This weekend the staff of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee has been working on Tea Party Express III. We’ll be dedicating ourselves to this effort each day between now and the launch on March 27, 2009 – except for taking a break around Christmas.

I helped launch the Our Country Deserves Better Committee last year in an effort to defeat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and I helped organize the first two Tea Party Expresses.

The reason is easy. As a child of the Reagan years, I grew up with the belief that the individual should be empowered to pursue free freedom and opportunity. We take this for granted in America, but as someone of Polish heritage, I know all to well how much we take for granted here in the United States, and how so many people around the world wish they could enjoy the liberties and freedoms provided to us Americans thanks to our Constitution and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem to embrace a very different view about America. Their policies during the entirety of their political careers demonstrates a belief that the government knows best, and that the liberal elite have a more enlightened view of the world than the ‘common people.’

We know they are wrong, and it’s up to us to fight back – to fight for the future of our country.

The polls suggest that we are finally winning – the American people are expressing doubt and reservations about the “change” that Obama-Pelosi-Reid have in store for America.

We have precious little time before the next critical elections in 2010. We have much work to do, and that is why we announced the Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out Tour.

We here at the Tea Party Express don’t believe in being subtle. The threat to America from the policies of Obama-Pelosi-Reid is profound. So we must speak out, fight back – and do so aggressively.

And that is why with this Tea Party Express III we will be working to defeat some of the worst liberal offenders in Congress. If some in the media or the political establishment have a problem with this, than that’s too bad – that’s their problem. We understand the stakes and we know we must fight to win.

So I now ask for your support for the Tea Party Express III tour. This isn’t just a tour with tea party rallies – though we’ll have those too. This will be a giant, high-profile effort to call out the worst offenders in Congress and vote them out of office. We will be launching campaigns against dozens of the worst offenders in Congress and it will be very expensive.

Here’s the most important point of my message to you: you know that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will raise a ton of money to fight to preserve liberal control of Congress. The question is this: will we have the money to fight back on our side?

So we need your support. If you want to rely solely on the Republican Party to fight for our beliefs, you are free to do so, but I think we’ve all seen they need people like us to keep them honest, lest they too sell out their principles like so many other politicians.

So we are asking for your support in the form of a contribution to the Tea Party Express III effort. You can contribute any amount from $5 to the maximum allowed $5,000, but we’re going to make an offer for one week only.

For anyone who contributes $100 or more between Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 18th, we will provide you with a complimentary copy of the Tea Party Express 2010 calendar. And for anyone who contributes $500 or more during this time period, we will provide you with a copy of the calendar autographed by leaders of the Tea Party Express I and II tours.

And if you make your donation by Friday, December 18th at 3:00 PM (Pacific) we will have the calendar sent to you in time for Christmas.

Again, you can make a contribution of any amount from $5 up to the maximum allowed $5,000 online – HERE. We need to raise over $500,000 by the time of the tour launch so we can make a significant impact on the upcoming 2010 elections.

The principal national sponsor of the Tea Party Express, the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, has already raised the first $75,000 towards our $500,000 goal to target liberal members of Congress and ensure their defeat in 2010.

If you prefer, you can contribute by mailing in a contribution to our finance headquarters:

Our Country Deserves Better Committee
ATTN: Tea Party Express Project
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814