History repeats itself: NYPost headline “Obama Admits He’s A Socialist ” a la Fidel Castro.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

First, a little background. Do you remember the glowing stories about The Robin Hood of the Sierra Madre’s published in The New York Times back in the 1950’s? It involved the Communist Revolution in Cuba but to the readers of The New York Times it was all about a band of freedom fighters in the Sierra Madre Mountains robbing the rich to help the poor. As the story goes, (I heard this 40 years ago so this is how I remember it) on the day that Fidel Castro took control of the Cuban government he proclaimed to the world that he was a communist and always had been a communist. As this news reached New York City, the New York Times, which up to that point had been glowingly describing Castro as the Robin Hood of the Sierra Madre, ran an editorial that said, We don’t believe him. And on that day the Gray Lady wet her pants.

Well, we all know that America now has its own Communist Revolution //aka// the Democratic Party who. along with the support of the leftist mainstream news media, took over our own government with the same help and misinformation and lies as The New York Times gave to Castro. The charismatic hero this time was an affable black Muslim dude who was mentored for 10 years by a card carrying member of the Communist Party before he went off to college and has kept looking left ever since. Like in the aforementioned story about Fidel Castro, we have all been waiting for the day that Barack Hussein Obama comes out of the closet and admits he is a Muslim and a Communist (and maybe even a bi-sexual) and has been all his life. After all, he doesn’t have to worry about any more elections, he even said so, so why not come clean about it. But maybe he has been dropping some hints. Like this story in the New York Post.

Obama admits he’s a socialist
What his ‘Bulworth’ fantasy reveals

  • Last Updated: 1:31 PM, May 19, 2013
  • Posted: 10:28 PM, May 18, 2013

You may be forgiven if you missed it during last week’s tsunami of scandals, but President Obama finally let slip that he is a socialist.

Buried in the 17th paragraph of one of those mewling New York Times pieces on the woes of Obama — can we start calling him Woe-bama yet? — appeared these two words: “going Bulworth.”

Obama himself, the Times explained, has been “longingly” telling his inner circle that what he’d really like to do is what Sen. Jay Bulworth, played by Warren Beatty in his 1998 movie “Bulworth,” did: to go public as an unabashed, angry and admitted socialist.

Read the rest here: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/obama_admits_he_socialist_pW7TL907rIGq7SyJCYLBoN

“Many a true word is spoken in jest” said William Shakespeare and “Some truths, too painful or too likely to provoke, can be spoken only when the listener has been disarmed by laughter” are proverbial truths.

Barack Hussein Obama cracked a joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner last month when he said, “I’m not the strapping young Muslim socialist I used to be.” The correspondents who worked for the Democrat Party rolled in laughter. Really, Barry? After you wrote about being mentored for 10 years by a card-carrying Communist named Frank Marshall Davis before you went off to college I would never have guessed you were a socialist. And after you were enrolled in school in Indonesia as a Muslim where you learned to appreciate the sound of the Muslim call to prayers 5 times a day and to read and recite the Qur’an in fluent Arabic, I would never have guessed you were a Muslim. And if you still are a Muslim you must be a very special one who enjoys privileges that no other Muslim enjoys, because as you know Islam demands that homosexuals be condemned to death and if you are no longer a Muslim you also know Islam demands that those who convert to another religion from Islam become Apostates and they also are condemned to death.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


The Enemy Among Us – Even in Idaho

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

U.S. Attorney David B. Barlow, of Utah, walks off following an interview at his office Thursday, May 16, 2013, in Salt Lake City. U.S. authorities in Idaho said they have arrested Fazliddin Kurbanov, a man from Uzbekistan accused of conspiring with a designated terrorist organization in his home country and helping scheme to use a weapon of mass destruction. Credit: AP

Cloward and Piven is in full force with Progressive-gate everywhere you look these days. Obama has the country thoroughly embroiled in a Trifecta of scandals encompassing tapping 120 AP phone lines, other media and the Senate cloakroom (oh hell, he’s bugging everyone these days); ignoring the dead heroes of Benghazigate (whom Obama and Clinton allowed to be murdered) and the most egregious of all, using the IRS as a political weapon to an extent never seen before and then denying he had anything to do with it (playing Sargent Schultz to a tee with Holder mimicking his Oscar winning performance). I don’t know whether to pull the covers over my head in exhaustion and embarrassment or to pop some popcorn and watch the whole progressive mess unravel.

While all this circus is being dramatically staged in Congress with much huffing and puffing, but little in the way of repercussions, other ‘interesting’ events have been occurring in America. Some even in my state of Idaho (surprise, surprise, surprise!).

First, let’s look at the 7 young Chemical Engineering students who were caught trespassing in Boston (yes, the very same Boston where we just had a terrorist attack) in the middle of the night at the Quabbin Reservoir, where Boston draws their drinking water from. They were from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore (Johnny… what are all three known for? Islam! Ding! Ding! Ding!). But, don’t you worry… They were found guilty of only trespassing — boys will be boys and girls (5 men and 2 women), don’t ya know. Don’t pay attention to their Chemical Engineering degrees or their country of origin or their religion. I’m sure it is just innocent hijinks. But I won’t be moving to Boston any time soon (read “ever”). This is according to the FBI, who I totally believe (not). The authorities claim there was never a threat to the water supply. Just like there was never a threat to the Boston Marathon and those nightly low flying aircraft over the area are probably just testing for pollen. Boston, you’ve got a real problem. It’s a problem we are seeing all across America… The authorities think Americans are morons and actually believe their lies. Nothing to see here – ever.

On to Idaho. This is ironic. I deliberately moved to this state because it was a conservative haven and about as safe as you could get. Sigh. Thanks to Obama’s immigration policy of ‘we’ll accept everyone, but those who should be here,’ we have caught an Uzbekistan Muslim in Boise who is here legally and gleefully plotting terrorist attacks. He didn’t get around to killing lots of Americans yet, so no biggie and definitely not in the major news cycle. Move along dupes.

From Reuters:

U.S. officials charged an Uzbek citizen in Idaho with providing bomb-making knowledge and other support to an Islamist militant group, knowing that it would be used in an attack, authorities said on Thursday.

Fazliddin Kurbanov, 30, a national of Uzbekistan living legally in Idaho, was arrested in Boise and faces a three-count grand jury indictment in Idaho and a single-count indictment in Utah, prosecutors said.

They said Kurbanov provided information and money to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which the United States has designated as a foreign terrorist organization. The group supports establishing strict Islamic rule in Uzbekistan.

This scum was probably spreading Shariah crappola in Boise and everywhere he could while dreaming of dead infidels nightly. He also believes in a Caliphate which is hardly surprising.

A little background on Uzbekistan from The Blaze:

Although the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan started in the 1990s with the stated aim of overthrowing the Uzbek regime and establishing an Islamic government, its goals have expanded to creating a broader Central Asian caliphate.

The movement’s fighters have a presence in Afghanistan’s northern provinces and in Pakistan’s Waziristan province. U.S. and Afghan officials say al-Qaeda has been building ties with the IMU.

Last year, an Uzbek named Ulugbek Kodirov was sentenced to a minimum 15 years in prison in Alabama for plotting to shoot President Barack Obama while on the campaign trail. Kodirov pleaded guilty, saying he was acting at the behest of the IMU.

Did it every occur to our governmental jack-wagons, that being from this particular bed of Islamic radicalism should preclude him from getting citizenship? Or, is it fast-track citizenship for all Muslims these days? No discrimination due to religion or terroristic tendencies.

Did no one suspect this guy? Were you too afraid to speak up? Someone evidently turned him in and good for them. But notice, the officials are brushing it off as a semi-‘lone wolf’ incident. I highly doubt that. In fact, it is rumored by residents there that the apartment building is chock full of “refugees”. Sounds like a ticking time bomb to me. A Russian radical Islamist is planning violent Jihad by himself? Has anyone, ANYONE, looked into his family there, his connections, his damned friends?! Hello! Remember Boston!! Gee, that was sooo long ago, we seem to have already forgotten. What you don’t see in the news is all the thwarted terror attacks going on the US – all over the place. And I would wager a fair number that have happened and have been covered up. Do we really not care until it is us? Are we that self-centered? The guy wasn’t protesting potatoes, people, he was plotting to kill innocent individuals. He also had ‘unnamed’ co-conspirators (sort of nixing the ‘lone wolf’ theme). Mull that over, Boise.

From Walid Shoebat:

If Americans cared about terrorists whose plans are thwarted, the media would no longer be able to deny the one common thread – Islam.

As for Uzbekistan, Islamic fundamentalism has been on the rise there since the end of the Cold War. As Americans cheered the fall of the Soviet Union and the independence of Soviet satellite countries, Islam incubated.

Consider the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), a consortium of twelve nation states that sought independence after the fall of the Soviet Union. Chechnya – homeland of the Tsarnaevs – attempted to break from the Soviets in 1991 but Russia would not allow it. Now that Americans are becoming familiar with Islamic terrorism from that region, Russia’s reticence to grant that independence appears a bit more warranted now than it did then.

Chechnya was one region that Russia simply was not willing to relinquish. In hindsight, the Chechen rebels’ propensity for violent terrorism almost certainly played a role in that decision. – The Case FOR Islamophobia, p. 355

While Uzbekistan does not have the uncontrollable problem with Islamic fundamentalism that Chechnya has, it is a nation whose history lies with the Turkish Ottoman Empire, as does the history of Kazakstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikstan, and Turkmenistan – all members of the CIS.

In short there are two story lines that are being overlooked relative to the arrest of Kurbanov. One is that he is allegedly a thwarted Islamic terrorist. The other has to do with the country he is from.

Americans better wake up fast before a car is parked in front of a place packed with Americans and the car trunk is packed with a nuke. It’s coming.

We are way past the time where we can just work and play like nothing is going on. We better wake up to the evil around us and among us before it swallows us whole. All of us including our children.

The following is from Jihad Watch with Robert Spencer’s comments:

“Idaho man pleads not guilty in alleged Uzbekistan terror plot,” from the Associated Press, May 17 (thanks to Darcy):

BOISE, Idaho — An Uzbekistan national living in Boise said little during his first court appearance Friday on federal charges that he gave support, cash and other resources to help a recognized terrorist group in his home country plan a terrorist attack there.

Fazliddin Kurbanov, 30, was arrested Thursday during a raid of his small apartment. Prosecutors have offered few details of their investigation or Kurbanov’s alleged role in helping a militant group back home. He was charged in Idaho as well as Utah as a result of an extensive investigation into his activities late last year and this year.

Kurbanov pleaded not guilty during the hearing that lasted about 20 minutes. Kurbanov — with a short, cropped beard, dark hair and wearing a jail jumpsuit — spoke only a few words to the judge, their communication complicated by language differences.

Federal officials said they will enlist the help of an interpreter when Kurbanov, who lists Uzbek as his first language and Russian as his second in court documents, appears Tuesday for his detention hearing.

Until then, he will be held in the Ada County Jail. Kurbanov said he couldn’t pay for an attorney, so federal public defender Richard Rubin was appointed to handle the case.

“Given his arrest, we believe any potential threat he posed has been contained,” said U.S Attorney Wendy Olson, who declined to comment on whether federal agents are pursuing additional arrests. Their investigation is ongoing, she said.

Kurbanov has been living in the United States legally, but his immigration status is unclear. He said he had a job driving trucks in Boise and listed his only assets as a couple of used cars and a small amount of cash in checking and savings accounts.

His trial on the three counts filed in Idaho is scheduled for July 2.

Olson said she has seen Internet comments blaming Idaho’s Muslim community, something she called inappropriate. She said her office enjoys “outstanding partnerships” with its members.

“These charges shouldn’t be seen as a reflection on that community,” Olson said.

This caveat is obligatory nowadays, and there is nothing particularly wrong with it except that it reflects the influence of Islamic supremacist advocacy groups like the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which push the fiction that Muslims in the U.S. are in danger of a large-scale “backlash” after jihad attacks occur or jihad plots are revealed.

The Idaho indictment charges Kurbanov with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and possession of an unregistered explosive device.

It alleges that between August and May, Kurbanov knowingly conspired with others to provide support and resources, including computer software and money, to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which the U.S. has identified as a terrorist organization. The group’s purpose is to overthrow the government of Uzbekistan, said David B. Barlow, U.S. attorney in Utah. The alleged co-conspirators were not named.

The indictment also alleges Kurbanov provided material support to terrorists, knowing that the help was to be used in preparation for a plot involving the use of a weapon of mass destruction. On Nov. 15, Kurbanov possessed an explosive device, consisting of a series of parts intended to be converted into a bomb, according to the indictment. Those parts included a hollow hand grenade, a hobby fuse, aluminum powder, potassium nitrate and sulfur.

A separate federal grand jury in Utah charged Kurbanov with distributing information about explosives, bombs and weapons of mass destruction. For 10 days in January, Kurbanov taught and demonstrated how to make an “explosive, destructive device, and weapon of mass destruction,” the document states.

The Utah indictment, which will be handled separately after the Idaho prosecution is resolved, alleges that Kurbanov provided written recipes for how to make improvised explosive devices and went on instructional shopping trips in Utah showing what items are necessary to buy in order to make the devices, Barlow said. Kurbanov also showed Internet videos on the topic, Barlow said.

The prosecutor declined to say whom Kurbanov took on the shopping trips in Utah but said that information will come out as the case proceeds.

The indictment from Utah also alleges that Kurbanov intended that the videos, recipes, instructions and shopping trips be used to make an explosive device for the “bombings of a place of public use, public transportation system, and infrastructure facility.”…

I’m sorry, this does reflect badly on the Muslim community as a whole. They are not policing, condemning or hell, slapping the backs of their heads when it comes to their terrorist agenda.

This miscreant evidently appeared in court last Friday and could get 20 years. First, that is too light of a sentence for him — I prefer death. Second, he wouldn’t even get the 20 years. They’ll slap his hands and give him a light sentence and probation or he’ll get sent home. Either way, he’ll live to bomb another day. The enemy is among us, even in Idaho. Whether America accepts it or not, we are at war with radical Islam and we have a President who is on the wrong side.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: The Islamist Enemy Within


New Documentary Released on Free Speech and Religion, Collision! by Jacob Mchangama

Right Side News

As announced on Wednesday, May 15th at the Oslo Freedom Forum, in Oslo, Norway, Internet viewers from around the world can now access the newest Free To Choose Network production of “Collision! Free Speech and Religion” featuring Danish Human Rights Lawyer, Jacob Mchangama on www.freetochoose.tv.

Public screenings are now planned to take place on 28 May in Copenhagen, Denmark and 30 May in Oslo, Norway. Screenings are also in the planning stages in Ottawa, Berlin, The Netherlands, Italy and the UK. Organizations seeking to arrange additional public screenings should contact Jacob Mchangama.

Stories from the U.S and Denmark Highlight the Issues in “Collision!”

The new 18 minute documentary program, written and presented by Danish Human Rights Lawyer, Jacob Mchangama, focuses on one of the defining issues of our time; the global battle of values over the relationship between free speech and religious sensitivities. Recent years have seen increasing demands that free speech should be limited to respect religious feelings. In a globalized world this conflict has become explosive as cartoons published in Denmark and videos uploaded in America have led to violent riots from Cairo to Karachi.

The outcome of this battle, says Mchangama, will have profound consequences for the ability of people everywhere to freely express themselves and follow their beliefs. The program further demonstrates why democratic governments are playing a dangerous game when appeasing religious sensitivities rather than defending free speech.

“Collision!” traces the experiences of repressed minorities, threatened cartoonists and liberal Muslims, as Mchangama demonstrates how free speech and freedom of religion go hand in hand. He says: “Far from being a threat to social and religious peace the protection of these rights is in fact the necessary precondition for these values.

“Collision!” shows that limiting free speech empowers authoritarian governments and religious extremists at the expense of religious minorities and secular liberals. Consequently in the collision between free speech and religious feelings, it is the right to free speech, even to offend, that must be protected and the supposed right not to be offended that must be rejected.

Advance Critical Praise to “Collision!” and Jacob Mchangama

“Whether a victim of human rights violations or a human rights defender no right is more important to name and shame, mobilize support and speak truth to power than freedom of expression. In Free To Choose Network’s new release “Collision” Jacob Mchangama shows why those democratic governments and intellectuals who argue in favour of limiting free speech in order to respect religious feelings are making a grave mistake and why a principled defense of free speech benefits everyone whether religious or secular” Thor Halvorssen President, Human Rights Foundation Founder, Moving Picture Institute and Oslo Freedom Forum.

“Jacob Mchangama and the Free To Choose Network have pulled off an amazing feat: they have produced a cool and measured documentary on a subject of great controversy. “Collision” is a poignant defense of free speech, and has a remarkable ability to find the seam between the right to free speech, and the sensibilities of religious believers. A remarkable voice, a presence on camera that is at once soothing and committed to the freedom of ideas.” Fouad Ajami, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution Author of The Dream Palace of the Arabs.

“Hundreds of years after the principle of free speech was enshrined in Western Civilization, that most basic value of the open society is now under attack by a combination of religious extremists and feckless European political leaders. Almost as appalling as the violence meted out against those who have dared to criticize religious fundamentalism has been the utterly craven response of so many politicians and intellectuals to these assaults on individual liberty. ‘Collision’ produced by Free To Choose Network and featuring Jacob Mchangama offers a much needed and measured response to the creeping authoritarianism that undergirds ‘hate speech’ laws and other measures designed to chip away at our inalienable right to express ourselves as we wish.” James Kirchick, Journalist and Fellow Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“The film “Collision” produced by Free To Choose Network and written and presented by Jacob Mchangama, on the intricate problems around free speech is an absolute must for anyone interested in contemporary problems and the clash of ideologies. Anyone interested in the tension between radical religions and the principle of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of religion must see this film. Warmly recommended.” Paul Cliteur,Professor of jurisprudence, Leiden University Author of The Secular Outlook (2010).

“Freedom of expression is increasingly under threat around the world under the guise of calls for increased “respect” for religious sensibilities. This short film produced by the Free To Choose Network and featuring Jacob Mchangam a clearly and powerfully explains why these kinds of argument are seductive nonsense. The “collision” is not, as it’s often painted to be, between the religious on one side and abusive unbelievers on the other, it is between authoritarians and those of us-religious and non-religious who recognize how vital is our right to express ourselves freely. A great many religious people vigorously support the views defended in this film.” Stephen Law,Senior Lecturer, Philosophy Heythrop College, University of London.

About Free To Choose Network

Free To Choose Network is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to use accessible and entertaining media to build popular support for personal, economic and political freedom with these freedoms being interdependent and sustained by the rule of law. Free To Choose Network believes the challenge for the 21st century and beyond is to find ways to avoid the classic failure of the self-governed to retain awareness of the necessary conditions for the survival of their freedom and prosperity.

Free To Choose Network programs and series for public television include, but not limited to The Power of the Poor, Globalization at the Crossroads, The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman, The Ultimate Resource, Free or Equal with Johan Norberg, Europe’s Debt : America’s Crisis?, Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years, and Testing Milton Friedman. Internet offerings from Free To Choose Network can be found at www.freetochoose.tv.


Sunday Worship: Where You Go I Go

Right Side News

Ever Feel Like Giving Up on Prayer?

In this excerpt from Daily Talks with God, Karen Barber shares insight for times when you wonder if your prayers are doing any good.

By Karen Barber, Alpharetta, Georgia

Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. John 6:68

Those of us who have been praying for many years can relate to having so many confusing things about life and faith thrown at us that we feel like giving up on prayer. We get weary. We get dragged down by rejection.

We get depressed. We suffer through bad, unjust situations in our workplaces, our homes and our communities. We struggle to understand why all of this has happened and where God could possibly be in any of this.

Is the way of suffering, sacrifice and hard labor really God’s way? We begin to feel it’s time for God to send us some sort of sign that He’s there. It wouldn’t hurt to have a miracle to prove that prayer still works. After a while we even stop praying regularly, asking ourselves, “Is it really doing any good?”

Life often brings us to a point where circumstances ask us the same question Jesus posed to His disciples, “Do you want to leave Jesus and prayer behind because of how hard this is?” It’s not an easy question to grapple with, but it can be potentially redemptive if we don’t ignore or run away from it.

The question asks us to imagine what life would be like without prayer. Where on earth could we possibly go to find the same spiritual grace as prayer? What alternative things would we be doing instead? Throwing pennies into wishing wells? Sacrificing bulls? Putting plates of food in front of statues? Drinking magic potions? The question is good because the answer is clear: Prayer is our only true lifeline, the only way to remain in fellowship with Jesus, the only way to be perfectly content because we trust in the One we are talking with Who is the Giver of Life, the One Who Feeds Us with bread that truly satisfies.

What are the alternatives to prayer? There really are none….pray, and without ceasing…”Rejoice evermore;” “Pray without ceasing;” “in everything give thanks.”? How are these connected? Click on Spurgeon’s link here.


The “Modoggies” go to Germany – Please help us support the TOUR!

The Roundabout Dog Tour is inspired by the artwork of Swedish artist Lars Vilks. It intends to visit 60 European cities to highlight the importance of free speech. As in many campaigns before it, art is used to highlight the issues. Lars Vilks produced his Roundabout Dog series of drawings in response to the atmosphere of censorship that has enveloped Europe in recent years. He has been demonized, threatened and lost his livelihood because of the stand he took.

The drawings themselves are not on tour. Instead, the tour involves a plywood mock-up of the roundabout dog and it is this mock-up that visits the various cities. The plywood roundabout dog was created by a Swedish society called Free Speech Europe. It is non-political and promotes freedom of expression by supporting those who have been “blacklisted” or persecuted because of their political or artistic expressions.

Now, 5 years later, Lars Vilks is still figuring as number 5 on the Al Quaida death list!

Read more at our home page:


Sunday the 26th of May the Roundabout Dogs will capture Germany.

The Free Speech Europe Roundabout Dog TOUR will visit 20 cities in Germany and The Czech Republic between the 26th of May and 12th of June.

Unfortunately our mission is so sensitive, that we cannot reveal the exact places or times in the selected cities. We would be happy if anybody offer a little local help during the journey. I could use help to carry the “dogs,” to borrow a parking spot with car and caravan outside a “friends” property. We could use ideas about places for photo sessions or names and contact to people worth interviewing or people in the Art business for exchanging of ideas.

For press and other interested parties:

Please feel free to mail Hans Erling Jensen at [email protected] or phone +46 707 875750 if you have questions or know of something that could be of interest for the TOUR.

The TOUR list will be approximately as follows:

26 May – Schleswig
27 May – Lübeck/Schwerin
28 May – Berlin
29 May – Berlin
30 May – Berlin
31 May – Berlin
1 June – Dresden
2 June – Prague
3 June – Pilsen/Regensburg
4 June – München
5 June – Stuttgart
6 June – Heidelberg
7 June – Frankfurt
8 June – Fulda
9 June – Göttingen
10 June – Hannover
11 June – Hamburg

You can read much more of the TOUR here:


Here you will find pictures from the TOUR in Sweden and Denmark (will be updated daily):


An article describing the tour from Dispatch International/ICLA:


Support The Roundabout Dog TOUR & Lars Vilks

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