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Tyranny always wears a face of mocking, condescending faux concern on the Left, as Democrat dominated Blue States compete to see who can can come up with the most egregious laws to make an ordinary citizen exercising their constitutional Second Amendment rights expensive, difficult and even shameful. New York’s law actually banned non-existent magazines and is now going through the embarrassment of having its governor appeal to the state legislature to repeal a law he shoved through in the dead of night that would make it illegal for any New York resident to own a firearm… even the police.

California and Connecticut, who already have ridiculous anti-gun laws on the books, have proposed sweeping bans on owning over 100 different types of weapons by law abiding citizens and are now weighing proposals to charge an annual fee for the right to buy ammo and slapping heavy ‘sin’ taxes on the purchase price.

Since these laws would make it prohibitive for minority families to protect themselves, such laws are not only unconstitutional and in violation of both the Second and Fourteenth Amendments, but racist.

A number of other states are not far behind. And in the UN, the Obama Administration instructed its ambassador to vote for the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which would create a national firearms registry overseen by UN bureaucrats that is currently prohibited by federal law.

Make no mistake that the desired end result by our ruling class is confiscation and a disarmed populace. As Machiavelli said in The Prince, when you’re disarmed, you’re not only helpless but despised.

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Communists in the Thick of the Immigration “Reform” Movement

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

According to the Communist Party USA, “the struggle for immigrant rights is a key component of the struggle for working class unity in our country today.”


The Communists believe that the months ahead provide a great opportunity to extract big immigration changes from the Party’s “friend” Barack Obama.

The coming months are crucial. This is a call for all progressive forces to become fully engaged at every level…The overwhelming Latino vote for President Obama has pushed the need for legislation forward, but there is a hard fight still ahead.

As Congress begins to draft legislation, immigrant rights groups and the labor movement including the AFL-CIO and its constituent organizations, SEIU, Change to Win, and many faith based groups are mobilizing for comprehensive immigration reform with legalization, a path to citizenship and workers’ rights.

This legislative and political battle is also at the top of the agenda of the Communist Party USA and Young Communist League. Our program includes stopping deportations now as legislation is being adopted, and calling for legalization with a clear and speedy road map to citizenship for all 11 million. Future workers who come should have the same opportunity.

The People’s World/Mundo Popular will soon post a pamphlet answering common questions about immigration, Myths v Facts, which can be circulated via social media and printed out, along with daily coverage and commentary on the immigrant rights struggle.

The Communist Party’s interest in immigrants has nothing to do with compassion or humanity. The communists want amnesty for current illegals and to encourage further illegal immigration for several reasons.

Firstly, they want to dilute the existing patriot culture in the US by creating large immigrant communities, with little allegiance to the ideas that gave birth to the American republic.

Secondly, they want to overload taxpayers with increased crime, education, welfare and healthcare costs, to impoverish middle America and spread revolutionary discontent.

Thirdly, and in the short term most importantly, the Communists want to give several million illegals the vote – knowing that they tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Several million more Democrat voters would almost certainly deliver the US to the Democrats and their communist allies, forever.

The communists and their democrat allies, are playing for keeps.

Patriotic Americans need to understand – this debate isn’t about people. It’s about power.