6 thoughts on “Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama

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  2. I have felt that the military should remove Obama from office because he has not followed the Constitution , he has enacted more executive orders that have been ruled being unconstitutional by the Supreme Court . These Generals are correct in what they advise of Obama’s friends , also most of his Czars are communist in nature , plus the fact that Obama was himself a member of the communist party in Chicago in the 1990’s . This administration is against the very freedoms that we have in this nation and is trying to do away with the freedom we have . I feel that if Obama is not removed from office the citizens will take to the streets and insurrect against the federal government , which will lead to a shooting war between the citizens and the federal government . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

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  4. So you and they will burn the Constitution of the United States of America in order to save it.

    Libya had its Colonel Gaddafi and Iraq had its General Hussein. Both of them stayed in power until their deaths. How many coups has Thailand gone through? Should I mention all the failed coups in Africa? And isn’t that very much how the Communist Party came to power in Russia? Should I include Iran?

    And you want to join them. Down with Civil Liberties, up with who WE Say should be in power.

    Some years ago there was a thread at DemocraticUnderground.com. It was very popular. The thread said that All Political Parties BUT the Democratic Party should declared Illegal. So many people chimed in how good that idea would be; that there was enough disagreement within the Democratic Party for it to function properly.

    And what, pray tell…providing you permit my to pray to My God….are the differences for what you are proposing?

    Whether you and every other insane person likes it or not Obama was Lawfully elected President of these United States. As such he is Lawfully the Commander In Chief of All of National Armed Forces, to include nationalizing the National Guard of the States should He feel the need arise.

    You are asking the Nations Military to ignore their oaths they swore when they took wearing their Uniforms. You are asking ME to support an uprising to replace a Lawfully Elected man.

    Who elected those generals? Why should THEY be in power?

    I cannot help but wonder what kind of flag we’ll have next. No more Red and White stripes; get rid of the red stripes, correct? And the blue field? Keeping that or not? A mostly white flag. The flag of surrender.

    “Support American Values…” by having a coup. Only the Augean Stables of legend have as much horse shit in them.

    And for the record I Am a Veteran of the United States Military. I was Honorably Discharged in the early 1980’s. You are an insult to the Oath I took in the 1970’s. Fuck You in your National Socialist ass.

  5. I guess the determining factor would be whether you swore an oath the support the United States Constitution or whether you swore to follow and obey anyone who manages, by any means, to win a presidential election. The President himself swears to uphold the Constitution at his installation ceremony. But that has had no meaning for the present occupier of the White House.. who boastfully says he will rule by pen and veto.

  6. many people took and oath to the Constitution and the laws in encompasses, I took an Oath to the Constitution in 1991 – what we as soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines did not take an oath for was a man who at every turn fights to remove our freedoms! – deny people freedom of speech, deny people the right to arm themselves and deny them the rights be secure in their persons- this man is blatantly lying about the fact that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. (who gives a shit anyhow)..it’s another excuse to create another war, since the chemical weapons excuse didn’t fly and push the US in to a war with Syria the last time…he is also aggressively pushing Russia in to a corner with sanctions and they are about to launch nukes against America. They stated because the US is in violation of it’s agreements it’s going to change the USSR policy on striking first (to be just like the US). …if you think I’m full of shit, go research these facts for yourself…DIEBOLD selected this man using special interests like the gas/big oil companies to get him elected, I didn’t vote for him- and the other option was a pitiful excuse of a man that would have likely done the same bullshit Obama is doing at a lessor level continuing the agenda of Bush… damn dickheads pulling levers for R and D’s (parties are for communists, comrade.) – I wrote in Ron Paul… had he won, the IRS would be gone, the deep cutting recession would be over (not the damn depression BHO is launching in to over drive with crazy time spending)…and all the troops would all be on our borders- not in over 100 countries abroad- our country could go back to doing something called minding our own fucking business- and not being the bully’s of the world.

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