Links To Visit – 04/07/10

Ann Coulter – God Hates Judges

Brutally Honest – How’s that open hand diplomacy working for ya President Obama?

Family Security Matters – World’s ‘Most Dangerous Islamist’ Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania

Family Security Matters – Obama Administration is Clueless on Deterring a Nuclear 9/11

Charlie Foxtrot – Democratic Rhetoric v. New Nuke Policy

Bookworm Room – Getting a closer look at why liberals continue to feel that blacks should be held to a different standard

Bob McCarty – Smashing the Left’s Stereotypes about Tea Partiers

The Radio Patriot – Oops! IRS refutes White House assessment of Tea Party Movement.

Strata-Sphere – Obama Administration Confirms My Assessment On Their Deadly National Security Failures

Atlas Shrugs – NY Times Goes for the Kill: Target Israel — Delegitimization, Dehumanization, Polarization

Atlas Shrugs – Black Supremacism in South Africa: “Seize the White Owned Mines!”

Gateway Pundit – Newt Gingrich: Obama May Be “Most Dangerous President Ever” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Chris Matthews: Without Progressives America Would Be Like …Calcutta (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Harry Reid Won’t Announce Stops On Bus Tour Out of Fear of Protesters

Gateway Pundit – Report: Lib Rep. Bart Stupak Considering Retirement

Gateway Pundit – Chris Matthews: Obama & Leftwing Bloggers Are Failing to Sell Socialism to America (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Terreblanche’s Killer Gets Hero’s Send-off Outside Court

Gateway Pundit – Palestinian Officials in US Demand Obama Help Them Seize Jerusalem

Gateway Pundit – Bill Ayers Continues to Defend Weather Underground Terror Attacks on His Blog

Gateway Pundit – Team Obama Bans “Islamic Radicalism” & “Jihad” From National Security Documents

Gateway Pundit – Rosie O’Donnell: Catholic Church Is Like the Jonestown Cult (Audio)

Michelle Malkin – Obama’s politicized, profligate U.S. census

Michelle Malkin – NJ voter exposes GOP Cap&Tax 8-er Frank LoBiondo’s constitutional ignorance

Michelle Malkin – Punked: Scrabble will not be corrupted

Michelle Malkin – Hahahahahahaha: DOJ unveils “Plan for Open Government”

Michelle Malkin – Desperate CNN: Hey, those Tea Party nuts aren’t so bad after all. Please, please tune in!

Michelle Malkin – Our new national security plan: Weaken, whitewash, and wait for whirled peas

Michelle Malkin – Update on Arizona rancher Robert Krentz murder case

Michelle Malkin – “Net neutrality:” Ain’t over ’til it’s over

Michelle Malkin – Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said “Cominskey Park” and flubbed softball White Sox question?

Michelle Malkin – Goodwin Liu’s sins of omissions; Updated

NewsBusters – Even Obama’s Fans Notice He’s a Phony In How He Writes, Talks, and Even Walks (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Examiner – David Freddoso: Five things we learned about Obamacare after it passed (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

NavyTimes – Electromagnetic pulse threat to be analyzed (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Knowledge Creates Power – Jewish Funds for Justice Being Used in Tweetstorm Against Glenn Beck – Anyone Want to Say: “Soros and Company” (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Yahoo! News – Ahmadinejad ridicules Obama’s strategy: ‘Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience’

Reuters – ‘He is an amateur’

AP – White House to remove ‘Islamic radicalism’ from terror terms

The New York Times – Ensnared by Error on Growing Watch List

Breitbart – Homebuyers scramble as mortgage rates jump

Fox News – FEDS WARN: Mexican ‘Assassin Teams’ May Target U.S. Law Enforcement

Fox News – Nuke Plan Sparks Terrorism Fears

Fox News – Lying Charges Dropped Against SEALs, More Remain

Fox News – Kyrgyzstan Gov’t Fatally Shoots Dozens of Protesters

Fox News – No More Delay for Obama’s Controversial Court Pick

Kim Priestap – Is Bart Stupak retiring?

American Thinker – The Rape of America (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

American Thinker – Russia Moving Fast Before ‘Arms Control’ with U.S. (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Yahoo! News – White House would consider canceling Karzai visit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

MSNBC – First thoughts: The GOP’s void (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

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