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Arlene from Israel

(Motzei Shabbat)

Matters are just unfolding with regard to the UN vote on Palestinian state status, and almost certainly tomorrow will bring more. Here I will provide an overview:

On Thursday, Abbas secured from the General Assembly precisely what I had written about — the PLO delegation was voted the status of non-member observer status. There were 138 states that supported the motion, nine that opposed and 41 that abstained.

The legal consequences of this are minimal — including with regard to the International Criminal Court (about which I’ll have more to say soon).

The fallout is mostly political, as there was an inordinate readiness within the UN membership, including by some European states, to support this petition by Abbas; and this is in spite of requests from Israel that it be rejected by European states.


Abbas said the requisite things about readiness to pursue peace negotiations yet again (although he made no commitment to do so during his speech). But the speech oozed obstinacy and venom.

He said, first, that “The moment has arrived for the world to say clearly: Enough of aggression, settlements and occupation.” He was riding on a high, standing at that podium, I have no doubt — milking his position for all that it’s worth, confident that the world was listening to him.

Israel is not an occupier, however, nor an aggressor, and settlements are not illegal.

Then he declared that the Palestinian Arabs will accept no less than “the independence of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital, on all the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967…and a solution for the refugee issue on the basis of Resolution 194 [“return” is implied ],

I’m going to come back to these charges and demands in a later posting, but suffice it to say that this is an absolute non-starter: There is no give in this, as there has never been give in the PLO position. These are terms that no government of Israel would ever agree to.

For the record let me point out once again that I am most certainly not endorsing negotiations for a “two-state solution,” but rather analyzing these demands within the parameters of those who still persist in pushing this. Anyone who wants to see such a solution must understand, and work on the premise, that compromise will be necessary. But from the Palestinian Arab side there are only absolute demands, making the possibility of fruitful negotiations non-existent.

I wonder if even the most deeply deluded international figures, who cling still to the illusion of “two states,” can fail to see the essential problem here.

Add to this the fact that many of the premises on which these demands are based are erroneous. Resolution 194, for example, does not provide for a “right of return,” although the Palestinian Arabs have been claiming so for a very long time.


But it gets worse. Much worse. Abbas also said this:

“Palestine comes today to the United Nations General Assembly at a time when it is still tending to its wounds and still burying its beloved martyrs of children, women and men who have fallen victim in the latest Israeli aggression, still searching for remnants of life amid the ruins of homes destroyed by Israeli bombs on the Gaza Strip, wiping out entire families, their men, women and children murdered along with their dreams, their hopes, their future and their longing to live an ordinary life and to live freedom and peace.”

Where does one begin, in addressing these evil words, this libel of Israel? Left out of this touching scenario were several highly significant facts:

[] That Israel’s action was defensive, in response to Hamas’s rocket attacks on our civilians (which Abbas conveniently forgot to mention).

[] That if there were civilians killed it was because Hamas uses them as human shields, caring not a bit if they are hit.

[] That Israel does more than any other nation in the world to safeguard the lives of civilians in enemy territory. During our recent operation, we made thousands of phone calls to residents of Gaza, dropped leaflets by the tens of thousands, and otherwise made extraordinary efforts to warn innocents to leave an area before a hit was made. There were some 100 Gazans killed in the recent operation, most of them terrorists. This business of searching for remnants of life beneath rubble, and whole families wiped out is invention. Invention designed to malign Israel and present the Gazans as victims, all at the same time.


These are not the words of someone seeking to make peace. That essential fact smacks one in the face. Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to Abbas’s statements as “hostile and poisonous.” At the very least.

And so I return once again to my thoughts about how those international “leaders” who are promoting negotiations respond to this. Could they hear these words and remotely imagine that Abbas would sit at the table in good faith? Do they think a man who so grievously misrepresents could be trusted to stand behind any agreement made? And do they expect Israel to swallow these words and pretend all is well?

How, in his private thoughts, does Obama reconcile this with his public stance?


On Friday, after consultation with his Inner Cabinet, Netanyahu made the decision that there would be 3,000 new housing units approved for construction past the Green Line, in eastern Jerusalem and somewhere in Judea and Samaria. I do not have specifics, with one exception: The Israeli government now says we will build in area E1, between Ma’ale Adumim and Jerusalem.

This is something that had been planned for a long time — designed ultimately to make Ma’ale Adumim contiguous with Jerusalem — but which was not advanced because of outside pressure. Now the government says the decision is in Israel’s best interest. As I have understood it, the building projected for this area is not primarily residential but includes such facilities as a police station.

Credit: jr.co.il

I salute this move in its entirety, with gladness and some tentative sense of relief. Although far more is needed, it is a step in the right direction — hopefully a mark of very necessary courage and determination.

What I pray is that this decision will hold in the face of international condemnation.


Needless to say, that condemnation has started and it comes from Europeans and the US government alike. What we are doing is, depending on who is speaking, either destructive of the “peace process” or illegal. We are being called upon to reverse the decision.

We always meet with condemnation when we build past the Green Line — which is why I want to return again to the legal and historical refutation to that condemnation.

But this time it is especially bitter to me. For there was not the same sort of condemnation of Abbas’s obscene and aggressive words. No suggestion that this was not helpful to the peace process, no expression of understanding (well, of course not) that Abbas’s tone had made it difficult for Israel to negotiate.

Equity, in terms of international treatment, is not something that is in the cards for the Jewish State. Although I will say that we have some staunch friends in Congress who are reacting negatively to what Abbas has done. And I do not forget the friendship Canada has accorded us.


Abbas, by the way, has now said he will come to the table — but only with the understanding going in that settlements are illegal. Right.


EXCLUSIVE! Benghazi GUN-RUNNING & The Russia, China, Iran, Syria PIPELINE

Ask Marion

Exposing Benghazi Baloney

Benghazi… The Cover-Up That Just Keeps Growing

After a Tuesday morning meeting with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayotte said concerns they had about Rice’s misleading statements regarding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans have grown, not diminished.

McCain, R-AZ, had said he might oppose Rice’s nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of State because Rice should have known the statements she made in interviews just a few days after the Sept. 11 attack were false.

In those interviews, Rice repeated the Party line about the attack having emerged from a protest over an anti-Islamist video. Rice apparently parroted that narrative in order to satisfy the needs of Obama’s re-election campaign. The narrative, much of which had already been repeatedly trumpeted during the Democratic National Convention was, al Qaeda had been decimated and was losing ground, public sentiments in the Middle East toward the United States had improved, and the attack was in no way connected to Obama’s foreign policy. It was later learned there the attack was a well-organized terror assault by an al Qaeda related group timed for the anniversary of 9/11.

David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, testified under oath before a congressional investigative committee that from the beginning the CIA had advised the White House that the Benghazi attack was an organized assault by al Qaeda linked terrorists. Petraeus also testified that the approved CIA report was later changed to diminish terrorist involvement.

After meeting with Rice, Graham, R-SC, said: “The bottom line is that I’m more disturbed than I was before … about how four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya by Ambassador Rice does not to do justice to the reality at the time.” Rep King admits that CIA approved Rice’s talking points: See Video.

Plus now we find out that Susan Rice is worth $44 million. She’s made a fortune off of oil companies that do business in Iran. No joke!! Susan Rice is now under fire from left for investments in Keystone pipeline firm.

And of course the MSM (lamestream bias media) keeps trying to take us all back to the Petraeus sex scandal. Those paying attention realized quickly after the Petraeus Resignation that there were several cover-ups going on. Now the questions seems not to be if, but how many, including the cover-up of the cover-ups hidden from the public until after the 2012 election.

Benghazi GUN-RUNNING & The Russia, China, Iran, Syria PIPELINE

Conservative Report Online – by Chip Jones on November 16, 2012:

While the country intellectually “channel surfs” between the Petraeus Sex Scandal, the questions of voter fraud, the imminent resignations of administration officials and the ever present pall of Benghazi, let’s put on the table the yet unexplained but critical geo-political underpinnings of the burgeoning scandal behind Benghazi.

Much like everything in the Middle East, the story behind the story that’s behind the story of our “embassy” in Benghazi is one of global petrochemicals. But before we get there, we need to review a little history of our “embassy” in Benghazi.

First off, it’s not an Embassy.

The USA’s Libyan embassy is located in the capital city of Tripoli—not Benghazi. The compound at Benghazi is no more than a CIA facility set-up to arm the ‘rebels’ who ultimately overthrew Moammar Qadaffi. It is important to note, as it turns out, the Libyan ‘rebels’ were substantially Al Qaeda.

After the United States’ successful stint at “leading from behind” in the Libyan campaign, this CIA “gun store” shifted purposes. Now (or at least on Sept. 11), the CIA “gun store” was being used for a similar purpose.

Instead of arming the Libyan rebels, it was repurposed to arm ‘rebels’ in Syria who are opposing the Assad Regime. Given Assad’s jaded history of human rights violations, this, on the surface, has some appeal.

Do not view Syria through rose colored glasses, and from the focal point of a “feel good policy,” but consider the real interest at stake: Syria is the holder of one of the largest natural gas reserves on the planet. As with all large petrochemical reserves, there is a line of folks who would like to get their greedy furnaces wrapped around them.

Enter two factions:

On one side, there is the coalition comprised of Russia, China, Iran and Syria, who intends to harvest the natural gas and build a pipeline to Georgia, freeing the sale of this precious natural gas to the petrochemical guzzling giants of Russia and China.

On the other side is Turkey & Qatar, who are backing the Syrian rebels in an attempt to profit from the sale of that same natural gas via pipeline to the Mediterranean.

And in the most clandestine of ways, Israel is partnering with Turkey, Qatar & the Syrian ‘rebels’ forming the most unholy of unholy alliances. They are throwing their lot in because the devil of the unknown Syrian is better than the devil of the known Iran, who would undoubtedly use the proceeds of this pipeline to complete its nuclear program.

Israel’s role has been confined to simply amassing a troop buildup on the Golan Heights that border Syria. This coupled with a bellicose Turkey on its other border leaves Assad’s Syria strapped militarily, necessitated by facing the two threats on its opposing borders, and leaving them vulnerable to the Syrian rebels who can slowly pick their bones.

What is interesting, but certainly not a coincidence, is that this very plan for the destabilization of Syria was developed at the Brookings Institute, the DC think tank.

Now, let’s “fast forward” to Benghazi and the American role in this geo-political chess game, other than just the Brookings strategy.

It is well known that President Obama’s only true personal friend on the world stage is the Prime Minister of Turkey. So, we need to look carefully at who the direct-link is, arming the Syrian rebels, and that is Turkey.

Does Turkey have advanced-weapon manufacturers? No, of course not. Does Turkey even have a wealthy central government? No.

In steps the Prime Minister of Turkey’s good buddy, President Obama. Paraphrasing and shortening, I assume words of this kind passed between the PM of Turkey & Barack Obama, “Mr. Prime Minister, I happen to have this CIA ‘gun store’ in Benghazi….”

The CIA compound in Benghazi was collecting weapons from Libyan’s, who were once loyal to Qadaffi. The CIA was then rendering the weapons ‘as outdated, in disrepair, or inoperable’—thus creating a constant stream of seized-weapons to satisfy NATO, and shipping the “operable weapons” to Syria via Turkey, through clandestine channels.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the rub. Take a quick guess who the Syrian rebels are?

Those of you who answered: “Al Qaeda,” would be correct. So, what we have here is the second instance where the CIA facility in Benghazi was used to arm Al Qaeda.

And by the textbook definition, the act of arming your enemies is called Treason.


Moderate Fantasy vs Rotting Reality

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hi everyone… Today’s topic deals with people who don’t want to face the realities of the coming hard times and the dangers that are in store for everybody in this new third Reich administration; now going into a second term.


My prime example of someone who doesn’t get it is my mother. She and I have had plenty of debates over politics, but the one thing she doesn’t understand is that the Communists were injected into American culture long before she was born and it was present in her public school system in the 1960s. But then again, according to her, that’s impossible. I have talked about gun rights to her as well. She has stated there should be more gun laws that ban extreme guns, so I asked her what she thought an “extreme gun” was. She said any gun with a magazine with 100 rounds or more. Then I told her something shocking… Mom, it’s no one’s business what kind of guns I own — in fact, neither you or the government have any business knowing what guns I own period! She got mad; then she asked my opinion on the Colorado theater shooting. So, I told her that if there had been a couple of CCW holders in the seats, he would have been stopped dead and again she was all shocked and surprised.

Then one day she asked me about Romney’s statement about the 48% that are welfare bums that don’t pay taxes and who would not vote for him because he didn’t offer up free stuff. I said he’s right on the money and the current number on welfare prove him right. She got incensed again. How dare I make a truthful statement like that. You see my parents have been on all kinds of government handout programs for years and years and so for the most part they don’t know any other way. To be honest, my father has never been a strong willed man. He let his crappy past get the best of him a long time ago and it’s been down hill from there.

Then there’s my mother’s favorite statement from me that just drove her absolutely nuts and over the edge. When I called Obama a Muslim Nazi, you would have thought I had just eaten a puppy in front of her and asked for a beer at the same time (my parents are Mormon). So, I told her a little about history and its connection to Obama’s values and ideals. Which in a nutshell is this: kill Israel, kill babies, kill small business, kill innovation, kill liberty, kill the constitution… does anyone notice a pattern forming here? Folks, I do. She insisted that I give more respect to the office of president. I told her you have to earn that from us and it’s not with free cell phones and Nazism.

My mother suffers from the public school system values of the 1960s in California and so her historical knowledge is paper thin at best. The next thing that drives her crazy is when I refer to a founding father or other relevant historical figure. Or why I would quote them while stating the need that I refer to the ideas of dead guys. Because their ideas and values are as important today as they were then and their warnings on what NOT TO DO still stand today as well. Just because you choose to ignore it, doesn’t make it less relevant or outdated.


Then there’s her hatred for Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, claiming they are the real cause of all the country’s problems, as opposed to stupid people and manipulative scumbag politicians. Here’s a funny story on how I got to where I am now: I blame my parents and they know this, but they go silent when I talk about the following incident. It’s funny and true that in 1991, when I was a snot nosed 19 year-old kid, I registered to vote as a Republican to rebel against my parents being Democrats. But in reality, I had no political insight or knowledge. I knew nothing. I was working in Yosemite Park after I graduated high school. One time, I came to visit the folks, I was up late and they wanted to show me a late night TV show which they found entertaining at the time (how little they knew – lol). That’s when a little known radio host out of Sacramento in 1988 got syndicated and was just now trying out television on late night. It changed everything for me and my political knowledge and views forever. It was my first exposure to Rush Limbaugh.

The second half of my journey happened around 8 years ago. I had an old console radio someone had given me and I was off work going through the stations, when this guy was talking about an adoption he and his wife were waiting on and how excited he was. This was my accidental discovery of Glenn Beck and his out of the box view of politics, history and philosophy.


Now let’s look at the reality going on all round us at this moment. Obama has been voted in for a second term. I was one of the few that knew this would happen. Within 24 hours after the vote, layoffs started popping up everywhere, gun sales skyrocketed to 70% in less then 24 hours, the UN arms treaty was back on the table and Obama had managed to do something that no other president in modern history has ever done — PISS OFF THE UNITED STATES NAVY SEALS THREE TIMES!

The American government budget still hasn’t been passed in three years, we have a Nazi in the White House and now Egypt is the new third Reich thanks to Obama’s support and money. Israel is now at war alone without American support. America has a stake in Israel and Obama ignores that. In New York City, Bloomberg who couldn’t operate a water hose, is telling people what to eat and drink. He even feels he has to tell others to help out in times of disaster. Bloomberg has to be one of the most ignorant mayors I have heard of. Detroit is a lost cause; Chicago is a lot like Haiti and a lost cause as well. The borders of Texas and Arizona are at war and thanks to the help of Obama and the ATF, those cartel scumbags are well armed. The next 6 months are going to see hospitals lay off or shut down. We’re going to see a 50% rise in homelessness. We are already seeing both long running businesses and family favorites shut down. The “Shutting down of America’s engine” has just begun (yes, it’s an ATLAS SHRUGGED reference, deal with it).

Let’s look at my mom’s home state of California and the reality it is currently going through. Merced County has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Don’t be fooled otherwise just because they are going to build a useless monorail train with money California doesn’t have. This won’t make California successful for crying out loud! You’ve chosen to repeat the mistakes of the 1970s and you’ve reelected JERRY “MOONBEAM” BROWN. California in all reality has been bankrupt for at least 5 years and many towns and cities in California are so bankrupt they are cutting back on law enforcement. Time to buy a gun anyway… because the cops are not going to be there in time. The corrupt welfare state of California, the illegal Mexican problem and the overpaid pensions in California are the main reasons that that cute little state is bankrupt and corrupt.

So, the next time some naive politically stupid person tells you that’s impossible or there’s nothing to see here, please remind them to puke out the KOOL AID they just drank, lol.


It’s Bush’s Fault; I mean, Nixon

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

When it comes to smoke and mirrors the Obama administration takes the word ‘transparent’ to levels never dreamed of. Take for instance the most recent disclosure as found in Stephen Braun’s AP article: “US government releases once-secret Watergate files.”

“The government released more than 850 pages from the Watergate political scandal, providing new insights on privileged legal conversations and prison evaluations of several of the burglars in the case. A federal judge had decided earlier this month to unseal some material, but other records still remain off limits.”

Richard Nixon became the poster boy for American’s hatred for dishonesty in government, “I am not a crook;” but that poster has also served as a shield for those who’ve followed, as long as they were Democrats. Politics isn’t fair, now is it!

Nixon left the presidency, not because he had folks break into the offices at the Watergate hotel, but because he lied about his knowledge of the incident. The presidency is about a man’s character, but only if you have the (R) as your political affiliation, or so it seems.

Bill Clinton wasn’t a liar when he said he didn’t have sex with that woman; he needed to define the word “is,” a simple matter of defining a sexual act rather than lying to the public. Clinton wasn’t forced out of office because the media was willing to give Clinton a free pass.

Barrack Obama, on the other hand, has more baggage handlers than Delta Airlines; stuffing things like Fast and Furious into one corner only to be followed closely with the Benghazi mess. The Obama administration refuses to cooperate with Congress or the American public on releasing pertinent information, information which would likely prove involvement in these activities went all the way to the Oval Office; but the press is willing to give Obama a free pass.

Getting back to the recent release of Watergate papers, why bother to bring up an unsavory incident which happened forty years ago?

“The files do not appear to provide any significant new revelations in the 40-year-old case that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and criminal prosecutions of many of his top White House and political aides. But the files provide useful context for historians, revealing behind-the-scenes deliberations by Sirica, the U.S. District Court judge in charge of the case, along with prosecutors and defense lawyers.”

Releasing information about former President Nixon takes the American public’s attention away from Obama’s lies involving his knowledge of Fast and Furious which are directly or indirectly linked to the deaths of at least 2 Americans and perhaps as many as 200 Mexican nationals.

Releasing information on Nixon lets Obama slide for lying about his knowledge on what really happened in Benghazi; the fact that he probably watched a live video feed of 4 Americans being slaughtered at the hands of Islamic terrorists and did nothing. Obama’s lack of character isn’t being questioned by the news media because he’s been given yet another free pass.

Obama has been blaming former President Bush for all the problems with today’s economy and getting away with it, at least among the ignorant useful idiots who put him back in the Oval Office. Isn’t it just as convenient to let the public re-examine their loathing for Nixon instead of finding out what a liar and a crook Obama is?

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”