By: Dave Logan

The Bob Hope Classic begins tomorrow in the desert of southern California. But this isn’t a post about a golf tournament; it’s a post about Bob Hope and our fighting men and women.

When the time came to boost the morale of our military, Bob Hope was present and accounted for. Hope was on the job from the early ’40s to the early ’90s. It’s no wonder that Bob Hope acquired the nickname, G.I. Bob.

Now that we’re fighting wars both overseas and here at home, I sometimes wonder if we’re paying enough attention to those in harm’s way. It’s easy to get caught up in the political battles here at home and drop the ball on troop support. We can always do better. I know I could. These brave warriors depend on our support — after all, there’s no longer a Bob Hope leading the way when it comes to entertaining and supporting our GIs. We can never do enough, so we should always strive to do better.

The video below highlights the many decades of Bob Hope’s troop shows. And no, “We haven’t lost HOPE,” because there’s a little Bob Hope in each of us:

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