Trump is the Next Target after Roy Moore

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

There’s a reason why President Trump says that the fate of Senate candidate Roy Moore will depend on whether the charges against him are proven to be true. Trump knows that if they get rid of Moore, using charges that obviously cannot be proven, he’s their next target. Sex-gate will follow Russia-gate.

In this atmosphere, women charging sexual harassment are easy to find, even if their charges cannot be proven. The men are assumed to be guilty as charged.

One can argue that everything but the kitchen sink has already been thrown at Trump and he has survived nonetheless. But since the election we have seen that the allegations of sexual harassment have been cast as a major blight on American society, making it more likely that “new” accusers against Trump will be found and that a new variation of the “scandal” will be used to cast a pall over the presidency. The same members of the GOP establishment lined up against Moore will be called upon to dump Trump.

If Moore is forced out of the Senate race, therefore, Trump is the inevitable next target. The same forces in the GOP trying to force Moore out will then be enlisted in a campaign to get Trump to vacate the presidency.

The media playbook consists of reporting damaging charges against a conservative figure and then getting members of the conservative and GOP establishments to pile on. If it works against Moore this time, you have to know they will be used once again, with brand new accusers, against Trump.

The Washington Post, the source of the charges, is not only dishonest but downright weird. Perhaps you haven’t heard about longtime Post “journalist” Sally Quinn, a true Washington insider, admitting her belief in the occult, including casting spells on her enemies, reading Tarot cards, and using Ouija Boards, in her new book Finding Magic. All of this came out after she posed as an objective writer about religion for the paper. Quinn was married to longtime Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and did a lot of entertaining for members of the Washington establishment elite, even writing a book on how to throw parties. Perhaps they conducted “channeling” sessions with occult forces and consulted astrological charts. This, at least, might help to explain the corruption in the nation’s capital.

I don’t need any “channel” to the spirit world to figure out what the Post is doing. Moore is a Christian who won’t fit in to the Washington milieu. He has to be demonized and destroyed.

What’s more, the Roy Moore case is a trial run for the campaign that will arise against Trump, using whatever sex charges make sense for the “accusers” at the time. It doesn’t matter, of course, if the charges are true. All that will matter is that they will follow Moore’s forced resignation from the Senate race, creating momentum for Trump to be shown the door out of the oval office. This is the playbook they are following and that too many “conservatives” are going along with.

I have seen enough in my nearly 40 years in Washington to understand the mind-set of those running the Post. Its “reputation” was made by the Watergate coverage, using what they claimed was an FBI “Deep Throat” source, which forced the resignation of Republican President Nixon. But it’s also the paper that failed to report, let alone investigate, former President Obama’s deep personal relationship with Soviet agent and Communist pedophile Frank Marshall Davis before Obama was elected to his first term. The paper, in other words, has a partisan agenda that has been apparent for decades.

What’s more, this is the paper whose editorial writers recently called billionaire money-bags George Soros, a financier of Marxist, pro-drug, and liberal-left groups, a “superpower for democracy.”

The Post is one of many liberal papers which reported the case of racist graffiti at the Air Force Academy. Racist messages were written with a black marker on the message boards of five black cadet candidates. The paper noted that the superintendent turned that into a “teaching moment” with a speech about diversity and tolerance that found more than a million viewers on the internet. But it turns out the racist graffiti was written by one of the alleged victims. It was a hoax, much like Russia-gate.

To papers like this, which report and accept lies, a former judge like Roy Moore who opposes the Washington establishment is a major threat. That’s why Moore’s candidacy has to be derailed with charges having to do with alleged incidents from decades ago. The charges cannot be proven, and it must be truly odd to anyone with common sense that they have surfaced at this time, after several runs for office by the former judge. This fact alone casts doubt on their veracity.

If you want a real Sex-gate scandal, consider that Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, says, “We’ve got to protect them,” when asked about the “rights” of transgender people in schools and bathrooms. This means that men claiming to be women can go into bathrooms and lockers with girls. Yet the Post favors “transgender” ideology and rights for these mentally-ill people.

The “fundamental transformation” of America under Barack Hussein Obama, financed in part by George Soros and facilitated by media like the Washington Post, can also be seen in the spectacle of transvestite Xochi Mochi dressed as a horned drag queen and reading to little children for “Drag Queen Story” Hour at a library in Long Beach, California. Significantly, this occurred at a library named in honor of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Roy Moore speaks for millions of people in Alabama and across the United States opposed to this kind of child abuse.

The extreme liberal, establishment, and occult forces in Washington, D.C. opposing Moore are using the conservative Alabama Senate candidate as a model for what they intend to do against Trump.

These forces could truly care less about who Moore dated when he was 30 years old. They could care less about Donald’ Trump’s dating habits, either. “In Donald Trump,” says the left-wing Brookings Institution, “America has a rogue president who has a 30-year track record of opposing key elements of the global order.”

This is the real issue. Trump’s America First approach threatens their notions of a post-Christian New World Order. This is what is really at stake. Trump is the real target of this campaign. If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it.


UPDATE! Trevor Loudon in Louisiana November 13-16 2017

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

*Note: Venue of Nov 14 cancelled, switched to the 13th

Nov. 13, 2017

Kenner Pavilion, 3800 Loyola Dr., Kenner, LA | 6:30 pm

Nov. 15, 2017

Abita Quail Farm, 23185 LA 435, Abita Springs, LA | Reception 6:00 pm, Program begins 7:00 pm

Nov. 16, 2017

LAFAYETTE, Robichaux Recreation Center, 1919 Eraste Landry Rd, Lafayette, LA | 6:00 pm


Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators! – Part I of IV

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

Introduction: History informs us that scoundrels abound.  Current events inform us that scoundrels currently control the GOP.  What follows is an abridged version of  a “communiqué” from the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. This particular communiqué was first written circa 2012, and then updated in 2015.  Thus, it predates – and so is a precursor to – the current endeavor of Breitbart’s Steven K. Bannon to effect what would amount to “regime change” within the GOP – the goal of which is to electorally expel “Establishment ‘Republicans'” and elect genuinely Conservative ones.  This is stated not to gloat, but to highlight that this is not a problem of recent origin, nor one that is diminishing.  Quite the opposite.  Mitch McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s sabotage by inaction of the Trump agenda; and recent revelations that one former President Bush voted for Hillary Clinton, and the other withheld his vote from Donald Trump, should dispel any lingering doubts concerning “Establishment ‘Republicans'” being in-bed and under the covers with the Progressive Democrats – and so are actual enemies, not weak allies.

Mr. Bannon’s noble quest reminds this writer of the lead character (played by Mel Gibson) in the movie The Patriot – in the scene when during a battle going badly, he picked up our flag and charged the enemy – thereby inspiring the rag-tag group of average Americans to re-engage in battle.  Not unlike the current Trump coalition being Tea Partiers re-engaging in battle.  Ultimately the America revolutionaries won the war and attained liberty.  Today we American counter-revolutionaries – countering the Progressives’ “fundamental transformation” revolution – are likewise called to re-engage in battle.  This writer does not know if Mr. Bannon has ever read “Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators,” but is confident that if or when he does, as he reads his head will be nodding up and down as he says “yes, yes, YES!”  This writer believes that you will too, and would love to hear from you after you’ve read it – contact info is at the end.  Following this “Vichy” series will be a communiqué suggesting means by which we can accomplish that GOP “regime change” – The Seventy Percent Solution.

Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators!

Vive la Republican Résistance!

In Nazi occupied France a puppet government of “French” leaders was installed, serving as collaborators with the Nazis – it was called the “Vichy” government. Tellingly, two of its primary “French” leaders – Philippe Pétain and Pierre Laval – were tried for treason after the war. Laval was executed; Pétain’s death sentence was reduced to life in prison. Henceforth the word “Vichy” became synonymous with traitorous collaborators – those who to save their own skins, or in return for monetary or other earthly reward, betray their nation. (In WWII Norway experienced treasonous Nazi collaborators, and there is today a counterpart Norwegian phrase: Quislings.) America has not been untouched by treasonous collaborators: Benedict Arnold and Alger Hiss being but two notorious examples.

History and human nature inform us that, whether motivated by fear, self-preservation (life or career preservation) – or just plain greed – there are amongst us those who will sell-out their country. Such betrayal, such treason, need not occur only in war (Benedict Arnold), or working in favor of a foreign government (Alger Hiss) with “enemies foreign” – but also can occur with “enemies domestic.”

The most alarming single danger to the American political system lies in the fact that an identifiable team of Fabian operators is bent on controlling both our major political parties (under the sanction of such fatuous and unreasoned slogans as “national unity,” “middle-of-the-road,” “progressivism” and “bipartisanship”). – William F. Buckley (1955)

Which brings us to so-called “moderate Republicans” – those who tell us that the Republican Party must be pragmatic in a United States of changing demographics and a seeming “beyond the point of no return” advance of Progressivism’s social welfare programs – and so that we must accede to creeping (inherently un-American) Collectivism, our goal being merely to buffer its excesses. These “voices of moderation” echo their Vichy predecessors in Nazi-occupied France, preaching acquiescence in the face of what they have resigned themselves to being the overwhelmingly inevitable. Just as the freedom fighters of the French Resistance refused to heed that siren call of subservience, so too must today’s Conservative patriots.

“Mouvement de Liberation Nationale”

9/11 signified America’s belated recognition that Islamic terrorism is not a mere criminal or police matter, and begat the “War on Terror.” Similarly, the election of Barack Hussein Obama is the catalyst for recognizing that “moderate Republicans” can no longer be considered a mere faction within a GOP “big tent” – as will be seen, we can no longer afford the luxury of permitting “moderates” to exercise influence within the GOP, much less steer it.

There is no need here to repeat a “bill of particulars” to indict Barack Hussein Obama as a closeted radical Collectivist – it is academic to debate whether he most closely adheres to the Communist, Socialist, Progressive or Fascist varieties of Collectivism. (This writer believes him to be an à la carte Collectivist, drawing from each of its varieties as he “divines” is most advantageous at that time and place to advance Collectivism, though ultimately he appears to be most steering us toward a form of globalist Fascism. That is, a trans-national governance structure of unelected / unaccountable entities – perhaps via the United Nations and/or trade agreements or treaties – whose dictates preempt national laws and sovereignty. The stated rationales will likely include “sustainability,” i.e., the “climate change” fraud as a pretense to impose trans-national diktats, and the “need” to “police” multi-national financial entities and other corporate interest. As corporatism and Fascism are essentially one in the same, those corporate interests will have as much, or more influence as before, and will be allowed to make money hand over fist, so long as they acquiesce to the agenda(s) of the governing elite, and share the wealth via campaign support and lobbying gigs.)

The bottom line is that Obama is an Alinskyite revolutionary, intent on “fundamentally transforming” the United States of America into a political and economic entity that would be unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers (indeed, that would be unrecognizable to anyone with even just a cursory understanding of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America).

Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions: https://www.amazon.com/Communiqués-Right-Wing-Conspiracy-Thomas-Wigand/dp/0692635815/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494466204&sr=8-1&keywords=communiques+from+the+vast+right-wing+conspiracy  Mr. Wigand resides in Florida. Comments or questions for him may be sent to: [email protected] – he will make every effort to personally respond to every email.


Socialist Lee Carter running as Democrat in Virginia, & Dems know it

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Lee Carter is a socialist, not a democrat. Or, is there a difference?

Although Politico reported just last month that Lee Carter was a “self-described socialist,” that fact appears to be absent from the “about” section of Lee Carter’s website. In fact, the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America made Lee J. Carter’s candidacy for Virginia’s 50th House District a “priority.”

From the Politico article:

One of the DSA’s members running for office this November is Lee Carter, a former U.S. Marine and self-described socialist who is challenging the GOP whip in Virginia’s state House…

…But the local chapter of the DSA has made Carter’s race a priority.Once it endorsed his campaign, the group started mobilizing its members to canvas Carter’s district on his behalf. ‘We’ve managed to knock on tens of thousands of doors,’ says Carter.

But the creepiest thing about Carter’s not-so-hidden anti-American ideology is that the Democrats in Virginia clearly do not care: Continue reading


Saudi Arabia says Lebanon Declares War

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It is all about Iran…

Arabia reveals list of wanted members of the terrorist militias in the region including

What did President Trump know or what was he told?

Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Hariri of Lebanon in Joint Press Conference

Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia accused Lebanon on Monday of declaring war against it because of aggression by the Iran-backed Lebanese Shi‘ite group Hezbollah, a dramatic escalation of a crisis threatening to destabilize the tiny Arab country.

Lebanon has been thrust to the center of regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran since the Saudi-allied Lebanese politician Saad al-Hariri quit as prime minister on Saturday, blaming Iran and Hezbollah in his resignation speech.

Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan said the Lebanese government would “be dealt with as a government declaring war on Saudi Arabia” because of what he described as aggression by Hezbollah.

Faulting the Hariri-led administration for failing to take action against Hezbollah during a year in office, Sabhan said “there are those who will stop (Hezbollah) and make it return to the caves of South Lebanon”, the heartland of the Shi‘ite community.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, he added: “Lebanese must all know these risks and work to fix matters before they reach the point of no return.”

He did not spell out what action Saudi Arabia might take against Lebanon, a country with a weak and heavily indebted state that is still rebuilding from its 1975-90 civil war and where one-in-four people is a Syrian refugee.

There was no immediate comment from the Lebanese government.

Hezbollah is both a military and a political organization that is represented in the Lebanese parliament and in the Hariri-led coalition government formed last year.

Its powerful guerrilla army is widely seen as stronger than the Lebanese army, and has played a major role in the war in neighboring Syria, another theater of Saudi-Iranian rivalry where Hezbollah has fought in support of the government.

Lebanese authorities said on Monday the country’s financial institutions could cope with Hariri’s resignation and the stability of the Lebanese pound was not at risk.

But the cash price of Lebanon’s U.S. dollar-denominated bonds fell, with longer-dated maturities suffering hefty losses as investors took a dim view of the medium- to longer-term outlook for Lebanon.


Hariri cited a plot to assassinate him during his unexpected resignation speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia which caught even his aides off guard. He also slammed Hezbollah and Iran, accusing them of sowing strife in the Arab world.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said he will not comment on Hariri’s speech, calling it a “Saudi statement” and saying Riyadh had forced Hariri to resign.

The sudden nature of Hariri’s resignation generated speculation in Lebanon that his family’s Saudi construction business had been caught up in an anti-corruption purge and he had been coerced into resigning. More here.

Western intelligence services warned Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri of an assassination plot against him, thus prompting him to resign on Sunday, according to Saudi news media. Hariri is a Saudi-born Lebanese politician, reputed to be one of the world’s wealthiest people. He is the second son of the late Rafiq Hariri, who ruled Lebanon for much of the 1990s but was assassinated in 2005. Saad al-Hariri spent most of his life in Saudi Arabia, the United States and France, but returned to Lebanon in 2014 to lead the Future Movement, a center-right political party supported by Sunni Muslims and some Christians. He became prime minister in 2016.

On Friday, Hariri flew from Beirut to Riyadh for a scheduled high-level visit. But on Sunday he shocked the Arab world by announcing his resignation from the post of prime minister. He did so in a surprise television address from the Saudi capital, which was broadcast live in Lebanon. Hariri told stunned Lebanese audiences that he was resigning in order to protect himself from a plot that was underway to assassinate him. He added that the political climate in Lebanon was intolerably tense and reminded him of the conditions that led to the assassination of his father 12 years ago. He also accused Iran and Hezbollah of acting as the primary destabilizing factors in Lebanon and much of the Middle East. Hariri and his supporters believe that Hezbollah was behind his father’s assassination in 2005. There was intense speculation in Lebanon on Monday that Hariri would remain in Saudi Arabia for the foreseeable future, fearing for his life if he returned to Lebanon.

On Sunday, the Saudi-based newspaper Asharq al-Awsatclaimed that Hariri decided to resign after he “received warnings from Western governments” that there would be an assassination plot against him. The newspaper did not name the Western governments, nor did it identify those who are allegedly trying to kill Hariri. Later on Sunday, Saudi television station al-Arabiya al-Hadath alleged that an assassination attempt against Hariri had been stopped at the last minute in the Lebanese capital Beirut earlier in the week. Both news media cited “sources close” to the Lebanese leader, but did not provide specific information, nor did they give details of the alleged plot or plots. It is worth noting, however, that Lebanese security officials denied these reports from Riyadh. Lebanese media quoted senior security official Major General Abbas Ibrahim as saying that no information about assassination plots had been uncovered. Major Ibrahim, who heads Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security, said that his agency had no information about attempts to kill Hariri or other Lebanese political figures.

This could mean that the information about a possible assassination plot against Hariri was given directly to him by Western intelligence agencies, probably because the latter fear that Lebanese security agencies are infiltrated by Hezbollah sympathizers. Or it could mean that the Saudi media reports are inaccurate. Lebanon is now awaiting further details by Hariri regarding the alleged assassination plot against him. In the meantime, the already fragile political life of Lebanon appears to be entering a period of prolonged uncertainty.


Conference on Russia-gate on Friday, November 10, at the National Press Club

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

The public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. headed by veteran journalist and media critic Cliff Kincaid, is holding a conference on Russia-gate on Friday, November 10, at the National Press Club, with an emphasis on the role being played by former President Obama. “The Obama name is being put on schools, streets, and highways across the United States, while President Trump and his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, are fighting off charges from the left and right of being Russian agents,” Kincaid notes. “Our conference will change the focus back to Obama.” The event will examine the Russian connections of the former president, who has mostly escaped scrutiny in the scandal but is re-emerging as the head of the Democratic Party and a major figure on the global scene.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert will discuss new research on Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor and father figure, while analyst Trevor Loudon will examine Obama’s plans to return the Democratic Party to national prominence through the Marxist-oriented “Brown is the New White” strategy of diminishing the power of conservative voters. Other speakers include author Constance Cumbey, author of The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism, on the growing power and influence of anti-Christian religions, and Dr. Tina Trent on the George Soros-backed drug legalization movement now pushing heroin injection centers (such as in Seattle) and LSD and Ecstasy experiments on young people and soldiers.

“With the disintegration of America’s Judeo-Christian values through cultural Marxism, the Trump presidency was seen as a brief respite from the downward spiral of hate, division, and criminal political conflict inflicted on America during the eight years of the Obama presidency,” Kincaid said. “But the question now is whether Trump can survive as the ‘resistance’ movement takes to the streets and threatens terrorism and political assassinations. Our security and law enforcement agencies seem not to understand the strange and barbaric times we are living in.”

The conference is being held in the Zenger room of the National Press Club from Noon to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 10. National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045

Contact: Cliff Kincaid, 443-964-8208, [email protected]


President Trump Targets Voter Fraud—Dems Go Insane!

By: Joan Swirsky | Canada Free Press

They never ever counted on the one entity for which neither media hacks nor pollsters have any respect: the American public!

”…The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin, 1923

On Tuesday, American voters will once again go to the polls hoping that the candidate(s) they vote for will fulfill what should be their one and only mission, i.e., to serve the needs of We the People.

Republican, ahem, leaders are appropriately nervous that the phony so-called conservatives they’ve been foisting on us for decades will be replaced by authentic conservatives who will help President Trump fulfill his mission to Make America Great Again!

And—oxymoron here—Democrat leaders are even more agitated because looming over the entire election will be the initiative President Trump announced last May to investigate voter fraud, an issue they are all-too-seedily familiar with.

They are also in high anxiety about the inconvenient truth that, according to journalist Susan Jones, “There have been five special congressional elections so far this year, and in the four races where Republicans ran against Democrats, Republicans have won all four. (In CA, two Democrats vied for a House seat, so a Dem win was the only possible outcome).

VP Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach are leading the commission’s efforts to reassure voters about the integrity of federal elections. The president also appointed Hans von Spakovsky, a GW Bush appointee, to head the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

And there is one more thing. Democrats felt confident that they had perfected the voter-fraud scheme so exquisitely that their girl Hillary would cakewalk her way into the Oval Office in a landslide. But the one thing they didn’t count on—and haven’t counted on for four elections in which they’ve sustained thunderous losses in state legislatures, governorships, congressional and senatorial seats and, in 2016, the White House—is the preference of most Americans for sane policies that don’t include:

  • Anguish over going to a public bathroom
  • Dictates that insist nuns tout birth control
  • Burgeoning food-stamp and welfare rolls
  • Sissified Rules of Engagement for our distinctly non-sissified military
  • A dumbed-down, anti-American, Islamophilic federalized education system
  • A socialized medical system

You get the picture.


I’ve heard of some cases of Republican gerrymandering. According to Wikipedia, this is “a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries. Not really sure how this works, but it pales by light years from the countless examples of Democrat voter fraud. For one thing, gerrymandering is legal, although it can be contested.

Shortly after President Trump’s commission was formed, stories of Democrat voter fraud from all over the country started to emerge. Of course, most of the fake-news liberal media refused to cover these stories, just as they—including the far-left New York Times—kept buried the story of Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein’s predatory sexual harassment and alleged rape for nearly 15 years, the better to protect a huge financial donor to Democrat candidates.

Here is a small sampling of the kind of voter fraud that is perfectly routine in Democrat circles:

  • October 2017: Corruption in Voting! Los Angeles has 144% of Those Eligible to Vote on Voting Rolls.
  • As reported by the National Review’s Deroy Murdock, “some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens…” Murdock counted Judicial Watch’s state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100% of all eligible voters. That’s 3.552 million people, who Murdock calls “ghost voters.”
  • California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters and 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.
  • September 2017: Hundreds of Illegal Voters Revealed in Philadelphia: non-U.S. citizens registered to vote in Philly and nearly half of them voted in past elections.
  • September 2017: 248 counties have more voters than eligible citizens.  Lowndes County, Alabama, has been accused of having 131 percent of its total eligible population on its list of registered voters. Another 247 counties have the same problem.
  • From the same article by Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily.com: Kentucky has 41 counties with more voters than residents, Michigan 32, Iowa 31, Illinois 22, Mississippi 19, Colorado 17, Texas 12, Alabama 12, South Dakota 12, Nebraska 9, Georgia 6, New York 6, West Virginia 6, New Mexico 5, North Carolina 5, California 2, Louisiana 2, Montana 2, Virginia 2, Arizona 1 and Florida 1.
  • September 2017: The NY Post reported about “the endless rigging of NY politics.”
  • September 2017: An election supervisor in Broward County, Florida, testified in court that both noncitizens and felons have voted illegally in her county—just as then-candidate Trump asserted, to the howling denials of leftists and their media whores.
  • In the second meeting of the Commission on Election Integrity, held on Sept. 12, 2017, computer expert Ken Block found approximately 8,500 voters who voted in two different states in the November 2016 election, including 200 couples who voted illegally together. He estimated that “there would be 40,000 duplicate votes if data from every state were available.”
  • A Commission on Election Integrity reports that “voter history data from only 21 states…found that 8,471 votes in 2016 were ‘highly likely’ duplicates. Extrapolating this to all 50 states would likely produce, with ‘high-confidence,’ around 45,000 duplicate votes.
  • Hillary won New Hampshire by fewer than 3,000 votes out of over 700,000 cast. (NH was one of the states that refused to turn over its data for this study, and it is one of only 15 states that allow same-day voter registration). If 74.8 percent of the 5,513 fraudulent votes were cast for Clinton, then the presidential election in New Hampshire was tipped as well.
  • According to a riveting article by Kris Kobach, statistics released by the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on the date of the general election in November 2016, there were 6,540 same-day registrants who voted in New Hampshire using an out-of-state driver’s license to prove their identity. But further research proved that over 5,000 were not legitimate, more than enough to swing an election!
  • August 2017: Judicial Watch reported that Mass. state employees sold drivers’ licenses and state identification cards to illegal immigrants…according to the Depart. of Justice (DOJ). Also that there is “an epidemic of voter fraud in the U.S.” and the case in Boston “occurred in multiple cases,” a matter being investigated by JW’s five-year-old Election Integrity Project.
  • On August 18, 2017 Tyler Durden wrote a column on Zero Hedge titled “U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults—A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud.
  • Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe has said he has no intention of honoring the new commission’s request for information because “there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in Virginia.” This is the same guy who enabled over 60,000 felons to vote in the presidential election last November, the same slick operator who gave over $700,000 dollars to acting FBI director Andrew McCabe’s wife who was running in a local race. Yes, that McCabe, who just coincidentally was running the FBI investigation into Hillary’s use of a home-made e-mail server.
  • Last June, California’s Election Integrity Project (EIP), in a routine audit of CA’s new VoteCal voter registration database, found that five counties alone accounted for nearly one-million more registered voters than citizens of voting age!
  • Officials in College Park, Maryland, don’t like President Trump’s voter fraud commission and are considering giving noncitizens voting rights, a longstanding practice elsewhere in the state. In Maryland, Judicial Watch sued Montgomery County last month after finding more registered voters than citizens of voting age.
  • According to California political commentator Stephan Frank, “Thanks to [Obama’s] “leadership,” five-million (not a typo) of those granted United States citizenship CANNOT speak or read English.”
  • ‘Substantial Evidence’ Over a Million Illegal Aliens Voted in 2016

All of the above cases, from just the past few months, involve Democrat voter fraud and this is the teeniest tiniest tip of the iceberg!


Founded in 1970, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), received multimillions in federal funds, ostensibly to work on social issues like affordable housing and healthcare in poor neighborhoods, as well as voter registration.  It soon became known as a massive voter-fraud scheme that registered dead people, children, illegal aliens, felons, fraudulent absentee voters, even cartoon characters.

The group was finally outed in 2009 by conservative activists Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe who used hidden cameras to expose ACORN’s nefarious agenda. The U.S. Congress cut ACORN’s funding and the group eventually disbanded. But it continues to operate to this day under new names.

According to journalist and author Matthew Vadum, “Project Vote—the voter mobilization division of now-defunct ACORN—leaves behind a legacy of lies, criminal conspiracies, and voter fraud, including millions upon millions of fraudulent voter registrations.” As he documented in his book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, “at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud, a blanket term coined by lawyers referring to fraudulent voting, identify fraud, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, and other crimes related to the electoral process.”

In a stunning, must-read, three-part series—here, Part 1 by Katy Grimes, here, Part 3 by Katy Grimes, Grimes begins with a chilling quotation from Joseph Stalin: “…The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Grimes and Barth report the massive election fraud that took place during the California primary in June (2016).

  • Thousands upon thousands of California voters showed up at their designated polling stations only to discover that their party registration had been changed, or they were dropped entirely from the rolls. And it was evident this was done from within the state’s electronic voting system.
  • “A group from Princeton needed only seven minutes and simple hacking tools to install a computer program on a voting machine that took votes for one candidate and gave them to another,”
  • Recent DNC delegate manipulations made it so nearly every primary and caucus magically favored Hillary Clinton, despite the millions of winning votes going to Sanders” [and the probability that he won].  Just last week, a new book by longtime democrat consultant Donna Brazile claimed that Hillary rigged the DNC Primary, or, as she corrected that notion on Friday, that Hillary “totally controlled” the bankrupt Democratic National Committee. She did this, as reported by Jon Levine of The Wrap, by agreeing to pay off the DNC’s debt in exchange for overseeing the “party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”
  • Three liberal federal judges (two appointed by Pres. Clinton, one by Barack Obama) overturned voter-ID laws—in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Texas—claiming they were racially discriminatory.

Barth cites a study on Democrat fraud in multiple states, the conclusion of which was that election fraud [occurred] and benefitted Hillary Clinton—especially in states that used unaccountable, electronic voting machines.

“What’s more, two of the three companies that controlled the electronic voting machine market, Dominion Voting and H.I.G. Capital (i.e. Hart Intercivic) were on the list of big money donors that donated to the Clinton campaign, as shown by the DNC documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0.”

These stories were nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. Either was the video—since removed—of a Diebold machine spitting out incorrect votes in favor of Hillary.

In addition, according to Dean Garrison at dcclothesline.com, not only did Reuters rig a major poll to show Hillary winning when Breitbart News was reporting a 17-point swing towards Trump and away from Hillary, but Thomas Reuters, owner of the Reuters News Service, was among the top-tier donors ($1.5 million) to the Clinton Foundation!

It is impossible not to mention the famous “popular vote” that Hillary insisted she won by. Actually, in October of 2015, just a year before the presidential election—perfect timing—a motor-voter law cooked up by California Governor Jerry Brown was enacted. In short, this gave over three-million illegal aliens the “right” to vote.

A report from Investors Business Daily said that: “According to the American Civil Liberties Union—which opposes the motor-voter law—California houses 3.3 million illegals, or a quarter of the nation’s total. So the stage is set not just for extending voting to illegals but for swinging national elections, too.”

Well whaddaya know? That number—3.3 million—is just about the exact number Hillary and her bitter minions—and her pathetic book—say she won the popular vote by!

We all know how this massive voter-fraud attempt ended. Donald Trump not only won the 2016 election, but successfully exposed the fake news and fake polls that until 8 p.m. on election night continued to insist that Hillary was ahead and would win.

They never ever counted on the one entity for which neither media hacks nor pollsters have any respect: the American public!


Old School Heroes and Sports Media

By: Lloyd Marcus

While watching game 6 of the 2017 World Series on TV, I thought about Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson. I called up Brooks’ highlights on Youtube. There are several tributes to Brooks on Youtube. Each acknowledged that Brooks was not only a remarkable player, but a great, humble man of character. To my surprise, I welled up, becoming emotional. Why? I do not know.

I remembered my cousin Ray who lived in walking distance from Memorial Stadium taking me to my first baseball game. I was around 9 or 10. Ray was a year older. In those days, a general admission seat was a dollar and change. I vividly remember walking through the upper deck tunnel to see that huge awesome flawless green field. I was blown away. Ray knew stats of each player and taught me proper fan behavior.

Perhaps, the reason I got emotional while watching tributes to Brooks Robinson is because he was someone Ray and I ( black kids) looked up to and wanted to be like; a hero on and off the field; a good guy. Expecting pro athletes of today to be positive role models sounds as corny as Norman Rockwell paintings; ghosts of a long forgotten America. By the way, Norman Rockwell actually did a painting honoring Brooks Robinson. http://bit.ly/2A6n9YT

I am sure there are great character driven people in pro sports today. Former NFL coach Tony Dungy immediately comes to mind. However, more and more, they are becoming the exception rather than the norm. Sports media is repulsed by athletes who express traditional American values, insidiously portraying them as weird; out of touch with the mainstream.

Leftist haters of God and country who dominate media continue to praise players for disrespecting America by taking a knee during our National Anthem. These are the same people who relentlessly excoriated Tim Tebow for taking a knee in humility and respect for God.

Leftist media demeaned black pro quarterback Russell Wilson for honoring his Christian faith. Wilson said he and his girlfriend would wait to their wedding night to have sex. http://bit.ly/2A4ZBUa

A huge destructive problem devastating black America is out-of-wedlock births and fatherless households. http://bit.ly/2h4oHOz This behavior feeds a cycle of poverty, epidemic school dropouts, gangs, black on black homicides and incarceration. In a sane America, Wilson would be celebrated as a positive role model for black youths. Leftist media which claims to be superior advocates for social justice trashed Wilson; accusing Wilson of not behaving authentic to his blackness.

Leftist sports media trashed black pro quarterback Robert Griffin III for not acting black enough, calling him a “cornball brother”. http://foxs.pt/2zbcDS0 Leftist sports media said Wilson and Griffin’s blackness is not reflected enough in their speech, dress and behavior. Well folks, how racist is that?

So to be authentically black in the eyes of Leftist sports media, black athletes must include “yo” in their speech, wear their pants below their butts, resent whitey and hate cops.

As a black American, it has always puzzled me why my fellow blacks are not offended by Leftists dictating how we are allowed to behave. Whites are free to enjoy whatever foods or music they please. But a black who prefers sushi over fried chicken, country music over rap music and votes Republican rather than Democrat is deemed a traitor to their blackness by Leftists. Leftists are the ones obsessed with keeping blacks in their little black box of acceptable black behavior.

As young Orioles fans, my cousin Ray and I also loved Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken and Paul Blair. On numerous occasions, Ray and I walked home thrilled after seeing Frank Robinson or Eddie Murray hit the game winning home-run, bottom of the ninth with two outs.

At the crack of the bat, center fielder Paul Blair would immediately turn and dash to the fence. Then, Paul would turn back around, leap into the air and catch the ball, robbing the hitter of a home-run. Absolutely thrilling.

Cal Ripken was nicknamed, “Iron Man” for his tremendous work ethnic, excellence and never missing a game. I remember the night Cal played his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record. Talk about a corny unbelievable movie script, Cal also hit a home-run that night. Fans cheered so long, Cal was forced out of the dugout by teammates. Cal trotted a lap around the field in thanks to the fans. It was magical. http://bit.ly/1HMHjUP Cal’s streak ended with him playing 2,632 consecutive games.

I believe fans subconsciously thought of Cal Ripken as the last of his kind, marking the end of an era of sports role models for their kids to look up to. America’s cultural decline has been dramatic and consistent. Leftist media laughs at and demeans old school character driven sports heroes.

To be celebrated and highly respected by sports media today, an athlete must announce that they’re homosexual or put on a dress to win the ESPN award or kneel during our national anthem. Pro athletes are role models who have launched a national movement, inspiring youths to hate police and their country.

My cousin Ray passed away this year, 2017.

By electing Trump, middle America is saying we miss our old-school America in which character and doing the right thing matters and is celebrated and respected. Restoring traditional principles and values will make our country great again for all Americans.

My dad had his picture taken with Brooks Robinson. The extremely excited look on Dad’s face says it all.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


Who’s Behind the Drug Crisis?

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Under the “Choom Gang” President Obama, illegal and legal drug use has accelerated. The role of billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros in the crisis that is taking tens of thousands of lives a year is examined by drug policy expert David Evans. Soros is behind the marijuana movement and even heroin injection centers, such as those proposed in Seattle. Evans looks at how the drug companies pushing opioids benefited from a law passed by Congress and signed by Obama and sparked an opioid epidemic.


The Russian Spy Ring That Was Really Was A Political Access Network

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard

Three Trump operatives have officially been indicted by the Department of Justice.

Two of the three of those indicted, Rick Gates and Paul Manafort had significant questionable financial  activities long before joining the Trump campaign operation. The third lied under oath about his activities that, in and of themselves, were not illegal.

What didn’t happen was an indictment for actual campaign collusion.

Even so, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Russia is not just interested in American politics. It wants to influence American politics and because we have an open society, there are thousands of open lanes into the United States.

It is not science fiction. It is not something from the Cold War era. It is in real time and happening today.

Russian operations include spying, business deals, shell corporations and policy issues. In fact, spying to business networking, fits a long pattern of activity by the Russian foreign intelligence service or SVR, which has a robust and wide operation. It uses not only human assets but also cyber, social media and real weapons.

In recent years, Moscow’s spying success was due in great part to the Obama Administration’s deference to the Kremlin. Even though the Obama White House was aware of SVR activities, it had other objectives than stopping Moscow’s SVR operations.

Obama wanted Putin’s cooperation for the Iranian nuclear deal and to get out of two military conflicts while not taking part in a third, Syria. Putin went along with those objectives but had a different end game.  Putin went along because he knew it would expand the power of the new Russia.

Cooperation or not, that didn’t slow down Soviet spying.

Consider the Russian spy ring criminal complaint, as detailed here, filed in 2014.  The FBI expended years of time and resources building that case against SVR.  In the end, however, no more than a spy swap ended the matter.

That was no more than a slap on the wrist given that spy ring gained political access to the Obama powerbrokers for other deals like Uranium One.

The Uranium One deal goes back to 2005 when Hillary Clinton was a New York senator.

One of the committees upon which Hillary served was the Committee on Armed Services, which has 3 subcommittees. Armed Services has jurisdiction over space activities, common defense, cyber, military research and development, nuclear energy, petroleum reserves and strategic materials for the common defense. Hillary served on that committee from 2003-09.  Those dates overlap with the spy ring activities referenced above.

There is also the CFIUS committee.  The law requires foreign entities to apply to purchase American companies or interests. There are significant assurances required before CFIUS approval can be obtained.  There can be no money laundering, applicants or foreign companies cannot be on the U.S. Treasury sanctions list and the proposed activity can’t pose a risk to the national security for the United States or interests worldwide.

In the case of Russia, in the Obama/Hillary years, exceptions were allowed. Things did backfire as noted below, but it was the little guy(s) who got caught up in the legal snare.

All of that is part of the Kremlin hybrid warfare operation that not only deploys spies, but also uses cyber penetration, lobbyists, propaganda and murder.

The Clinton Operation, along with the Clinton Foundation, in cadence with The Podesta Group, had a long-term mission to exploit the State Department with Ukrainian and Russian connections for the sake of power and money.

Law firms in New York and in Washington DC were busy working on the deal, including those recommended by the Obama White House, i.e. Perkins and Coie.

A key Perkins and Coie partner, Marc Elias, was also the Hillary campaign legal counsel and took up the offer of Fusion GPS to continue to opposition research on Trump and his team all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Clinton operation is crafty and cunning.

It ensures that their fingerprints are not on any smoking guns, i.e. documents.

They use the little guys on the payroll and lawyers as the front line operatives. Those exact tactics are used by Putin as well.  The Kremlin has a global network much more deadly and aggressive that than of the West. The United States is getting outplayed where it will take years and legislation to catch up.

As Nolan Peterson of the Daily Signal in part writes:

Hybrid warfare is the Kremlin’s contemporary take on a Soviet military doctrine called “deep battle,” in which front-line combat operations are supported with operations to spread chaos and confusion deep within the enemy’s country. Hybrid warfare also draws on the Soviet Union’s well-documented history of “influence operations” against the U.S. and other Western allies.

In effect, Russia’s overall strategy to undermine the West hasn’t changed all that much from the Soviet Union’s playbook. But the world in which those Soviet theories are now put into practice is a radically different one than during the Cold War.”

Cold War schemes, spy rings, side business deals, cyber penetrations concocted by Moscow are in full operation today against the West and across the globe. For the United States to merely expel some diplomats and shutter two dachas is hardly an appropriate response to Putin’s aggressions not only levied on the United States but to allies including Ukraine among many others.

Putin is calculating, strategic and patient. He is the forever leader of the new Russia and has a plan that is working, until the West can be savvy and mobilize his opposition in his country.

The reader is encouraged to draw back to a bird’s eye view, way beyond the dossier and consider the work and risks at the hands of the professionals. The scenery is quite different. Final public service announcement, watch those interactions on social media, many are likely paid trolls.