Texas Mom Takes on CSCOPE and Safari Montage Propaganda

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

Common Core is a nationalized curriculum with accompanying assessments that has been pushed through by left-leaning corporatists. It has been adopted by 46 governors, who in most cases, signed on to the curriculum before they read it.

Governor Perry of Texas saw the problems inherent in a nationalized curriculum and refused to adopt it. He did adopt CSCOPE and others like it, which, unfortunately, have turned out to be the same thing.

One Texas mom, Kara Sands, is taking on her school district over SCOPE and Safari Montage. What she found out should alert parents as to what is now going on in our educational system throughout the country.

If you haven’t read about CSCOPE, check it out here. Safari Montage is worth googling as well. They all receive government funding. There is a lot of money being thrown at this.

Their work is based on the Common Core curricula.

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