Financial News Update – 03/17/10

Report: Fed, SEC may have ‘turned a blind eye’ on fraud

Democrats Consider New Moves for Health Bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Limbaugh prompts healthcare calls, ties up House phone lines (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Morning Bell: There Is No Bill But the Senate Bill

Obamacare Increases Unemployment, Insurance Premiums, Deficit, and Debt

Social Security: “Here It Comes” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

$2.5 trillion in Social Security bonds stored in filing cabinet in downtown Parkersburg, W.Va. (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Roubini Economist: We’re Headed For World of Inflation

Pimco: End of Fed Mortgage Program Is Credit Tightening

Kucinich to vote ‘yes’ on health care

Pelosi Calls All Female Dems to Meeting Wednesday

LIMBAUGH MARCH: Phone lines jammed

The Math

WIRE: Premiums would rise under plan


Knoller: National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama’s Watch

Bernanke to wage fresh battle for Fed powers

China in Midst of ‘Greatest Bubble in History’

9.5% growth?

45 Detroit schools slated for closing under plan

Critics Challenge Legitimacy of Plan to Avoid Direct Vote on Health Care

Dems Flip ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’

Senate Sends Jobs Bill to Obama’s Desk

U.N.’s $700M Bill About to Get Higher?


Fiscal Crises Hit Closer to Home; States and localities face burgeoning deficits; next phase in debt-deflation?

Junk Bond Avalanche Looms for Credit Markets

Rising food prices may start with seeds

Not Durable?

Gold, Silver and Oil: Buying the Essentials in Tough Markets

Fed May Hint at How Long the Rates Will Stay Low

What Credit Card Pay-offs? Consumers are Dumping Debt!

IRS: Get Tax Relief if Lender Forgives Part of Home Debt

Housing Construction Drops 5.9% in February

Stocks Rise After Fed Pledges to Keep Rates Low

Oil Settles Near $82 as Fed Keeps Rates Low

Gold Supported by Geopolitical and Sovereign Risks as S&P and Moody’s Warn US