The NUTNFANCY Project: A Really Impressive Human Being

By: Gerald Loeffers

I know, I know… too much talk about war with Syria. Even I’m sick of it, but we still have to pay attention to it. But not today. In this article, I am going to talk about an impressive human being. A cool dude on YouTube who does a series called The NutNFancy Project. He’s a reviewer of dangerous things and a live life to the fullest man. He’s also a supporter of American liberty and the Constitution. I admit, I am a full time subscriber to this wonderfully honest review channel. Full disclosure: I have made some of my purchases because of his reviews. I first ran into his channel by accident 3 years ago looking through Google. While gun shopping, there was a reference to his review of the Glock 17 — a reference hand gun. So, as I watched this multi-part video, I was taken with his knowledge and his attention to detail. I also loved the fact that he admits he’s not the end all, be all expert. So, let’s look at the man, the philosophy and the fun.


To be honest, I have never met this man and I don’t know his real name. I don’t know where he lives and guess what… I don’t care. All I do know is that I enjoy what he offers. He has an outstanding family and he has fun doing what he’s doing. In the beginning of the videos I have watched, he alluded to a military job he had, but didn’t give full details for a little while. His video career started with a knife review of the SOG FLASH 1 on an unused YouTube account and he later noticed it got a lot of views. So, he did more and more reviews of guns, gear and survival techniques. Then he expanded down the road with thoughts and philosophy. He got into filming the actual testing of these items. Then the great adventure video with his valued TNP crew member Allie, the mountain dog, came along. Those are fun and enjoyable to watch. You can tell he is a dog man. Then he started to reveal his military service as a Colonel in the Air Force Flying Tankers! Now that’s awesome.


This is where I started to subscribe and watch THE SLEDGE HAMMER DRILLS and TRENCH WARFARE RUNS. His testing of firearms expanded to include run and gun testing which will raise your heart rate and breathing and slightly raise your stress levels to test your shooting skills. It will also test the pistol and rifles’ functions and accuracy in a real world climate like the desert. He mixes pistol and rifle shooting at different ranges and both paper and steel targets to get that fast DING! for a hit. As would be the TNP tradition, things that function at the indoor ranges would be fully taxed out in the desert with revealing results. In 2009, TNP added a new crew member — PFIDUDE — a gunsmith in his own right and a shooter and small business owner. This great guy has been shooting and laughing with him ever since. I have watched all of the run and gun videos. It was a great learning experience and also just plain fun to watch the jesting and funny failures that happen often without a script.


The other side of The NutNFancy Project is the serious discussions of your civil liberties, American freedoms, being prepared, paying attention to politics, taking care of each other, training in firearms safety and concealed carry issues. The most sobering video he has is called THE STORY OF FIRST AID — how as a kid he experienced a deadly car crash on the road he was driving on and dealing with a car that had a family in it that had crashed. He talks about how he went to help and how the people around him didn’t know what to do. His first aid kit wasn’t on par for what he needed. A second excellent video I recommend to families with guns in the house and children is entitled: CHILDERN OF THE GUN. Talk about training the kids early and taking the mystery out of guns and safety concerns! His political views are on par with mine and he has extensive political philosophy videos on these matters. He is rightfully harsh on all elected men who violate our freedoms at any level and from any party. In fact, one of his CALL TO ACTION videos on the Second Amendment was responsible for the Second Amendment rally in my town of Coeur d’Alene, ID in the parking lot of a family owned sporting goods store — BLACK SHEEP. It was put together in under a week with the founder of OATHKEEPERS being the main speaker and me being part of the security detail. 2,000 showed up. It was a great day and hopefully made a few nervous in the service. He has great knowledge of history and about America, human nature and extensive knowledge of the Constitution.


A more recent development on his channel is his IMPRESSIVE HUMANS segments, interviewing the average working class Joe on the fly, in most cases. He talks about ethics, work values, business honesty and how to treat each other in life and helping each other out without the government. Because to be honest, we as Americans shouldn’t need the government to help each other in troubled times. That’s because the government will more then likely be the cause of the troubled times. We can’t count on them at all. The most off the cuff interview NutNFancy has done up to date was with a melon farmer in Utah named Tim, who was taking a break from his 20 hour work day. NutNFancy ran into him while he and his son, TACTICAL DOODLE, were having lunch on a motorcycle trip. It was the most endearing video I have ever watched. This guy has been a salt of the earth man who had lost a son in a dirt bike accident and who barely sleeps during the harvest. He has another son who is withdrawn from the family over the death of his brother. This farmer is the backbone of America and not the suits in Washington. NutNFancy then did a follow up video about Tim asking everyone to send a letter of encouragement to let him know he wasn’t alone in his struggles and that we understand what it is like to work hard. He then did a delivery video where he rode to Tim’s home town and went to his melon stand and not only delivered the letter, but included gifts and money. They were not expecting that. Tim and his wife both read some of the letters. This was a tear jerking video. The heartfelt letters were incredible and wonderful. Even NutNFancy was sniffling. The second best Impressive Humans video was when NutNFancy and his son were motorcycle riding to Yosemite Park and ran into some long distance bicycle riders from New York. He interviewed them and was impressed. He joked that they were more manly than he was simply for using bikes to ride around the country. They had 12 flat tires along the way, an ankle injury, they were rained out and were on a tight budget. They were eating beans and peanut butter, so NutNFancy had his son give them a few bucks to go to a McDonald’s for real food.


For the average TNP fan like myself, it’s about learning and having fun and living life to the fullest. For some, it’s about taking in great examples on being a better person, or getting your STAR WARS geek on (LOL), or acquiring a new skill set that will help others out along the way. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and you shouldn’t either. He has made fun of himself and is a pretty goofy guy, but so am I. Then there are the haters of this guy. I have watched a couple of the “I hate NutNFancy” videos and I noticed a pattern about these guys. They are jealous. Their videos suck and mostly suffer from being stupid and they don’t get the reason and the why of how it works. He has a very understanding wife. Thank goodness for that. She is camera shy, but supports him and he has a sister with her own YouTube channel that helps him out on many issues. His two boys are good kids. His oldest is in college and is a working EMT. His youngest doesn’t seem to be into the outdoor stuff. NutNFancy also has a small side business selling t-shirts, hats and other things, but he doesn’t make millions off of it. It is mostly used to buy ammo and cover other NutNFancy related costs.

In closing, when you watch a NutNFancy video, you’re watching an American way of life. We have to fight to hold on to it because it will fade or be forgotten about. Then the Protectionists will win and we don’t need that. We are NOT Europe — we are NOT socialist clones. Live your life your way… not a politician’s way. Help your neighbors and watch out for each other. Have those fond friends and family memories and hold them close. Let no one take them from you. And finally, make sure you take the family and hit the gun range.

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