Links To Visit – 03/10/10

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FedBizOpps – Dept of Education Needs . . . Shotguns? (Hat Tip: Garry Hamilton)

Oath Keepers – They Did Their Part, Now It’s Our Turn! Unite In Action, March on DC! September 11, 2010 (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New Editor – We Need to Ban Windows!

The New Editor – Raquel Welch’s bustier sets off alarms at O’Hare Airport

The New Editor – No Fighting in the Newsroom!

Doug Ross – So simple a caveman could do it (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Doug Ross – World’s dumbest blogger slams new waterboarding memos, but somehow forgets to mention Pelosi and other Dems helpfully approved process (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Atlas Shrugs – azi Youth Circa 2010: Muslim Brotherhood Establishes New Youth Organization

Atlas Shrugs – Craven Quisling US Apologizes to Jihadist Gaddafi for His call to Jihad on Switzerland

Atlas Shrugs – NYC: In Defense of Israel

Daily Paul – Utah Senate Plans to take US land from the Feds using Eminent Domain!

Atlas Shrugs – Slumdog Billionaire

Atlas Shrugs – US Muslim Leaders Forbid Muslims in America from Sending Food, Aid to US Troops

Atlas Shrugs – Seven Muslims Arrested in Ireland over plot to assassinate cartoonist Lars Vilks

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Supremacist Euro-Med Kicks off – Jordan Takes Charge, Norming Jihad

The Washington Examiner – Rapper Jay-Z in the Situation Room (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Gateway Pundit – Lindsey Graham Meets With Obama White House to Plan Next Amnesty Bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New York Times – Officials Step Up Enforcement of Rights Laws in Education (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Radio Patriot – Massa: The Joe Pesci of Politics Bombs Big on Beck

The Radio Patriot – Spreading the word about Adam Kokesh

Truth and Common Sense – American Spectator tells about the threats of the new healthcare- for gun owners and homeschoolers. (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

Truth and Common Sense – If healthcare passes, this will be the next block. States refuse to comply and we get one step closer to 1858. (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

Gateway Pundit – LiveBlogging the Anti-Obamacare Blowout in St. Charles, MO– STANDING ROOM ONLY!

Gateway Pundit – Chief Justice Roberts: Obama’s Attack on the Supreme Court at SOTU Was “Very Troubling” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Rep. Paul Ryan: “This Bill Is More About Ideology Than Health Care Policy” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – US Apologizes to Gaddafi For Using Harsh Words That Offended the Dear Dictator

Gateway Pundit – Glenn Beck on Massa Interview: “Sorry For Wasting Your Time America” (Video)

Michelle Malkin – Obamacare Road Show, Pt. II: Bring out the human kiddie shields

Michelle Malkin – Dump Demcare: 2,000 protest in St. Louis; keep the no-mentum going; Dems push “Slaughter Solution”

Michelle Malkin – Adam Kokesh: An anti-war smear merchant in “Republican” clothing

Michelle Malkin – Obama’s anti-fraud gimmick

Michelle Malkin – The House Ethics Committee is a corruption-enabling cesspool

Michelle Malkin – Paul Krugman, Cynthia Tucker, and the unemployment benefits debate, Pt. III


CNS News – SENATOR: Basis for Senate’s Ban on DRUDGE Was Bogus

Prison Planet – ‘Virus’ Accusation Coincides With Gov’t Cybersecurity Agenda

Rasmussen – Obama Approval Index: -21 (matches lowest yet)

Fox News – Minority Births on Track to Outnumber White Births

The New Editor – Kos Threatens Kucinich with Primary Challenge if He Votes ‘No’ on Health Care

GoldSeek – Robbing the Old to pay the Rich (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bob McCarty Writes – Thousands in Missouri Decry ‘ObamaCare’ in Advance of Presidential Visit to Saint Louis

Breitbart – Obama calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Pajamas Media – BREAKING: Released Emails Show Wind Lobby, Soros Group Helped with White House PR (PJM Exclusive — Read the Emails Here) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WSJ – ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NewsMax – Senate Plan Calls for National ID Card to Curb Illegal Immigration (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Beaufort Observer – Federal takeover of our coastal fishing and marine resources? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

HotAirPundit – Obama Looking To Seize 10 Million Acres In Land Grab Under Antiquities Act, Senator Jim DeMint Responds (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

HotAirPundit – Obama Looking To Seize 10 Million Acres In Land Grab Under Antiquities Act, Senator Jim DeMint Responds (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Uncovered Shocker: Sen. Byrd Single-Handedly Stopped President Clinton From Using Reconciliation (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

HotAirPundit – Marco Rubio Ad: “America Needs Republicans Who Will Stand Up To Barack Obama Not Join Him” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NRO – Democracy by Slaughter (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The New Editor – Reconciliation, Then and Now

Bob McCarty Writes – Canadian Health Care System Bad Model for USA

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