Taxing Behavior

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone! How about that cliff both parties pushed America over? Congratulations to the Speaker of the House for being reelected to play four more years of golf with Obama. Look over the so-called deal… it seems the tax hikes are built in and a special deal for elites as well. But today, let’s look at the current tax system and how it determines your behavior… wait, you’re telling me this is the first you’ve heard of this?

Government knows if you tax/punish one behavior, like a $200 tax stamp on certain guns, or you give tax breaks on a separate behavior, like the child per household tax break, then they can determine who will do what and track it.


So, a young and cute couple want to get married. Well, there’s a big fat tax for that! You two get automatically put in a higher tax bracket. So, you two want to buy and own a house and property? Well, there’s a life long property tax that gets hooked up to your mortgage payment. Good luck paying that with a $25,000 a year job. So you both have jobs… there are plans to raise your payroll tax to 50%. Enjoy what you get, because that’s it and don’t forget the government wants your 401K as soon as possible. They have to pay for that Hawaii vacation. So, you want a new car… do you get a standard car or one of those hybrids that gets so-called tax breaks on them? Hey! Remember Government Motors knows what’s its doing. So you gas up your new car… did you know that 60% of the price of gas is hidden in local and federal taxes? Did you know some cities are planning to tax you to drive around? Some of these cities want up to $1 a mile. How would you enforce that anyway? Then there is the car’s annual license fees that arbitrarily get raised. So, you think you want to play the stock market? Well… plan to lose a lot of money even if you get a good stock because… ding, ding, ding! You are going to get hit with a double dip tax fee for investment income. Then you have Obamacare. The most overreaching tax law ever put on the books. This sucker plans to tax/punish you for not buying the single payer health plan, which violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Plus, they will still tax large sums of your money anyways to pay for others medical bills. Congratulations! You’re the biggest loser America! Now Social Security, which is paid by FICA tax, is itself taxed as well. I thought this was a lock box secured entitlement program. That tax return that most people get back… that’s not government money going to you, it’s just a little bit of your money coming back to you – duh. Then you die. Did you leave valuables, property or money behind for your children and family? Forget about it! The government wants its cut first with the inheritance or death tax.


Where do you think all that free Obama stuff, food stamps, unemployment checks, S.S.I., Medicare, Social Security, Obama cell phones, disability checks, government food programs (like cheese) all come from? That’s right… it comes right out of your hard earned pocket and goes into some of the laziest, dope smoking, con-artists of all time’s pockets – the 47% Mitt Romney talked about that wouldn’t vote for him since he offered only personal responsibility and not free cell phones. Do you know what the average person has to do to get these handouts? They have to fill out paperwork and have a case handler approve certain behaviors (like not working or getting married or going to church). So, as it’s been said before… there is nothing for free.


Prohibition failed because of the rise of the black market and gangster violence. The government then decided to create another taxing agency, the A.T.F. But between you and me, that should only stand for a corner store in my neighborhood. These incompetent boobs enforce taxes and laws on two personal vices and one constitutionally protected right. Is it just me, or is that weird? This agency has the most convoluted regulations on guns and importation laws. They are part of the current goon gang of the anti-gun owner mob. We pay these jerks with our own tax money to tell us what guns we can have, what cigarettes to smoke and what booze we can drink… that’s taxing behavior.

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