Arlene from Israel

Actually, outrage upon outrage upon outrage. What a day.

Let’s start with the coalition formation and Lapid. With all of the concessions Netanyahu had made for him, it was not enough. Lapid wanted Rabbi Shai Piron, second on the Yesh Atid list, to be Minister of Education and Netanyahu wanted Gideon Sa’ar to retain that position.

There were several issues at stake, beyond the matter of which party controlled that important ministry:

Netanyahu was concerned that the yeshivas, which are under the umbrella of the ministry, would not get a fair shake from Yesh Atid; to that end, Bennett, whose party, it seems likely, will control Ministry of Religious Affairs, petitioned for the yeshiva budgets to be moved to its jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Lapid was going on about how the future of the country depended on control of the Ministry of Education. He’s not wrong, and that’s just what I’m worried about. What future for the country does this arrogant man have in mind?

Oh, and we should not forget that he had promised Rabbi Piron that, if he joined the Yesh Atid list, he would be Minister of Education. Excuse me? How did he make such a promise?

And so, yes, I found the situation outrageous in several particulars.

The high drama went on over the course of the day.

Credit: telegraph (uk)

Needless to say, the prime minister was greatly irked. “Take what you have or leave it!” he reportedly said to Lapid at one point. Calling him “inflexible,” he warned, “You’re not getting the Ministry of Education.”

Reports went out about Netanyahu beginning negotiations with Shas, assuming that Lapid might well be out of the coalition.

Bennett did shuttle diplomacy, trying to bridge the differences and counseling compromise. But from a Habayit Hayehudi source came the quote:

“All hell is breaking loose. Lapid thinks Bibi will fold, but Bibi won’t. It’s a game of chicken gone wrong.”


But guess what? Bibi DID fold. And as far as I am concerned, that too is outrageous. It seems to be his MO. Perhaps Shas was holding him up for too much, imagining the coalition would depend on them. Perhaps Netanyahu was beside himself because he had no government, time was almost up, and Obama was coming. Perhaps there are compromises in other areas that are not yet clear.

Perhaps. Perhaps. But dearly do I wish the prime minister had not caved before Lapid. I don’t like what I see coming down the road with him.

What seems to be the case is that there will be 68 mandates in the coalition, with Mofaz not included. All agreements are not finalized yet, and so at this point there is little more to report. A government will be announced soon enough and particulars will become clear.


One of the things we apparently do know now is that MK Uri Ariel (Habayit Hayehudi) will be Minister of Housing, which is most welcome information. (There indeed will be some things to celebrate in the new coalition.)

Credit: Flash 90

But here’s the outrage: Robert Serry, a UN envoy, and really bad news, publicly made a statement about how regrettable this was, for it would mean more housing in Judea and Samaria and cause Israel international condemnation.

Someone asked his opinion? Would he do this with any other sovereign nation? MK Ariel’s assumption is that Serry made this statement before ministry assignments were announced in hopes of reversing the situation.


And this is even more outrageous, by far:

Obama, during his visit here, will be addressing students in the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha’uma) in Jerusalem. Students from every university in Israel were invited, except from Ariel University.

Why? Clearly because Ariel, a very fine university and fully accredited, is — shock and horrors! — over the Green Line.

MK Yoni Chetboun (Habayit Hayehudi) met with students from the university, who expressed their anger, and then wrote a letter of protest to US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro.

If the Embassy action on behalf of the president is not reversed, Ariel students intend to go into Jerusalem and protest outside during Obama’s talk.


Tzipi Livni, who has been pegged by Netanyahu to do negotiations with the PA, spoke yesterday at the Herzliya Conference. She said:

It is “critical for us to reach a final status agreement” [with the Palestinian Arabs]…

“In the negotiation room we need to stop talking about who has the greater right to be here.”

And this, my friends, is probably the greatest outrage of all.


Tomorrow is another day.


“You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig” and now we see Michelle Obama doing a pole dance before an audience.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

I couldn’t believe they could ever do anything more to embarrass America or insult our once great country but then I read that Michelle Obama, yes, that Obama, disgraced herself with a pole dancing routine before a public audience. Back in 2008, when we had our first chance to send this disgusting anti-American family back to the gutter where they came from, Republican Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin made the perfect observation about herself: “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” Then the Democrat candidate Barack Hussein Obama made the observation (quoted on Hot Air): “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig,” Obama said, “but it’s still a pig.” The crowd rose and applauded, some of them no doubt thinking he may have been alluding to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s ad lib during her vice presidential nomination acceptance speech last week, “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” Yeah, I looked it up, some other people have used the expression to refer to used cars and the Obama health care plan, but after watching the way this so-called First Family behaves and dresses in public I get the impression that Barry Soetoro //aka// Barack Hussein Obama may have been thinking about his wife Michelle.

Here is the source of the original story from the web site The Black Sphere.

First Lady shows her pole-dancing moves

By: Kevin Jackson

Look world: America’s First Lady can out-pole-dance YOUR First Lady! In what has to be the most mind-blowing picture of what NOT to do as First Lady, we have Michelle Obama entertaining the audience. You expect some ghetto chick to do something so crass, but not the First Lady.

I know the naysayers will say, “Kevin, she is only being herself … she should be allowed to have fun!”

I pay no attention to these America-hating communists, but many people do, particularly young girls. If Michelle Obama can be so crass, well don’t wonder why you see young girls “shaking their money makers!”

This is what class and dignity looks like compared to a Harlem streetwalker.

My thoughts, exactly.


Allen West Foundation Launches

Organization seeks to educate and train aspiring minority and veteran conservative leaders.

Boca Raton, FL – Former United States Congressman and retired Lt. Colonel Allen West today announced the launch of The Allen West Foundation, a Section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with the mission of educating and inspiring the next generation of conservative leaders within the minority and veteran communities nationwide.

A government truly “of the people” must be fully representative of those it governs. Both minorities and veterans are under-represented in elected office at both the state and federal levels, and the Foundation seeks to educate and motivate members of these groups to increase their civic participation and representation in government.

“From the time I first took an oath to support and defend our Constitution as a young Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, I have committed my life to our nation and its constitutional principles,” said West, “I feel both a duty and an honor to encourage others to follow a similar path.”

The Allen West Foundation will:

  • Host issue-based forums designed to educate participants on important public policy matters and encourage greater civic engagement.
  • Conduct educational seminars and provide other resources for those considering becoming more engaged in their communities or running for public office.
  • Advocate on behalf of minorities and veterans on critical issues facing their communities.

For more information about The Allen West Foundation, visit www.allenwestfoundation.org.


Nathan Lean is the Loon on LoonWatch

By: Christopher Logan

One of the ugliest weapons in the Islamic supremacist arsenal in the U.S. is Loonwatch, a site dedicated to smearing and defaming everyone who opposes the jihad agenda. The site’s authors carefully guard their anonymity, probably to guard against defamation suits from their targets. But one of their chief writers, “Garibaldi,” has recently outed himself as none other than Nathan Lean, editor-in-chief of Aslan Media and author of a book entitled “The Islamophobia Industry,” which attempts to convince Americans that concern about jihad is the result of fiendish “Islamophobes,” not of 20,000 jihad attacks since 9/11.

Evidence 1:

Recently in writing about Mr. Spencer, Garibaldi wrote this in a comment on his own article about Spencer’s private life.

GaribaldiOfLoonwatch Mod Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance • 13 days ago

He is not celibate, he’s married. In the course of digging on the internet, I also learned the name of his wife and children, though that isn’t really germane to the discussion so I won’t advertise it.

Who else has dug on the Internet and found the names of Mr. Spencer’s wife and children? Nathan Lean. Spencer has written on Lean as well.

Four months after that, he sent Mr. Spencer an email calling him a “dumb f**k” and adding: “But, having a look at this, I kind of pity you,” which was followed by a link containing a photo of a woman in the same city. The woman has the same surname Spencer; apparently Lean thought she was his wife.

(Click on image to enlarge, the photo in question has been deleted.)

Evidence 2:

Garibaldi wrote of Mr. Spencer in a comment.

But the shaggy walrus beard and so forth indicates it’s him.

Reza Aslan said to Mr. Spencer:

I told you. I’m into women not walruses. Nathan Lean works for Aslan.

Evidence 3:

Garibaldi interviewed Aslan for Loonwatch. Most of the interview was made up of nasty ad hominem attacks on Spencer: http://www.loonwatch.com/2011/11/exclusive-loonwatch-interview-with-reza-aslan/

Evidence 4:

Jonathan Schanzer wrote a scathing review of Lean’s book for the Wall Street Journal. Loonwatch published a petulant and defensive response piece viciously attacking Schanzer. Who wrote it? Garibaldi.


Evidence 5:

Nathan Lean has frequently called for opponents of jihad terror to be denied free speech rights:



Garibaldi wrote a piece at Loonwatch celebrating the vandalism of AFDI’s anti-jihad ads:


Reza Aslan also called for that vandalism: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/09/reza-aslan-calls-for-fascist-vandalism-of-afdi-pro-freedom-ads.html

Nathan Lean, psychotic stalker and hate-filled traitor to America.


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Mr. Rand Goes To Washington Edition

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Help KeyWiki Expose the Marxists Who Took Over Los Angeles!

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles

Socialists, quietly working in collaboration of members of the US’ largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America, have effectively taken over Los Angeles.

On March 11, 1998, Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America leader Steve Tarzynski wrote an email to his Los Angeles DSA comrade Harold Meyerson.

Meyerson, now a columnist with the Washington Post, was incidentally, one of the first non-Chicago journalists to introduce long time DSA ally Barack Obama to the wider American public.

In his email, Tarzynski listed 25 people he thought should be on an “A-list” of “25 or so leaders/activists/intellectuals and/or “eminent persons” who would gather periodically to theorize/strategize about how to rebuild a progressive movement in our metropolitan area that could challenge for power.”


Click to enlarge

Some members of this group did indeed meet, through several Progressive LA conferences in 1998 and the Progressive Los Angeles Network which came out of them.

While PLAN evolved into less of a formal network over the years, the network members and task forces that came out of the PLAN process remained active players in areas of “social and economic justice, livability and democracy in L.A.”

Some of those listed below have also worked to deliberately expand Latino immigration into California and to massively turn out the Latino vote to turn even some of the staunchest Republican areas into permanent Democrat strongholds.

Look at the names on the list above and try to tell me that these Marxists haven’t succeeded in taking over governance of one of America’s second most populous cities.

Those listed included:

  • Karen Bass – U.S. Representative for California’s 33rd congressional district. Long time pro-Cuban socialist and leading Los Angeles “community organizer.”
  • Gary PhillipsSouthern California Library for Social Studies and Research, once involved with the Communist Party USA spinoff, Committees of Correspondence.
  • Larry Frank – Los Angeles City Deputy Mayor. He serves as Deputy Mayor of Neighborhood and Community Services in the Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. As a senior staff member, Frank is responsible for several city departments (the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Community Development Department and the Bureau of Contract Administration), the Mayor’s field operations, constituent services, volunteer services, external Labor issues, workforce development and the city anti-poverty programs. A long time socialist activist with the United Farmworkers Union and the National Lawyers Guild.
  • Torie Osborn – has served as a senior policy adviser to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on homelessness, poverty and economic development. She initiated the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships that implements joint projects between government and philanthropy. A former Democratic Party state assembly candidate and one time member of the Marxist New American Movement.
  • Aris Anagnos – real estate magnate, donor to leftist causes, on the Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America potential donors list in the early ’90s.
  • Abby Arnold – a community organizer and advocate for social justice. She works as a consultant to nonprofit social service agencies and local government and has served on a wide variety of boards of directors, including the California Board of Registered Nursing, the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Commission and the Coalition for Clean Air. She has served as Executive Director of the Santa Monica AIDS Project, the Health Officers Association of California and the Santa Monica Neighborhood Support Center. She has developed programs for youth, victims of domestic violence and people living with HIV. During the first Jerry Brown administration, she worked for the California Senate Committee on Local Government and served as a consumer member of the California Board of Registered Nursing. She has been a member of Democratic Socialists of America Feminist Commission.
  • Rick E. Brown – UCLA School of Public Health, Progressives for Obama website. Has been a member of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Stanley Sheinbaum – married into the Warner Brothers fortune. Funder of socialist causes, Democratic Party power broker, Progressives for Obama endorser. Has been a member of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Jim Conn – former mayor of Santa Monica. Has been a member of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Peter Dreier – professor of politics and director of the Urban & Environmental Policy program, at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Member of Democratic Socialists of America. Heavily involved in Los Angeles political campaigns.
  • Maria Elena Durazo – California’s most powerful labor leader. Democratic Party power broker, Obama supporter. Close affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Mike Davis – teaches at the University of California (Irvine). Former member of the Communist Party USA, turned Trotskyite.
  • Bill Gallegos – Executive Director of Communities for a Better Environment, one of the leading environmental justice organizations in the country. Since becoming Executive Director at CBE, the organization has “achieved landmark regulation of oil refinery flaring (the highly toxic practice of burning off excess gases into the air), and in leading local campaigns that could have a significant impact in reducing greenhouse gases and co-pollutants, improving public health and advancing the transformation to clean alternative energy.” Currently a member of the California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee, which is advising the state on how to achieve the ambitious goals of the state’s historic greenhouse gas legislation in a way that safeguards and “improves the health and environment of low income and communities of color.” A leader of the Maoist Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
  • Bob Gottlieb – currently working with the Investigative Journalism Project of the Community Information Project, a local public interest group in Los Angeles. One time member of the Marxist New American Movement.
  • Kent Wong – Director of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA, where he teaches Labor Studies and Asian American Studies. Key player in linking US labor unions to Chinese and Vietnamese communist unions. Close associate of LA Democratic Party Congresswoman Judy Chu. Close affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America and former member of the Maoist Communist Workers Party. Progressives for Obama endorser.
  • Bong Hwan Kim – currently Executive Director of Pasadena Neighborhood Housing Services. Mr. Kim was the General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment for the City of Los Angeles. DONE is an historic initiative approved by a majority of voters in a city wide election to effect the way government responds to communities by, in part, creating a system of independent Neighborhood Councils. DONE’s role is to provide education, training and other enabling support to nurture neighborhood-based leadership and civic participation. Prior to this, he served as the Executive Director of the MultiCultural Collaborative and the Korean Youth and Community Center in Los Angeles. He serves on a number of government commissions and corporate advisory boards. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Workplace Hollywood, an organization established to diversify the entertainment industry workforce. He has served as the co-chair of the Black Korean Alliance, the California Attorney General’s Violence Prevention Policy Council and the National Immigration Forum. He has been a lecturer at the University of California Los Angeles teaching in the areas of leadership and community building.
  • Paula Litt – a philanthropist, community activist. Has been a member of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Peter Olney – International Longshore and Warehouse Union, served on the advisory board of UC Berkeley Labor Center. Marxist and affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Derek Shearer – currently Chevalier Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He also serves as Director of Global Affairs, handling the college’s international relations and directing the expansion of its international affairs programs. Previously married to Santa Monica City Councillor Ruth Yanatta Goldway.
  • Clancy Sigal – screenwriter and novelist in Los Angeles. Democratic Party activist and Democratic Socialists of America donors list member.
  • Anthony Thigpenn – runs an organization in California called Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education. Thigpenn is involved in “community organizing and environmental justice, and has worked to build alliances with labor and community organizations.” Thigpenn has been active in the Black Panther Party and the Black Radical Congress. Thigpenn ran the field campaign for mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa.
  • Mark Ridley-Thomas – member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. A long time socialist activist.
  • Gloria Romero – a former California State Senator. Obama supporter.
  • Jackie Goldberg – two-term State Assemblywoman representing the 45th District in Los Angeles. Goldberg served on the Los Angeles City Council for two terms, where she authored Los Angeles’ Living Wage Ordinance. Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.
  • Gil Cedillo – a California State Assembly member, representing the 45th district. He resides in Los Angeles. A prominent immigration activist and long time Communist Party USA affiliate. Obama supporter.
  • Tom Hayden – iconic socialist activist. California Democratic Party power broker. Progressives for Obama founder.
  • Antonio Villaraigosa – Mayor of Los Angeles. Long time socialist activist. Former Obama Transition Economic Advisory Board member. Democratic Socialists of America affiliate.
  • Paul Rosenstein – former mayor of Santa Monica and a Democratic Socialists of America member.
  • Xavier Becerra – a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 31st district of California. Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA connections. Former member of Obama’s National Latino Advisory Council.
  • Henry Waxman – Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 30th district of California. Once endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America.
  • Maxine Waters – Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 35th district of California. Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA affiliations.

Hows that? The wish list compiled by Tarzynski in 1998 includes the current Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, four local Congressmembers and key players in organized labor, local government, philanthropy, academia, environmentalism and the Democratic Party.

Many of those on the list were part of the leftist led citywide coalition which elected Antonio Villaraigosa to the Los Angeles Mayoralty in 2005.

Are at least some of them still working together to make LA a permanent power base for the Democratic Party and a bastion of socialism? You bet they are!!!

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