When I heard Rick Santelli on the CNBC business network have his rant and call for a tea party to protest the Obama bailout bill, I knew it was time to get organized and fight against a President who was determined to take care of the big corporations and his liberal friends instead of mainstream Americans who do the productive and volunteer work that makes our country so great.

That led our political action committee, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, to start the Tea Party Express as a vehicle to get Americans involved in protesting the efforts by our new President and liberal Congress to grow the federal government to intrude further in our lives.

We kept our goals straight-forward and consistent with a majority of Americans:

  • End the Bailouts
  • Reduce the Size and Intrusiveness of Government
  • Stop the Out of Control Spending
  • No Government Run Heathcare
  • Stop Raising our Taxes

We have now done two national bus tours and the huge rally in Washington DC with over a million people participating. And, we already are planning on two more tours in 2010 – the first one beginning in Searchlight, Nevada on March 27th and travelling across country to Washington, DC for another big protest rally on April 15th Tax Day.

One of the great things about these tours is getting to meet so many wonderful Americans who share our concern over the direction of our country. People have turned out by the thousands, many with hand-made signs.

That sparked an idea that others who couldn’t join our tour rallies would enjoy seeing some of the people and signs that were displayed at our events. So we put together this fabulous 2010 calendar with over 100 color photographs from each of the rally locations on Tea Party Express II.

It will make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. And, you will thoroughly enjoy looking at the pictures all year long of your fellow Americans turning out to take our country back.

If you order your calendars before Tuesday, the post office is guaranteeing they will be delivered before Christmas.

Click here so you can enjoy the calendar too.

I hope I see you along the route this year because Election Day 2010 will be a critical date in our nation’s history. We have to “Just Vote Them Out!” and return our country to the principles and policies that made us “the shining city on a hill,” as my old boss Ronald Reagan use to say.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season where the joy of Christmas and Hanukkah can bring us all together for a successful and prosperous 2010.


Sal Russo
Chief Strategist
Tea Party Express