“We are going to have both.”

Arfin Greebly:

Quote (H. dean): “Capitalism has seen its last days, socialism is where we’re headed, communitarianism.”

Hey, boys and girls! Howie has found a new way to spell communism! Woo-hoo!

Howard Dean ventures into the swamps of wishful thinking.

The only thing that has been revealed by recent events is that the only way to give socialism the upper hand is to cripple capitalism. Socialism can’t win in a fair fight, so the only way to “level” the playing field is to infiltrate capitalism, engage in deep and extensive sabotage, and invent new rules that make prosperity illegal — or at least unattractive.

The only maxim revealed in the recent “contest” between socialism’s tyranny and capitalism’s prosperity is when you can’t win in a fair fight, cheat; when the truth hurts, lie; when the rules interfere with your total control of the game, burn the rulebook and make up your own.

And then, when you’ve done your worst, and liberty *still* looks like it might win, just declare victory and hope no one notices that you’re just making it all up.

Other than that, the only way to “deliver” socialism to a free nation is brute force.