Voters say government ‘broken,’ reality proves it’s the voters

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

The results of a new poll released yesterday indicate that 65 percent of American voters believe the U.S. government is ‘broken,’ up dramatically from 58 percent in 2010, according to Dana Blanton’s FOXNews article yesterday.

Wasn’t it these same voters, buttressed by the newly formed ‘Tea Party,’ who ousted nearly 100 Democrats from Congress in a historic “shellacking” during the 2010 mid-term election, and returned control of the U.S. House of Representatives to the Republican’s?

And, didn’t they provide Republicans with a clear mandate to reduce the size and spending level of the federal government?


But, unfortunately, these same voters left control of the Senate in the hands of Democrats, creating a built-in ‘stalemate’ in Congress–rendering it hopelessly dysfunctional–an obviously ‘self-inflicted’ wound.

Well, in an obvious fit of ‘insanity,’ the electorate repeated that same action in the general election of 2012–leaving a ‘divided-Congress,’ with Republicans in control of the House and Democrats in control of the Senate.

However this time, instead of just electing a totally unknown, unqualified and inexperienced person to inhabit the White House in a time of crisis–they re-elected Barack Obama, who now had a factually disastrous first term, to another four year term.

Amazingly, this ‘froze’ our government–in place–right where it is…going nowhere, but still borrowing over a trillion dollars per year to get there.

So, it is simply the actions of our ‘insane’ electorate–who kept doing the same thing, but expected different results–which is precisely why our country is perched on the precipice of the so-called ‘Fiscal Cliff.’

Simply put…the real problem is that voters are seriously ‘broken.’

This is borne out by a simple examination of additional data from the same poll, reported in a companion FOXNews article by Dana Blanton yesterday.

A 61 percent majority saysmajor spending cuts‘ are necessary to resolve our trillion dollar annual budget deficit problem.

But, at the same time they also realize that even though 69 percent of voters are willing to raise taxes on the rich–as it provide a mere 8 days of federal government operations.

Amazing as it may seem, there are still 33 percent of respondents who think increasing taxes on high earners would be enough–including half of all Democrats–even though $85 billion does not equal $1 trillion…or more.

This too is insane.

Republicans (59 percent) think that major reforms to Social Security and Medicare should be enacted right now … ‘even if it is tough on families.’

And just the opposite is true among 52 percent of Democrats, who want to maintain current funding levels, even though they know it would burden future generations with trillions of dollars in debt to be repaid.

In general, voters think the best way to deal with the country’s deficit problem is mostly with cuts in government spending (57 percent), which is the mantel of the Republican Party–as opposed to tax increases (20 percent), which is favored by Democrats.

More bad news for Democrats is that the remaining popular methods for eliminating the deficit are reducing the number of government employees (65 percent), reforming Social Security (56 percent) and raising the minimum eligibility age for Medicare over time from 65 to 67 years (51 percent).

Young voters (aged 30 and under) are particularly divided, with 50 percent feeling that government is broken, while 42 percent say it is working okay.

What has caused a significant portion of voters to become ‘broken?’

People vote according to their beliefs and self-interests.

However, for far too many people have been mesmerized by several generations of subliminal to audacious ‘brainwashing’ by the Liberal-dominated teachers populating our schools, colleges and universities, who have slowly, systematically obliterated the United States founding concept of individual liberty and personal accountability–where instead of equal opportunity and small government, they have promoted equal outcome from big government.

Academia’s accomplice has been the Liberal-dominated mainstream network and print media, which has long ago abdicated its’ responsibility for ‘fair and balanced’ investigative journalism, which instead has been serving up propaganda, as a daily reinforcement mechanism systematically designed to ‘heard’ the ignorant masses toward the Liberal Democrat ideology.

Regardless, with a stagnant economy, high unemployment and national debt rising by more than a trillion dollars per year–if the current lurch toward ‘socialism’ is not arrested and equity restored to our political process–sooner rather than later, financial reality will dictate the market-driven course correction for our country, which will, by definition, likely transform the political structure of the United States into a strictly ‘equity-based’ representative government.

The recent, violent union uproar in Michigan, over the new ‘Right-to-Work’ law, is just a preview of what may be to come.

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  1. Dittos. I think the problem is that people need to stop and think about things in order to resolve the cognitive dissonance between ideas that sound good but have conflicting implications, and many Americans haven’t stopped to think about our economic future much. (Scarey prospect! Lots of numbers!)

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