Twelve Questions for Fauxcahontas and Her Progressive Tribe – Part III (Conclusion)

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal



Norman Rockwell’s “Spirit of America.” Indeed. Our founding principles – NOT Progressivism – truly express the “diversity and inclusion” ideal to which we should aspire.

PART III – Conclusion: What It All Means; There is a Better Way

By following current “Diversity & Inclusion” (D&I) trends to their logical conclusion, the series of questions in Part II illustrated the inherent contradictions and irreconcilable fallacies of the D&I agenda – it becomes inarguable but that D&I cannot achieve its stated purposes (which go something along the lines of “an inclusive, multicultural world of acceptance in which differences are valued, and we reap the benefits of ‘diversity is our strength’”).

Do not think for a minute that the Progressive leadership is not fully aware of this; nor that it is bothered by it.

For while the diversity uber alles agenda being imposed and enforced by Progressivism cannot achieve its purported goals (thought they’ll never publicly admit that), it can very much achieve the actual goals – and eventually will, if we don’t stop them.

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Twelve Questions for Fauxcahontas and Her Progressive Tribe – Part II of III

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal




Dear Fauxcahontas:

As a (presumptive) member of the Diversity Leadership of the Diversity Deep State, you and your Progressive tribe of supporters have been imposing “fundamental transformation” on our country in the form of so-called “Diversity & Inclusion” (D&I).  This agenda is already pervasive in government and private workplaces across the land, and is spreading at a rapid rate.  Given that, there are several questions to which we deserve answers.

You and your fellow Progressives are bending social morays, and harnessing legal force, to manufacture your vision of a “diverse society” – and it is clear that conscientious objectors will not be tolerated.

For example, the environment of increasingly “politically correct”  – and suppressive – college campuses and workplaces; or the jihad against those who have faith-based objections, press-ganging them into celebrating homosexual civil marriages, lest they forfeit their livelihoods by adhering to their faith).

Since it is evident that you intend to compel us to comply with whatever D&I holds in store, we have a need to know what is what with this D&I agenda – what it is; what it will be (what does your intended ultimate outcome look like?); and going forward, how do you intend for it to be implemented, administered and enforced.  And by whom, and by when?

As you progenitors of D&I hail from elite sections of society, and have been planning our collective future, no doubt you’ve already considered all of the questions to follow, and so should have the answers readily at hand.

It’s time for a diversity pow-wow, Fauxcahontas.  Shall we begin?

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Twelve Questions for Fauxcahontas and Her Progressive Tribe – Part I of III

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal


Government agencies, workplaces and the media today are awash in “Diversity & Inclusion” (“D&I”).

Yet few have stopped to ask how we got to this state, why we’re here and, most importantly, where it is directing us.  Dear Reader, in this series was ask those questions, and more.

After reading this series you will experience a “paradigm shift” and will never look at D&I the same way again.

Why “twelve questions?”

By asking pertinent questions – even while knowing that fundamentally they will probably remain unanswered, by being ignored entirely, deflected by changing the subject, or spun with non-responsive answers – the “asking” often reveals more than would any “answers” received.  How can this be?

Because it tells us that the individual(s) avoiding direct responses have calculated that the negative implications of not responding  such as appearing to be evasive – are still preferable to giving forthright responses.  Which means that for them, the truth must be really, really bad.

This series, point blank, debunks the D&I agenda. By the time we’re done, its mask will be ripped off.

As we will see, it’s all a fraud that aims not only to increase discrimination, but also to make it a permanent fixture of our society … and more … and even worse.

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Weekly Featured Profile – Lydia Lowe


Lydia Lowe

Lydia Lowe is a Boston-based activist who works as co-director of the Chinese Progressive Association (Boston).

In the early 1980s, Lydia Lowe was a student at UMass Boston and active in the East Coast Asian Student Union/New England.

Lowe is a former member of two pro-Beijing Marxist-Leninist groups I Wor Kuen and the League of Revolutionary Struggle. When the League dissolved in 1990, Lowe joined its successor the Unity Organizing Committee, which largely worked inside the Democratic Party.

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#EnemiesWithin: Trevor Loudon releases mini-doc on Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy

This week Trevor Loudon exposes Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a threat to America’s national security. Chris Murphy serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which develops and influences foreign policy.


In 2016, New Zealand author and film-maker Trevor Loudon released his full-length documentary The Enemies Within, which exposed a shocking number of United States Senators and Congress members who pose a security risk to America. These elected officials were all tied to hostile foreign powers, anti-American Marxist groups or fronts for the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Trevor Loudon

Trevor has made a “short list” of 59 Congress members and 19 Senators who likely could not pass a basic security background check.

Unfortunately, there are no security checks for Congress members, so the United States is now suffering the consequences of highly untrustworthy people serving on sensitive Congressional Committees, including Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Intelligence.

These are the “Enemies Within.”

Trevor has made a series of 90-to-150 second mini-documentaries exposing these people. He is releasing them in batches every Thursday night on TrevorLoudon.com at 8 pm EST up until election day. Others may be released at appropriate times after the election.

Please embed these videos on your blog, tweet them to your followers, post them to Facebook, or personally email them to friends, relatives and colleagues. Every American voter needs to see these videos. If more Americans understand how badly they are being betrayed by their own elected representatives, they can help “drain the swamp” themselves, directly through the ballot box.

Enemies Within Number 10: Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy

Watch Trevor’s explosive videos on Reps. Andre Carson and Rosa DeLauro.

Watch Trevor’s videos on Sen. Tim Kaine & Rep. Bobby Rush.

Watch Trevor’s videos on Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Ami Bera.

Watch Last week’s videos on Reps. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Courtney

Please help Trevor continue his valuable research!


Steve Phillips: Meet the Mega-Wealthy ‘Marxist-Leninist’ Behind Four Potential Governors in November

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

Steve Phillips is pictured in a press kit photo. (stevephillips.com)

News Analysis

Democratic Party power-player Steve Phillips is behind the rise of four potential far-left governors who have already won their primaries.

The San Francisco attorney is a mega-wealthy self-identified student of “Marx, Mao, and Lenin” directing huge resources into socialist and communist-led groups, with the goal of putting his personal far-left proteges into governor’s mansions in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona.

Phillips and his partners in the highly secretive group Democracy Alliance hope that by electing far-left governors into four currently Republican-led states, the drive to impeach President Donald Trump and destroy his “Make America Great Again” agenda will be accelerated.

The key element of Phillips’s strategy is to push people of color into high office, which will then—so his theory goes—energize minority voters to come out in force.

While George Soros and Tom Steyer have gained notoriety for their dedication to pouring massive resources into far-left causes and candidates, Phillips has managed to escape the level of scrutiny someone of his stature deserves. Make no mistake, Phillips is a highly regarded and extremely influential force in the Democratic Party.

Who Is Steve Phillips?

Originally from Cleveland, Phillips was a student radical at Stanford University in the 1980s, active in the Black Student Union.

Phillips was a regular writer for Unity, the newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS). The 3,000-member-strong Maoist organization was the largest pro-China group in the United States at the time. The LRS was highly secretive and ordered most members to publicly disavow the organization. The Stanford branch of LRS was led by Professor Gordon H. Chang (not to be confused with the anti-communist author Gordon G. Chang), who is now a member of Beijing’s main U.S. “influence operation” known as the Committee of 100.

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NY Senate Candidate John Liu Endorsed by Far-Left Radicals and Socialist Islamists

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

News Analysis

Disgraced former New York City mayoral candidate John Liu is attempting a political comeback, with the support of hard-left radical activists and a progressive organization called the Muslim Democratic Club of New York, founded by socialist Islamist Linda Sarsour.

Liu previously declared himself as a candidate in the 2013 New York City mayoral election but was dogged by a scandal from his 2011 comptroller election campaign.

Liu served as the 43rd New York City Comptroller from Jan. 1, 2010, to Dec. 31, 2013. While Liu quickly raised more than $1 million dollars in campaign donations in the first half of 2011, suspicions grew as to some of its origin. In an Oct. 11, 2011, front-page story, the New York Times reported that its investigation of Liu’s donors had uncovered some “irregularities.”

It stated: “Canvassing by The New York Times of nearly 100 homes and workplaces of donors listed on Mr. Liu’s campaign finance reports raises questions about the source and legitimacy of some donations, as well as whether some of the donors even exist. Some two dozen irregularities were uncovered, including instances in which people listed as having given to Mr. Liu say they never gave, say a boss or other Liu supporter gave for them, or could not be found altogether.”

Liu was closely involved with Asian Americans for Equality, a very wealthy New York City “community organization” that had its roots in the Pro-China Communist Workers Party.

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Equifax had Evidence of Chinese Espionage Before the Hack

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Fascinating that there is always more to the story. Remember, this was/is confidential and personal data. Further, Alibaba is a Chinese international holding company that is a counterpart to Amazon and specializes in artificial intelligence based in Hangzhou, China.

The General Accounting Office issued a report on Equifax. The GAO analysis detailed the steps Atlanta-based Equifax has taken since the breach to prevent similar attacks in the future. Last year, hackers had found a vulnerability in Equifax servers that gave them access to customer login credentials.

The report said the hackers hid in Equifax’s system for more than two months and mined data for credit card numbers, drivers licenses and social security numbers. The breach led the agency to make $200 million in security upgrades.

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CIA Files On al Qaeda/bin Laden Leading Up To 9/11

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The collection includes rarely released CIA emails, raw intelligence cables, analytical summaries, high-level briefing materials, and comprehensive counter-terrorism reports that are usually withheld from the public because of their sensitivity. Today’s posting covers a variety of topics of major public interest, including background to al Qaeda’s planning for the attacks; the origins of the Predator program now in heavy use over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran; al Qaeda’s relationship with Pakistan; CIA attempts to warn about the impending threat; and the impact of budget constraints on the U.S. government’s hunt for bin Laden.

The documents released by the CIA detail the meticulousness of al Qaeda’s plot against the United States and CIA attempts to counter the rising terrorist threat. A previously undisclosed raw intelligence report that became the basis for the December 4, 1998, President’s Daily Brief, notes that five years before the actual attack, al Qaeda operatives had successfully evaded security at a New York airport in a test-run for bin Laden’s plan to hijack a U.S. airplane. [1998-12-03]. CIA analytical reports also provide interesting insights into al Qaeda’s evolving political strategies. “In our view, the hijackers were carefully selected with an eye to their operational and political value. For instance, the large number of Saudi nationals was most likely chosen not only because of the ease with which Saudi nationals could get US visas but also because Bin Laden could send a message to the Saudi Royal family.” [2003-06-01]

Reports on early attempts to apprehend bin Laden detail the beginning of the U.S. Predator drone program in Afghanistan and Pakistan. “First Predator mission over Afghanistan [excised] September 7, 2000.” [1] “Twice in the fall of 2000, the Predator observed an individual most likely to be Bin Laden; however we had no way at the time to react to this information.” [2004-03-19] American UAVs did not have sufficient weapons capabilities at the time the CIA likely spotted bin Laden in 2000 to fire on the suspect using the UAV.

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