Days Before Rage: Protesters are Dupes of Rothschild/Soros Banksters

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

New Update, Friday 9/9/2011 ~ Are the protesters learning the banksters they’re raging against are the ones sponsoring them?

Scroll down for Multiple Updates – The Bound are running to and fro, collecting and analyzing intel on the fake-anarchist Marxist malcontents putting these events together. We are checking out not only the pawns, but the upper echelons of entrepreneurial neo-Marxists up the ladder, clear up to the wealthiest 1% (of 1%, of 1%, of 1%) trying to finish the job of destroying America.

(8/16) Our story that broke the news last Wednesday 8/10: “‘U.S. Day of Rage’ Orchestrated for ‘Worldwide Democracy’ (think pseudoanarchist, neo-Marxist, globalist)  Click on the tag, below: “Day(s) of Rage,” for closely related items. Also, the entire hour Monday 8/16 with Rick Wiles at TruNews.com is Very Important Info,though my report with him was in the first half.

They brought us the “Arab Spring.”  What is this supposed to be, the “American Fall?”

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(10:28am CT) First of all, these dudes and dudettes dress in black because they pose as anarchists (and black hides stains better, they don’t tend to have the best hygene; counter-protest tip: position up-wind). And much like Islamists, Marxists treat those who actually believe themselves anarchists as pawns (while Marxists are also the duped bishops and knights of globalist kleptocrats). More: link, link.

(10:46am) They are orchestrated with the help of this Bond-villain sociopath, see him grin and chuckle: “George Soros Video: Having Fun Subverting Nations.”  When he’s serious, he believes he is god. Yeah. More on his role in a bit.

(11:28am) Two Rothschild mega-banksters, respectively brought Soros’ general mayhem into the world and his counterpart in the globalist ecofascist racket, Maurice Strong. Born to the megalomaniacal manor and the Machiavellian mantle, global control is their thing. The world is their slave class. Protester dudes: so much for anarchy or Marxian egalitarianism.

(1:30pm) The US Day of Rage site includes training videos.  Here are the credits of their first video. Hey look, The Ruckus Society.

The Ruckus Society is funded by many sources.

Two of these sources are Georgs Soros’ Open Society Institute (in KeyWiki, in DiscovertheNetworks) and the Tides Foundation (in KeyWiki, in DiscovertheNetworks).

From KeyWiki:

Tides Foundation

In 1999, George Soros’ Open Society Institute gave 2 grants, totaling $393,000, to the Tides Foundation.[2] The Tides Foundation funds organizations such as the Ruckus Society.

Here is the 2008 funding from the Open Society Institute (George Soros) to the Tides Foundation. This is the latest year for which OSI has filed a Form 990 document with the IRS (as of Dec. 19, 2010):

Total: $4.229 million

Drummond Pike is the Founder and CEO of the Tides Foundation and is directly connected to Soros. He is also Treasurer of the Democracy Alliance, a group that was founded with major financial backing from member George Soros.

The Apollo Alliance is a project of the Tides CenterVan Jones is a former board member for the Apollo Alliance and is instrumental in Color for Change. The Apollo Alliance helped to design and promote the stimulus bill which included $110 billion for “green spending.”

The other organization’s they show is warresisters.org for the War Resister’s League.  That’s not surprising, MegaloMarxism has been behind peaceniks for a long, long time in America — just like they are behind their anarchists and Islamists.  They don’t want “bastion of freedom” America to be either free or a bastion.  See Gulag Bound’s category, “Peace Movement Manipulation,” for many articles primarily or secondarily about that.

Let’s look further into funders when we get the chance, but we have already pointed out how the money trail works, from Rothschild central banksters, on down.  And banksters always want maximal return on investment (ROI).

We’re taking a break for other things before drilling down into their strategy and tactics…

(9/9, 7:47am)  OK, the big commercial sites picked up on this and I got busy doing other things, but I’m finding it pretty fascinating that much of the Twitter tweeting to #USDoR and related hashtags are protests against the very banksters that are essentially sponsoring these things.

I’ve decided to put that before them and ask them about it in Twitter.

Half of U oppose #Soros & #Rothschild #banksters & they’re sponsoring ur protest. HowdoU feel about that? #USDoR #s17 #OpESR #A99 #anonymous

The Conspiracy: http://t.co/2C0Fehr & http://t.co/mqccMr8 & http://t.co/NzTEp8y #banksters #USDoR #s17 #OpESR #A99 #anonymous

#Banksters & #Soros sponsor “Day of Rage” protests! http://bit.ly/nbiCdY & http://t.co/OD89HNG #bankster #USDoR #s17 #OpESR #A99 #anonymous

Talk about being conflicted….

Think I’ll get any replies? Time will tell. Maybe the server will go down again.

(9/13, 7:28pm) Oh. Are you wondering why in the world the world’s communist-controlling megabanksters would try to foment these demonstrations? (Do you really need to be told?)

For the disruption and disorder, of course. No, they don’t want it to have non-violent results. They know how revolution works, after all. Their grandaddys were there to observe and take notes in France and Russia, after all, the prototypically nasty revolutions of Europe. Also, in Europe’s fascist revolutions.

“But why?” you still ask?  Why, for the power and control, of course. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism always follow massively anarchistic, chaotic revolution.

Haven’t you been paying attention?