gilbert’s presentation, HERE. Order Dreams from My Real Father, HERE.

Weather Underground: White Reds Exploiting Blacks

Larry Grathwohl is the only FBI informant to successfully penetrate the Weather Underground (WU). He testified before several federal Grand Juries, the U.S. Senate, and at the Mark Felt/Ed Miller FBI trial. He wrote the 1976 book, Bringing Down America and now works with America’s Survival, Inc. to re-establish Congressional committees to investigate internal security problems. Larry continues to provide insights into this malevolent organization and its most famous members, Obama BFFs, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. At the Kincaid conference he presents his report, White Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Weather Underground, Barack Obama, and the Fundamental Transformation of the United States.

Larry started by relating that FBI background investigations used to apply something called the CARL standard. CARL stands for Character, Associates, Reputation and Loyalty. By that standard, President Obama fails on all counts, but in particular, his associates are damning evidence of an attitude irreconcilably hostile to America, the country he is supposed to be serving as the highest elected official in the land.

Those of us familiar with Bill Ayers know that he authored Prairie Fire, WU’s communist manifesto, and that it was dedicated to people including Bobby Kennedy’s killer, Sirhan Sirhan. Most people are unaware that Ayers was denied a position at

According to Grathwohl, Ayers once said that both Kennedy assassinations were a good thing. In his own words:

I remember one meeting when our Weatherman “collective” brought up the subject of the Kennedy assassinations. At least 20 to 25 people were present and Bill Ayers was one of them. I heard Bill state that the murders of both John F. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy were a good thing because liberals compromise the conflict between U.S. imperialism and the socialist revolution. Liberals prevent the contradictions from becoming obvious and thus prevent a revolution. Therefore, the assassinations of the Kennedys were to be welcomed as a necessary advance on the road to communist world revolution.

In other words, if someone’s existence messes up the narrative, Ayers says get rid of him! Robert Kennedy’s son, Christopher, who sits on the board of the University of Illinois, saw to it that Ayers was denied “emeritus” status because of this. Kennedy said, “There can be no place in a democracy to celebrate political assassinations or to honor those who do.”

Bill Ayers, just a guy in the neighborhood… Nothing to see here, move along…

Most people are unaware that WU was essentially a project of communist Cuba’s intelligence organ, the DGI. Larry describes Ayers’ WU activities:

  • Ayers and Dohrn had numerous contacts with the DGI in both Cuba and Canada. DGI provided advice, logistical, communications, guerilla training and/or financial support.
  • This support extended to the May 19th organization that Obama allegedly joined. May 19th was responsible for the Brinks robbery and murders.
  • The FBI says an individual working for Soviet Intelligence joined Students for a Democratic Society – WU’s parent organization – as a spotter for recruits. SDS members figure prominently among Obama’s contacts and friends.
  • Bernardine Dohrn was egged on by the Cuban and Vietnamese communist agents, who claimed WU weren’t authentic revolutionaries due to their “white-skinned privilege.”
  • This bothered them because it was and is true that most “revolutionaries” come from wealthy backgrounds and don’t know a thing about being poor.
  • Weatherman doctrine claimed American minorities were a “colonized people” and could therefore legitimately fight a war of liberation, but white leaders were part of U.S. racist imperialism or at least benefited from it.
  • Yet, when urged to recruit “authentic” black and Hispanic revolutionaries to the leadership, WU leaders resisted, feeling threatened and inadequate; they feared losing their positions.
  • Ayers and Dohrn wrote a book in 2009 titled: “Race Course Against White Supremacy.”
  • The publisher’s statement said: “Our work, the work of Ayers and Dohrn… made it possible for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to run for the presidency. And President Obama’s successful campaign started on the streets of Chicago.

Larry concludes that both blacks and Muslim terrorists, whom he says have been allies of the communists as “oppressed people of the Middle East,” are cannon fodder for the Left’s world revolution. “Blacks,” he said, “are not to be liberated, but exploited, even killed, on the road to liberation.”

There was much more. Grathwohl’s report can be read HERE. His presentation can be viewed HERE.

Other conference participants included:

Ryan Mauro is the national security analyst for RadicalIslam.org, the website of the Clarion Fund, the organization that produced the films, “Obsession,” “The Third Jihad” and “Iranium.” An adjunct online professor of terrorism and homeland security, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies and a Master’s degree in Political Science from American Military University. He is an expert on the dangers posed by the Muslim Brotherhood. At the Conference he aired excerpts from The Third Jihad and took questions.

Mauro discussed the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin (wife of former Rep. Anthony Weiner), and Walid Shoebat’s evidence that Abedin’s father, mother and brother either belong, or did belong (her father is deceased) to the Muslim Brotherhood. Was this compromising fact considered in her State Department employment?

When Rep. Michelle Bachman raised concerns about this, she was attacked not only by Democrats, but by Senator John McCain, House Speaker Boehner and other prominent Republicans. Rep. Bachman responded with a sixteen page letter to Muslim Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison, one of her harshest critics.

Jeremy Segal blogs at RebelPundit and is a disciple of the late Andrew Breitbart. He produced the video of Rep. Danny K. Davis being honored by the communist newspaper, People’s World, at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago. The award was for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.” Rep. Davis is an old friend of Barack Obama’s.

Segal is a brave guy who also has documented Occupy antics with his camera. See his full presentation HERE.

This press conference was a cornucopia of information. There was so much more, too much to be adequately described. One could literally write a book about it. A few more items, however, bear repetition here.

  • The alleged Wikileaks source, U.S. Army Sergeant Bradley Manning, claims that his information sources include Shin Inouye, an Obama White House official.
  • Holder’s Justice Department has blocked efforts to impose the death penalty on Manning.
  • Robert Kennedy’s killer, Sirhan Sirhan was a hardcore communist and called the date of Kennedy’s death the beginning of the end for America.
  • JFK’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was also a committed communist. He was also a Soviet agent, who was trained in assassination by the KGB.
  • Ion Mihai Pacepa, the former Romanian intelligence chief who defected to the U.S. submitted a report for the Kincaid conference which provides proof of Oswald’s KGB connection.
  • A recent book by former CIA Case Officer Brian Littel charges that Cuba knew of Kennedy’s assassination plot before it happened and was probably behind it, along with the Soviet Union.

George Soros and the Prison De-Population Movement

On Friday July 20th, James E. Holmes allegedly shot up an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, killing twelve and wounding scores more. Allegations surfaced that Holmes was a member of the Occupy movement and perhaps a participant in violent “Black Bloc” activities. This has not been confirmed and the media has suspiciously gone silent on his past. However, one thing has been confirmed. If Democrat sugar daddy George Soros had his way, guys like Holmes, in fact every violent felon currently behind bars would be set free.

Among the hundreds of extremist leftwing organizations supported by Soros’ ill-gotten gains is Critical Resistance, a group founded by communist cop-killer Angela Davis that advocates throwing the prison doors open because American prisons are tools of white racist capitalists and prisoners are “victims” of our oppressive government. Critical Resistance has advocated:

  • Prison strikes.
  • Abolishing solitary confinement, which they call “torture.”
  • An effort to ban employee criminal background checks, a move now being considered by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.
  • “Adequate” standard of living and medical care for prisoners.
  • Release of domestic terrorist Marilyn Buck, Eric Holder’s Justice Department granted that request and unrepentant convicted murderer Buck is now free.

A related organization is the W. Haywood Burns Institute. Domestic terrorist and Obama friend Bernardine Dohrn sits on its board. Burns was Dohrn’s brother-in-law and a communist lawyer who defended Angela Davis and other radicals. Obama’s Harvard mentor, Derrick Bell, another communist, revered Burns.

The Obama/Holder Justice Department has awarded $400,000 to the Burns Institute. Could this be because Dohrn is on the board or do they support the agenda for its own sake? Where was the mass media?

Ayers and Dohrn – just people in the neighborhood. Nothing to see here; move along…

Cliff Kincaid meanwhile, has written that the entire issue could be settled quickly if Abedin’s security clearance form were produced. I won’t be taking bets anytime soon. More information about Abedin can be found at Americas’ Survival. And see Mauro’s full presentation HERE.

Cliff Kincaid organized this Conference. Cliff has probably done more over the years to report on America’s radical left than any other living person. He is a veteran journalist, author, and media critic, serves as President of America’s Survival, Inc. and director of the Accuracy in Media Center for Investigative Journalism. He released the 600-page FBI file on Barack Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, in 2008, and has called on Congress to re-establish committees examining internal security problems in the U.S.

Cliff’s introductory and concluding remarks are a story unto themselves. Watch HERE and HERE.

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James Simpson is a freelance journalist, businessman and former White House budget analyst. His writings have also been published on Right Side News, Big Government, Big Peace, Emerging Corruption, American Thinker, Washington Times, WorldNetDaily, FrontPage Magazine, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth & Consequences.


The Canter Family – From Soviet Propaganda, Frank Marshall Davis, David Axelrod and Barack Obama to Cyber Revolutionary

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Marc Canter

Cleveland Ohio based software entrepreneur Marc Canter, is a leading light in the computer world and is active in the open source software movement.

Marc Canter founded MacroMind in 1984 which became MacroMedia in 1991. Canter led the team that created the world’s first multimedia player, the first cross-platform authoring system and the world’s leading multimedia platform (Director – which became Flash.)

Marc Canter is currently involved in creating and promulgating open standards for new kinds of micro-content and social networking; including people (PeopleAggregator APIs), media (ourmedia.org and Media RSS), reviews (OpenReviews) and events (OpenEvents.)

Canter is on the board of several startups and sits on many computer industry advisory boards.

He’s a successful businessman, but is a revolutionary socialist at heart.

Not surprising, as Marc Canter comes from a revolutionary family, a family that has helped move the US down the socialist path, through its influence on two pivotal presidential elections – 1964 and 2008.

Marc Canter is the son and grandson of long time Communist Party USA members David Canter and Harry Canter.

David Canter and Harry Canter

Harry Canter was the leader of the Massachusetts Communist Party back in the early 1930s. After being jailed for a year for sedition, Harry Canter took his family, including little David, to the Soviet Union, where they lived for 5 years. Harry Canter worked for Stalin’s dictatorship translating Lenin’s work from Russian into English.

By the 1940s, Harry and David Canter were living Chicago, both as active members of the Communist Party.

Circa 1948, Harry Canter was part of a group which purchased a communist newspaper, the Chicago Star from its owner Frank Marshall Davis, who was about to leave the mainland for Hawaii – where he would later become a mentor to the young Barack Obama.

By 1960, David Canter had teamed up with well known Chicago Communist Party member, LeRoy Wolins.

The pair owned a company called Translation World Publishers, which specialized in publications from and about the Soviet Union. The company soon attracted the attention of the House Un-American Activities Committee, which suspected Canter and Wolins of being conduits for Soviet propaganda.

In a report prepared by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, May and July 1962, entitled “Communist Outlets for the Distribution of Soviet propaganda in the United States,” David Canter was heavily quizzed about payments his company received from the Soviet Union.

After the U.S. Government demanded that Translation World Publishers register as the agent of a foreign power, Canter de-registerd the company.

The Committee went on to find that:

Translation World Publishers was an outlet for the distribution of Soviet propaganda…this publishing house was subsidized by Soviet funds and was created by known Communists to serve the propaganda interests of the U.S.S.R.

In 1963/64, the Soviet Union actively tried to undermine Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, in favor of Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater lost the election paving the the way for Johnson’s massive expansion of Federal Government power – the “Great Society.”

In their 1989 book, “THE KGB AGAINST THE MAIN ENEMY – How the Soviet Intelligence Service Operates against the United States,” the U.S.’s premier communist researcher Herbert Romerstein and former KGB officer Stanislav Levchenko examined Soviet attempts to blacken Goldwater’s name and other Soviet campaigns of the time:

The false charge that Goldwater was a racist was only one of the smear campaigns used against his candidacy by the Soviets and their surrogates. The American Communists covertly covertly assisted in this “active measures” campaign.

A 1963 booklet claimed that Goldwater was conspiring with the John Birch Society to organize a “putsch,” or violent insurrection, to take over the United States in 1964. The booklet, “Birch Putsch Plans for 1964”, contained no address for the publisher, Domino Publications. The author used the not-veryimaginative pseudonym, “John Smith, as told to Stanhope T. McReady.” There was nothing to tie this publication to the communists until an ad for the book appeared in the pro-communist National Guardian for April 25, 1963, listing the publisher as “Domino Publications, Suite 900, 22 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois.”

This was in fact the address of Translation World Publishers, which was registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act as an agent of the Soviet Union. The co-owners, LeRoy Wolins and David S. Canter, were identified by the House Committee on Un-American Activities as members of the Communist Party USA.

In 1965 Domino Publications of Chicago published a pamphlet attacking the NATO multilateral nuclear force (MLF). The pamphlet, by David S. Canter, was titled MLF-Force or Farce? It presented the Soviet arguments against the NATO nuclear defense.

By the late 1960s, David Canter was working as an insurance agent and publishing a small politically oriented Chicago neighborhood newspaper, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Voices. Canter’s partner and the paper’s editor was Don Rose, a journalist prominent in the Communist Party front Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights – which was established to help abolish the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

In the mid-1970s, David Canter and his business partner became mentors to a young journalist named David Axelrod.

In his early years as a political consultant, Axelrod, following in the footsteps of his mentor, the political strategist Don Rose, carved out a reputation for himself as a skillful specialist working for local progressive candidates…says Rose. “I think he’s a principled, generally progressive guy… .

Axelrod first met Rose and Canter in the early 1970s while studying political science at the University of Chicago and working as a reporter on the Hyde Park Herald.

Canter and Rose took the young David Axelrod under their wing. They took it upon themselves to “mentor” and “educate… politically,” the young journalist. Don Rose later wrote a reference letter for Axelrod that helped win him the internship at the Chicago Tribune which launched his career.

Don Rose, writing to David Canter’s son Marc Canter, said:

David Axelrod did not work for the Voices at any point. He was a reporter for the HP Herald while attending U of C, appearing on the scene first in 1975, just after the Voices folded–but he was familiar with our paper as a student before he got the Herald job. Your dad and I “mentored” and helped educate him politically in that capacity, which is perhaps why you may recall seeing him hanging around the house. I later wrote a reference letter for him that helped him win an internship at the Tribune, which was the next step in his journalism career.

David Canter also got to work with Barack Obama, possibly through their common involvement in the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization.

David Canter had become active in the organization in the 1940s and remained involved up to his death in 2004, serving on its board in the early 1980s.

IVI was set up to campaign for endorsed candidates – especially “progressive” candidates, which caused the FBI to investigate the organization.

The government took an interest in IVI as far back as 1944, over quite justified allegations of communist infiltration.

In 1944 the FBI prepared a more extensive intelligence report on an active political group, the Independent Voters of Illinois, apparently because it was the target of Communist “infiltration.” The Independent Voters group was reported to have been formed;

“…for the purpose of developing neighborhood political units to help in the re-election of President Roosevelt and the election of progressive congressmen. Apparently, IVI endorsed or aided democrats for the most part, although it was stated to be “independent.”

Both Barack and Michelle Obama were members of IVI-IPO and the organization endorsed Obama during his 2004 U.S. Senate race.

On the 30th of September 2008, when Barack Obama was looking increasingly likely to win the US presidency, under the able guidance of David Axelrod, Marc Canter wrote in his blog:

My father was an old-time politico in Chicago and one of his old buddies – Don Rose writes a column for a Chicago web site called the ‘Chicago Daily Observer’.

In today’s column he writes that Obama has taken a 50-42 lead in the polls.

I’m saying this in honor of my father who fought for civil rights, against the Vietnam War and would be tickled pink to see what Barack is up to.

I know he’s looking down from wherever he is – and laughing right now.

Marc Canter hasn’t taken the political path of his father and grandfather, but he his still a socialist and a revolutionary, as the second half of this video shows.

The US revolution has been in the making for many decades. If the communists win, when the revolution’s secret history is written, the Canter family will no doubt get the recognition they deserve.

Trevor Loudon blogs at TrevorLoudon.com, edits the KeyWiki website (an online encyclopedia of the US left) and is the author of a 700 page book on the US President’s communist and Marxist ties: Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.


This Week’s Forum: ‘What Steps Would You Take To Revitalize America’s Economy?’

The Watcher’s Council

Every week on Monday morning, the Council and invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum… short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: What steps would you take to revitalize America’s economy?

The Independent Sentinel: We need to restore confidence in our government and limiting its reach will go far in doing that. The EPA, Department of Energy and the USDA should be brought back to 1976 levels. Disband the Department of Education – we definitely don’t need them and their unfunded mandates. Require welfare recipients to look for a job. Stop advertising food stamps and get rid of those welfare credit cards which are an invitation to fraud. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent, reduce the Capital Gains tax, eliminate the estate tax (so the children can keep the family farm). Go through every regulation inflicted on businesses and reduce or eliminate them with their accompanying paperwork. Stop advertising U.S. food stamps and welfare in Mexico.

Scrutinize loans and subsidies, particularly for green jobs, and drill, baby, drill, but not in Brazil.

Throw out every Executive Order established by Obama.

Throw out Obamacare for everyone except for Obama, Biden, all Democratic Senators and Congressmen with their immediate families. If they don’t have a healthcare plan, don’t “tax” them, throw them in jail.

The Noisy Room: Here are the steps I would take:

1. My number one step would be to get rid of the IRS and go to a flat sales tax of 10% (and that would be the only tax). Romney could go down in history as a great president by just abolishing the IRS and it would immediately revitalize the economy.

2. I would get rid of the EPA, DOE and USDA and most government agencies as well and gut 90% of regulations out there. This would free up business to actually get work done.

3. I would repeal Obamacare in total and not replace it. Let insurance carriers cross state lines and privatize everywhere we can. I would also limit trial lawyers and frivolous lawsuits. Let the market dictate the cost of healthcare and encourage healthcare savings accounts.

4. I would banish unions unless their officers clear background checks and meet a list of restrictions. Politicians would all have to have strict background checks as well and be fully vetted.

5. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid all need to be redone and be cut. They also need new rules to ensure corruption and fraud are removed from the system.

6. Balance the budget each year and cut every agency except defense. Restrict politicians pay to that of our soldiers and institute term limits.

7. Restructure pensions and cut where necessary.

8. Cut every non-essential city program.

9. Drill for oil here in the US and make the US energy independent. Also update and strengthen the power grid.

Joshuapundit: To my mind, an important thing to remember is that old maxim, ‘first do no harm’. Change is necessary, but it has to be done gradually to avoid severe economic dislocation.
Chest thumping ala’ Rick Perry about eliminating whole departments is a good example of what I’m talking about.

Much of the federal, state, city and county bureaucracies extant today were instituted as a reaction to the so-called ‘war on poverty and the race riots of the 1960′s. The idea was to co-opt that by creating a minority middle class, and it worked..except we can’t afford it any longer. Nevertheless, suddenly eliminating the economic activity of several huge government departments and the economic activity of say, 500,000 people earning $50-100,000 per year is a cure worse than the disease, in the short term. The key is to allow the government employment rolls to shrink by attrition, to use l;ay offs to transfer people to other federal jobs where they can actually perform needed functions and to re-direct some of these departments in entirely new directions…for instance, imagine a department of education whose main focus was developing apprentice programs in partnership with our private unions, or developing a new curriculum to replace the left wing twaddle being taught now, with federal aid to various districts based on whether that curriculum was successfully taught and implemented!

The keys to regaining our prosperity properly, to my mind, involve making America an investing, manufacturing and exporting powerhouse. In short, we need to stop importing other countries’ unemployment. Here’s what I’d concentrate on.

First of all, many of the laws and regulations of the previous administration0 need to be repealed, including ObamaCare, the Student loans time bomb, many of the current EPA regs and most of the so-called ‘green energy initiatives’. And personal income tax rates and particularly the corporate and capital gains rates need to be cut.

The entire idea here is to encourage investors to use one of our best resources, the American worker. I’m old enough to remember the 1980′s when everyone was talking about Japan the same way they were talking about China today. There were even serious books written about how we were destined to go to war.

What actually happened is that once there was a genteel hint that tariffs might end up being enacted, the Japanese began building factories here and employing Americans at American-style wages. The Chinese will do the same if we create a proper business and investment environment. In fact they’re going to have to build factories elsewhere simply because they face the same demographic problems Japan did, and does. China is destined to get poorer and older before it gets richer.

Second, America needs to use its energy resources to create cheap energy. Using fracking, gasification of coal and accessing our resources in the Gulf and in places like ANWR, we would not only eliminate the need to import energy but create thousands of good paying blue collar jobs and create export trade.

Third, Federal spending needs to be audited and scrutinized for waste and misdirection. Billions can be saved that way.

Fourth, we are going to have to seriously examine entitlements and change them inorder to save them. Paul Ryan’s plan was a decent attempt at starting this process.

Fifth, it is absolutely vital that we control our borders. Not only will it boost domestic employment, but it will be a major factor in cutting spending. In my home state, which has the largest illegal alien population in the country, the budget deficit is estimated as a whopping $19 billion. The state spends between $12 and $20.2 billion (depending on who’s counting and how) on social services for illegal aliens.

I have an excellent plan to encourage illegal aliens already here register for temporary IDs until they could be vetted and we could decide who stays and who goes, but that’s a different topic.

The Razor: Not to belittle those who seriously attempt to answer this question, but America’s economy is so huge that I believe that sheer size imposes serious limits on what one person can do to affect it. If the economy is too big to tackle, the next step would be to focus on one of the largest inputs into the economy. US federal government spending under the Obama administration accounts for 24% of the economy according to the CBO, 4% higher than the previous administration. The problem we face is that the federal government has grown so large that any attempts to reform it will fall afoul of the same problem facing anyone interested in revitalizing the economy. It too has become too big to tackle. There are simply too many interest groups, too many opposing forces, too much bureaucratic inertia to reform it.

Where I would start is to focus on small changes that would make a difference to the average person, that would then ripple through the government into the overall economy. I would start by simplifying the tax code. Take the average percentage currently paid within a set of brackets – it could be a dozen, it could be three it doesn’t matter – and that becomes the percentage paid by everyone’s gross income within those tax brackets. No more deductions; the percentage number should already have taken those into account. So if you gross $75k and your number is 8% then you owe the feds $6k. You can either pay in a lump sum or have a portion of this withheld every paycheck. This system is currently used by independent contractors who estimate their taxes, so it’s not completely new. What it would do would be to make tax preparation efficient. No more HR Block or Turbotax software. All you need is your W2s, your 1099s, add them up and pay the percentage the IRS demands. People would pay the same so there would be no hit to government revenues, making it revenue neutral.

Not only would this system make tax preparation easy and efficient, but it would boost transparency. People would know exactly how much they paid the federal government, and could take a more active interest in how their money is spent if they felt like it. It would also end the charade of people believing they’ve gotten a gift from the IRS when they receive their tax refund checks. Finally it would decrease the size of the IRS. Auditing would be straightforward so there would be no need for tens of thousands of auditors. Tax specialists in arcane deductions would be forced to find a job in the private sector, which wouldn’t be easy I suppose because GE wouldn’t be hiring them to fiddle its way into paying no corporate taxes.

Would this revitalize the economy? I’m doubtful but it would be a move in the right direction.

Ask Marion: The election of Mitt Romney will immediately revitalize America’s economy because American business owners as well as foreign investors and our allies and trading partners will breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that a business man who, like Ronald Reagan, will not only surround himself with other businesspeople but with people who are experts in areas that he is not, to enrich his leadership ability. It is what good business people and leaders do. And they will know that all the unfriendly business policies from ObamaCare to the choking restrictions of the EPA will be reversed in one way or another, so they will begin hiring and making plans for the future, which they haven’t in years now under President Obama. So by the time Romney is sworn in, an economic recovery will have already begun.

As to specifics:

I would…

· Give every state in the union a waiver from ObamaCare and then let the courts and congress unwind the mess. When HC is replaced tort reform must be a major part of the new bill.

· Initiate a ‘create one new job’ campaign asking every business to add at least one new employee with the incentive that the federal government would pay one half of that person’s salary for a year.

· Go through the federal budget, which is now 3-years-old, as well as the ledger of the Obama White House’s expenditures, line by line, as Candidate Obama promised to do but didn’t and would veto, reduce, get rid of, or adjust every expenditure, department and program.

· Appoint Ron Paul to head up the Fed, have it audited and then either nationalize it or disband it.

· Review and reverse virtually every Executive Order and unnecessary, questionably lawful or restrictive regulation signed, passed or created by Obama, the Obama White House and czars, the EPA, and other federal departments. I would also reduce the power and size or get rid of most of the departments of the federal government, starting with the Department of Education and the EPA.

· Give as much of the responsibility and rights back to the states as possible and encourage them to break the unreasonable teachers unions contracts and exchange their former unreasonable contract benefits for enriched curriculum, including trade programs, and would develop a voucher system for parents to use at schools of their choice or toward home-schooling, to make us competitive in the future.

· Abolish public sector unions at the federal level.

· Extend the Bush tax cuts temporarily for everyone and then initiate a flat tax in place of our present system and get rid of inheritance taxes permanently.

· Create a board to go back through every law and provision passed and the federal appointments approved by the Congress during Obama’s tenure that would not have passed if Al Franken (or anyone else) had not been seated illegally (or were allowed to remain seated after voter fraud and improprieties were found), or by any other procedures or loopholes that were illegal or broke the law affecting the outcome of the process.

· Would allow no one in Congress to go on break or vacation until an agreement on the budgeting for our military is resolved; counter acting the automatic cuts incurred by the in-action of the Super Committee.

· Would design a long-term plan and budget to reduce the deficit to be presented to Congress the day after Romney’s inauguration. Senator Rand Paul Unveiled a FY2013 Budget Proposal in the Senate and Paul Ryan always has an updated version in the House, so that would be a good place to start.

It is going to take bold and unpopular steps, leadership courage and conviction, and sacrifices by everyone for a long time to turn things around! But if every small business could just add one new job what a difference it would make!

Well, there you have it.

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