Katie Couric Interviews Tea Party Leaders

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Katie Couric just interviewed my friend Michael Johns from the Tea Party Movement. Michael does a fantastic job expressing what the Tea Party Movement entails and what it stands for.

Katie Couric talks with Tea Party leaders Kellen Guida and Michael Johns about their goals, frustrations and vision for the American government.

Here is how Michael sums it up for Couric:

The Tea Party movement, Johns said, was a “visceral reaction” to the idea that “our federal government was growing too large, that too much power was being centralized, and government bureaucracies that the American people were over-taxed, in some ways over-regulated.”

“And that the genius of the American dream, the genius of American liberty as enunciated by our founders was always a belief in individual liberty and individual freedoms,” he continued.

Johns, a health care executive and former speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush, added that “it’s a hugely patriotic movement.” He said the direction of the Obama administration is “an antithesis in many respects of what our founding fathers envisioned.”

You should watch the interview. To give Couric credit, I thought it was fair and good… Although she derisively giggles at the Tea Party Movement and constantly tries to align the movement with the Republican Party (which could not be further from the truth), she does cover the subject fairly well.

As Michael points out, the current actions of our government are not an anomaly. They are intentionally subverting the Constitution, undermining our financial system and destroying our economy. Couric tries to zoom in on the big bad banks during the interview. While the banks have their share of the blame, Barney Frank and a whole slew of others were the ones that made this emergency blossom. Deals with Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and so many others ripped off American taxpayers so ruthlessly it stole the breath away from America. And now Frank and the other governmental elitists deny they did anything wrong. Arrogance, elitism and corruption have overrun our government and the Tea Party Movement has the goal of cleaning out our government and reducing the size of said government as well.

Watch the video, read the interview and remember: the larger the government, the smaller the liberty and vice versa… Johns rightly points out that the Tea Party Movement wants to get America back on the right track fiscally and ideologically. It’s not just about healthcare, it’s about the founding fathers, their core principles and the Constitution.

More from Michael:

Johns went on to say that central to Tea Party beliefs are “the defense of our country, the defense of our borders.”

“It’s astonishing to most Americans that we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t defend our southern border against illegal immigration, and that’s troubling.”

He also slammed health care legislation, complaining of a “lavishly expanded” government role, and called for the proposed “Enumerated Powers Act,” which would require Congress to show where each new piece of legislation is justified in the Constitution.

He called for “reducing the tax burden on American people,” saying because of government intervention it’s reached a point “where it’s become not a particularly great country to do business in too many cases.”

Well said my friend, well said… Couric asks who the real leaders are in the movement – Michael Johns is one of them and I am proud to call him friend. Michael is a true patriot and may many more join the Tea Party Movement…

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