A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

By: T F Stern
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A friend of mine found a political cartoon regarding the building of an Islamic mosque near Ground Zero and posted it to his Facebook page along with his thoughts: “The debate is not about the law or the Constitution. I don’t think it’s even really about tolerance. The real debate is about respect, sensitivity and reverence.”

To me it’s more about building up Islam to replace Western values, a statement of occupation in a conquered land. The property is owned by a Muslim; but that isn’t the issue, nor is it about freedom of religion as many have argued. This is about power; the announcement by Islam to Western civilization that they have no respect for our culture and this is their flag of conquest.

It would be hard not to equate the historical significance of the chosen name for this planned insult. The great mosque in Cordoba, Spain was erected over what had been a Catholic basilica in the year 711 AD. It was the center of power for several centuries under Muslim rule until the year 1236 when Spaniards conquered Cordoba. The population and the building were converted from Muslim rule and the Catholic Church established in its place; however, the structure continues to exhibit its original Moorish design and construction to this day.

Here I am yakking away when all I really needed was the political cartoon; a picture really is worth a thousand words. I wish my eyes were better so I could give credit to the artist; perhaps someone will enlighten me via the comment section.

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Update: Arfin Greebly points out the cartoon is by Michael Ramirez at Townhall.com…

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