8 thoughts on “It Begins! “NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors”

  1. What about the Federal Tax forms. The State no matter how Nice they want to be are required to get the info for the IRS. This is probably not a legal Narc/narc.

    Booker needs to be arrested for Treason and dereliction of his Oath of Office where he is duty bound to uphold and protect the constitution.

  2. I just called and reported myself here in Reno, NV. I expect them to come and give me the money.

  3. Everyone should call in, report themselves, and demand $1,000 dollars. I really expect them to pay.

  4. Call the Mayor at 1-877-695-4867 and report yourself if you are carrying legal or just one of his own cops and demand the money. CLOG their lines. Find a reason to sue them. Their promise is vague. I think all you have to do is report and get the money.

  5. That has been happening before. Hitler had a very same method. Also, when I was kid in my little communist country, gun owners were also persecuted and neighbors were spying on each other. This is SOS….it is just not called Gestapo……..

  6. If this “mayor” doesn’t have a federal firearms permit, what he’s doing is breaking the law…it is unlawful for a city to purchase firearms without that permit!

  7. This dude does realize registered gun owners/ NRA members are not going to be a part of this? The guns brought in will be street guns because they will have spares elsewhere. Gov is STUPID,

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