New Study from CMS: House bill increases health care costs

DC Liberals Have Bankrupt America After Only One Year In Power

Add Michigan to Bogus ‘Saved or Created Jobs’ List

Obama Administration: Moving 100 Gitmo Prisoners to Illinois to ‘Stimulate Economy, Create Jobs’

Ho-hum: Pelosicare hikes costs $289 billion

Stunner. Obama Will Remove Abortion Funding Ban From Nationalized Health Care Bill

Team Obama Says They Will ‘Create or Save’ 2,340 Jobs By Moving Gitmo Killers to Illinois

WIRE: World leaders back delay to final climate deal

Dollar decline continues as trade deficit widens

Obama wants domestic spending cuts in NEXT budget

Regulators shut 2 Fla. banks; 122 failures in ’09

Netherlands to levy ‘green’ road tax by the kilometre

McConnell: Senate won’t rush health bill

Obama administration looking into nationalizing public transportation system

China Blasts Financial Policy

Ahead of Obama’s visit, China’s top banking regulator says U.S. created ‘ununavoidable risks for the recovery of the global economy, especially emerging economies’


GLD ETF Warning, Tungsten-Filled Fake Gold Bars

China: Loose US Policy, Weak USD Creating Speculation

Arrogant Fed hasn’t learned a thing

White House Aims to Cut Deficit with Unspent TARP Money

AIG May Tap Credit Line as Commercial Paper Expires

Japan Derivative Market Unraveling

If You Thought the Housing Meltdown was Bad…

The Midnight Food Line at Wal-Mart There are American families who aren’t eating at the end of the month and are literally hitting Wal-Mart at midnight, as soon as their food stamp benefits hit their accounts.

“I, for one, do not trust Congress to be in charge of monetary policy. But I do not argue that the Federal Reserve System should maintain its independence from the Federal government. I maintain that it should be made completely independent of the Federal government: cut loose and left to fend for itself, just as the Second Bank of the United States was in 1836. It went bust.

I am not so naive as to imagine that this will happen in my lifetime, short of a true social collapse in which several million people die because of the collapse of the division of labor due to hyperinflation. I do not expect this to happen. But I can dream [of such a catastrophe].” – Dr. Gary North

Widest-ever October budget deficit (more than all of 2006)

Bank failure toll reaches 123; Regulators close two Florida banks and on in California, costing the FDIC $986.4 million.

Gold will stay above $1,000 an ounce forever, says Swiss Dr. Doom.

Drop in US Energy Use Drags Stocks Lower

Jobless Claims Fall, But Hiring Gains Seem Far Off

Buffett, Gates Tell Students Worst is Behind Us. Gee, Happy Days are Here Again. Yeah, that’s what they were singing in 1930. But in fact, the economy didn’t fully recover until 1954. They say history doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.

Banks Borrow Less From Emergency Fed Fund

Federal Deficit Sets October Record of $176.48 Billion

Wal-Mart, Kohl’s: Holidays Could be Rough

Obama Announces US Jobs Forum with Business Leaders

Initial US Jobless Claims Fall to 10-Month Low