That Deported Nazi was One of Many in the U.S.

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

by Fred Lucas

Amid a politically-charged debate over its existence, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has removed war criminal Jakiw Palij, marking the 68th deportation of a Nazi from the United States.

On Monday, ICE arrested Palij, 95, a former labor camp guard, enforcing a 2004 court order the same day President Donald Trump praised ICE and Customs and Border Protection officials at a White House ceremony.

Specifically for ICE, created in 2003, this marks at least the fourth Nazi arrest, deporting Nazi concentration camp guards John Demjanjuk and Josias Kumpf in 2009, and soldier John (Ivan) Kalymon in 2011.

“Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past administrations were unsuccessful in removing Palij,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

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Earnings, Margins, Interest Rates And Regulations

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Many are suggesting equity averages will decline in the immediacy, a decline anywhere from 5% to 25%. The reasons are varied including the election, the President publically criticizing the Fed, trade, peak in earnings/margins and interest rates to name a few.

Commenting about earnings according to S & P, earnings per share in the index rose by 6% q/q in Q2 with a record high 79% of firms in the index beating analysts’ estimates. Unexpectedly strong sales growth contributed and operating margins also climbed to their highest since data began, helped by tax reform.

I think margins will begin to erode but not because of a slowing economy. I think growth will continue to accelerate which will increase pricing pressures and interest rates. Many believe the economy will slow because of trade given that 44% of sales for the companies in the S & P 500 are the result of trade according to the S & P. More foreign sales are made in Asia than any other region.

Global economic growth has accelerated as the multipolar interdependent world is collapsing, the inverse of expectations. All must remember most economists thought global growth would soar via interdependency and massive fiscal/monetary stimulus. Growth sputtered and is a major reason for the economic nationalist movement that is now sweeping western democracies.

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Weekly Featured Profile – Rev. James Caldwell


Rev. James Caldwell

Rev. James Caldwell is a member of the Houston Texas Club of the Communist Party USA. He is a graduate of Texas Southern University’s School of Public Affairs. He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary and has been an ordained minister for over 28 years.

Reverend Caldwell is the founder and director of the Coalition of Community Organizations, which “connects communities to the invaluable resources they need.” One of the organization’s board members is Houston Communist Party chairman Bernard Sampson.

Reverend Caldwell is also a member of the Port of Houston Authority Chairman’s Community Advisory Committee, Healthy Port Community CoalitionClean Gulf Commerce Coalition, PCORI Baylor College of Medicine’s Asthma Study Advisory Committee, Working AmericaOur Revolution, and People Before Profits.

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UGETube and GunStreamer have merged! Please check them out!

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hey, please watch tonight’s episode of Who Moved My Freedom podcast on Lifestyles of The Locked and Loaded. Sam from Utah Gun Exchange and Austin from GunStreamer were on announcing they have merged and are working together!!! Please, any and ALL content creators… if your tired of YouTube’s random rulings or want a backup platform, UGETube.com GunStreamer.com have apps where they can transfer all of your videos painlessly and all voices are welcomed including ones I would disagree with. #Constitution #Liberty #MoreVoices


#PrisonStrike: An anti-capitalist movement that wants to abolish all prisons (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Industrial Workers of the World (red flags with white lettering) walk alongside anarchists (red and black flag) in Oakland rally to abolish prisons in 2016

“…a general strike could rid us of capitalism and build a society based on our interests … whose goal is to see smoke rise from the ashes of every empty state and federal prison, every immigrant and juvenile detention center, in the whole country…” -“Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee”

“We’re prison abolitionists, so we believe there shouldn’t be prisons, whether federal or state. We don’t believe in detention facilities. We don’t believe in juvenile halls.” – Cole Dorsey, an organizer with Industrial Workers of the World’s (IWW) front group “Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee”

A communist-driven movement featuring events designed to ultimately rid the world of prisons and police is scheduled to take place between August 21 and September 9, 2018. The movement, being touted on Twitter as #PrisonStrike, is receiving favorable coverage from the complicit mainstream media.

Driven largely by the “Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee,” (IWOC) who jumped on board after a group called “Jailhouse Lawyers Speak” published a press release in April, the idea is to organize prisoners in the quest to rid the world of capitalism and prisons altogether. They call for actions such as “Work Strikes,” “Sit-Ins,” “Boycotts” and “Hunger Strikes.”

The IWOC is a project of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), an anti-capitalist organization that as of 2017,  claimed to have 1000 “union members” in the prisons nationwide. While these communists seek to have a mass uprising of prisoners every year, this year they appear to have support from the establishment media, including social media, where Twitter dutifully promoted the hashtag #PrisonStrike.

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